Kuwait Airways Unveils New 777-300ER First & Business Class Cabins

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In late October I wrote about how Kuwait Airways is undergoing a rebranding, which is starting with a (long overdue) livery change.


The airline is taking delivery of 10 new 777-300ERs, so my hope has been that the new planes will also feature modern products. I’d argue Kuwait Airways’ existing 777s feature the most outdated products of any 777 in the world.

Well, Kuwait Airways has finally taken delivery of their first 777-300ER within the past couple of days, and they’ve had a celebration surrounding it in Kuwait City.

Based on pictures I’ve seen from the media event, it looks like Kuwait Airways has really improved their onboard product, which I’m very excited about.

Specifically, their new 777-300ERs seem to have fully enclosed suites in first class:

Then they have fully flat B/E Aerospace Diamond seats in business class:

Then in economy they only have nine seats per row, rather than the industry standard 10:

Overall the new plane looks gorgeous, and represents a massive upgrade for the airline, given how outdated their fleet has long been. Also, the airline presently only has two 777-200s, so them taking delivery of 10 new ones should help them greatly expand their route network.

Now the big question is just when Kuwait Airways will begin flying their new 777-300ERs to New York, which is their flagship route. I’ve been wanting to review Kuwait Airways for a long time, though wanted to wait until they had their new product. I imagine that Kuwait’s first longhaul 777-300ER destination will be New York, and I imagine that will happen within a few months. However, the plane hasn’t yet been loaded into the schedule.

There are some fantastic Kuwait Airways first & business class fares at the moment, which I’d book in a heartbeat if I knew they’d feature the new product.

For example, you can fly from Cairo to New York for ~$558 one-way in business class:


Or you can fly from Cairo to New York for ~$1,009 in first class:


Between this and Saudia installing new first class suites on their 777s, the historically second-rate Gulf carriers are starting to narrow the quality gap just a little bit

What do you make of Kuwait Airways’ new 777-300ER cabins?

  1. First looks great!

    Lucky, you got me on GA recently and now all I can think about is flying in F all the time!

  2. You can fly with these guys and do a review and then get a bargain out of Cairo with Emirates as per your previous post!

  3. this is the same airlines that denied a Jewish passenger from boarding to London after they sold him the ticket and was fined by the FAA, I know this hobby allows many to experience luxury beyond most people dreams but this is 2016, going 17 and still see religion, race, and culture as the reason for hate.

  4. @choi lu
    Although I don’t agree at all with what they did, but they didn’t deny “Jewish” passengers, they denied Israeli passengers because of a Kuwaiti law that prohibits any dealings with Israel and israeli entities.

  5. I think they will first deploy them on shorter routes like India for crew familiarization and commercial testing (like every airline does with new aircraft)

  6. Since you mentioned it, Saudia’s new first class is now operational on some of their US routes, but I’d say wait a bit till the new Jeddah airport opens up if you’re considering a review.
    Or otherwise, try doing it through Riyadh.

  7. I don’t understand why people find dry airlines a killer? I fly all the time with BA, Q, AA, but I never consumed Alcohol onboard the plane, and that NEVER EVER killed my joy of travelling.

  8. Arguably, I also enjoy a glass of wine with my lunch/dinner. Being raised and still living in a wine growing region has certainly contributed to this habit.

    However, I find it a strange why Kuwait Airways, Saudia or Egypt Air are critizised for being dry – while nobody complains e.g. about Aerolineas Argentinas which is also dry. I certainly find it more acceptable for airlines with an arabic/islamic background to be dry than an airline from a major wine growing country …

  9. And you point is? If I want to get to NYC from CAI, no way would I go CAI-KWI-SNN-NYC. What about CAI-LHR-NYC? Certainly easier and with less hassle

  10. I was told Manila will be the first long-haul destination. I’m just not sure if it will be nonstop or with a stop at Bangkok.

  11. @andy where did you get that info about aerolineas being dry!?!? That’s not the case at all, flew two intl segments with them in J and not only I drank nice Malbecs but I could have faxed someone from the skies (if only I knew someone who had a fax machine).

  12. “this is the same airlines that denied a Jewish passenger from boarding”

    No, they denied an Israeli passenger. It isn’t the same thing.

  13. Kuwait Airways’ flagship route is and always has been LHR. The same goes for all Gulf airlines.
    An easy way to recognize a flagship route is by looking at how airlines assign flight numbers: the Gulf carriers assigns flight number 1 through 10 to LHR and since KU doesn’t use two-digit flight numbers, LHR is assigned the KU101-107 assigned to it.

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