Kuwait Airways Showcases Their New 777 With The Mannequin Challenge

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Yesterday I wrote about how Kuwait Airways just took delivery of their first Boeing 777-300ER, which represents a huge evolution for the airline. While the new plane as such is nice, what’s really noteworthy is the cabins that Kuwait Airways has installed on the plane, as they’ve finally added flat beds in business class and suites in first class.

That might sound like an obvious decision, but the airline also recently took delivery of A330s featuring outdated products, so…

Anyway, pictures of the new cabins have been limited so far, though it looks like Kuwait Airways has a unique way they’re showcasing the plane, in the form of a Mannequin Challenge. Here it is:

First of all, kudos to them on a Mannequin Challenge well done! It’s pretty amazing that they got a toddler to participate, and the kids in the first row of economy are pretty great as well.

In terms of the product, it looks like Kuwait Airways has eight fully enclosed first class suites and 36 fully flat B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, so it’s a reasonably premium-light configuration.

Still, this looks like a huge upgrade for the airline, and I can’t wait to fly this plane, especially given how reasonable Kuwait Airways’ fares usually are.

(Tip of the hat to Jarrah Al-Khalifah)

  1. Lucky it’s a shame you seem to imply you’ll only review airlines such as Kuwait once they’ve updated their premium cabins to be comparable to their prime competition.

    I agree it’s useful to see a side by side comparison of Qatar versus Emirates, for example, if planning to book up. Unfortunately, I rarely am.

    Most of my enjoyment has come from reading your reviews of PIA and Ukraine International, amongst others. I wish you’d take more time to review such airlines. Review of Tunisair, Uzbekistan, Air Koryo etc would really take this blog head and shoulders above the rest.

    There’s only so much enjoyment one can derive from pyjama reviews, or hearing the champagne isn’t quite to your exacting tastes, or that a crew put shoes in bags.

    I’m a fan – really – but really give this blog some substance and give us more of the bad and the ugly, not just the good!


  2. Garuda Indonesia and Turkish Airlines also had their mannequin challenge videos in their respective 777s.

  3. Wow, 3-3-3 economy on a new 777, what is the world coming to? Have Kuwait Airways actually put passenger comfort over profits?

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