Which Airline Did The Mannequin Challenge Best?

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Okay, so the latest craze is the Mannequin Challenge, and I don’t really get it. It sort of reminds me of the ice bucket challenge, except nothing good is coming of it, best I can tell. I think the concept is entertaining, but it’s often poorly executed, in my opinion.

Not surprisingly, some airlines have even gotten onboard with this, though I’m not sure I “get” what some of them have done.

For example, Singapore Airlines did one which seemed cool on the surface, but didn’t actually seem especially aviation themed (or maybe I’m missing some of the references?).

Etihad did the Mannequin Challenge, except they used actual mannequins. I suppose they were trying to be clever, but last I checked getting actual mannequins to stay still isn’t that tough. 😉

Well, Emirates just released their Mannequin Challenge, and they at least deserve credit for using a plane and real humans:

C’mon airlines, this is an easy category to steal — can any airline do a mannequin challenge on a plane with real humans? That’s something I’d like to see!

Which airline Mannequin Challenge has been your favorite? Are there any great ones that I missed?

  1. Wow I did not know that this was even a thing.

    This is dumber than the people who voted for Trump. Wait nothing is dumber than they are.

  2. Check out both AirAsia and Scoot Airlines challenge. I reckon AirAsia’s one of the best as it took place in the new Headquarters Red Q.

  3. Virgin’s was amazing. Southwest’s sucked. The people were moving all over the place plus they looked like fat slobs.

  4. Do one during take off/landing or in he middle of a heavy turbulence. And make sure to go through the cockpit as well.

  5. I love the Emirates one! You really get close to the airplane, get to see just how massive it is, and I love that they got it from all angles 🙂 Saw someone shared it here – the Virgin Atlantic is by far my favourite, assuming those are real people and it’s in flight it’s quite impressive!

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