Must See: Billionaire Televangelist Takes Delivery Of Debt-Free Gulfstream

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It makes me really sad that this isn’t a parody. Kenneth Copeland is a popular televangelist who boasts of being a billionaire:

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding him, though last week he uploaded a video to YouTube that will make you cringe. Specifically, his ministry has just taken possession of a Gulfstream V debt-free. Don’t worry, though — “the Holy Spirit confirmed to Brother Copeland that the Gulfstream V was the plane the Lord had set aside for [him]” (that’s great news, because I was worried the Holy Spirit had another plane in mind for him… maybe the middle seat in the last row of a Spirit Airlines plane?).

Here’s how he describes how the ministry has “sown a Gulfstream:”

We must think of ourselves as sowers of that magnitude, and as harvesters who can reap at that higher place! We haven’t just sown our individual CX gifts; collectively, through Mission 3, WE HAVE SOWN A GV as a team. If you calculate the hundredfold return on Mission 3 alone…what a massive harvest! God wants that kind of prosperity in the hands of Partners like us who will fund the gospel. Get ready. This team is going to a new place in the Kingdom. And it’s going to be life- and ministry-altering!

That’s right, thanks to their generosity they’re going to “new places in the Kingdom!”

While they’ve raised enough money to buy the plane in cash, they need more money now. Specifically, they want another $17 million to upgrade the avionics, upgrade the interior, upgrade the existing runway, and to build a new hangar:

But our work as the Elite CX Team is not done. Overall, this Gulfstream V is in outstanding condition and is an exceptional value; however, before it goes into regular service for KCM, we want to upgrade the avionics to meet new standards the FAA will require in the near future. We also need to reconfigure the interior to better serve KCM’s needs for international flights. In the next few weeks, the avionics and interior work will commence. The cost of these upgrades is approximately $2.5 million. So, as Elite CX Team members, we need to set our faith NOW on receiving that additional seed so that we can sow it within the next three to four months, as the upgrades are completed.

Beyond the purchase of the Gulfstream V and its upgrades, remember that the overall Mission 3 goal is $17 million. By sowing the balance of those funds as the CX Team, we will be sowing toward: the construction of a new hangar, upgrading the existing runway, and purchasing special GV maintenance equipment.

Here’s the video of Kenneth Copeland taking possession of the new plane:

This isn’t the first time that Kenneth Copeland has talked about a private jet. In the past he enlightened us as to why they actually need private jets. Specifically, there are demons on commercial aircraft, and the devil is just trying to mislead people into thinking that they’re being excessive by flying on private jets. Here’s that video:

I… I… just can’t.

  1. hilarious, Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker never had a jet, but if they could they would have. Luxury items owned by self-started evangelical churches are the norm.

  2. Getting thousands of people who are already in debt give what pennies they have to this man so he can fly in luxury must be the ultimate in travel hacks.

  3. Dude with a great business idea – in this case, he’s using God’s name to get more money out of people.
    What does he needs the plane for, besides for his pleasure? How many of his followers will get to fly this plane? How often? What they achieve spending so much money on a plane instead of spending it on sick or others in needs like/or animals, schools, hospitals, the list goes on…

  4. In this specific situation with this person, there is a BIG difference between being “religious” and being a Christian. This person gives the impression that he is very religious. However, as a Christian, I can tell you he manipulates and mis-represents Scripture for his own personal gain. People like this, with these types of behaviors, are what lead individuals to have a negative view of Christians. Such complete nonsense and bullshit coming from the mouth of someone viewed as an authority figure concerning Christianity is an affront to the real Christians in the world. Nothing wrong with buying a Gulfstream. But don’t act like God told you this was the plane for you or that demons exist on commercial flights, justifying the purchase. Such hypocrisy……………….SMDH

  5. Just think of the people sitting at home watching this who will actually pick up the phone and give this man the little bit of money they have. Piss poor, but hey, sure, here’s my last $5. Must be some damn good kool aid. Praise Jesus.

  6. I have difficulty imagining justifying a Gulfstream purchase to any normal thinking Christian/God believer. What I can imagine is the poor souls who trust those kind of people with their lives and money… Sad.

  7. How is this legal? Conning people in to paying for your private plane has to be against the law, right…….right?

  8. Kenneth Copeland isn’t the only one laughing all the way to the bank by using the name of the Lord to claw away someones last few dollars. This is big business and these guys exploit that to it’s finest.

    Silver tongue devils is what I call them.

  9. Have a heart, and think about how to be more selfless in 2018. I just made a donation to help raise the $17 million. You can too.

  10. That would be funny if they weren’t legit (or trying to give the impression of being so). How do people voluntarily give their hard earned money to Muppets like this?

  11. How many seeds do I need to down to get a private jet? All these so call Christian leaders are just outright scammers

  12. The prosperity gospel is a perversion of God’s words. Some day God will destroy those that teach it and make them humble before him.

  13. At least Mr Copeland doesn’t need to worry about missing a self-connecting flight and the subsequent begging for a refund from Swiss.

  14. A life without faith is incomplete and sad. One has to Believe In Something (notice the capital letters?) to feel fulfilled, to feel complete, to feel….safe. Belief is essential to happiness, joy, fulfillment. What do you believe in, I mean truly Believe?

    I believe (will you join hands with me and say together?) …..

    …in aviation.

  15. Poor, stupid people leading meaningless lives are everywhere in the world, all throughout time. Desperate to be part of something, thus easily bamboozled by the stories of religion.

    Traveling with them are criminals, clowns and charlatans. If there was such a thing as God and Devil, beyond being a criminal this guy would certainly be a double agent.

    To sum up in their native language: “Sad!”

  16. This is sick. We called this scam in our country, and it’s illegal. Oh, and he doesn’t pay a single dime in tax because he is part of “Religious Organizations”.

    Don’t forget how these scammers also forced Ill people with cancer or diabetes NOT to go to the doctor to treat their illness and forced them to send more “seed money” to their “church”. Many dies as you expect, actually, all of those people dies. So congrats for the private jet you low life dirt.

  17. And to me the most obvious question: where the hell is this guy going? You can’t take off in a V anyway at Podunk Airport, or some airstrip in Africa, because of physical or legal restrictions.
    KIng Air, sure. Legacy 500, okay.

  18. If it weren’t true, you’d think it was a cruel joke.. the sad part is that this shyster will actually get his flock to send more money to make the interior of the plane comfortable enough for the holy rear end of Mr. Copeland….

  19. Lucky: How can we tie in the post about the “influencer” and the hotelier? Oh man! You can’t make this stuff up! Priceless……

  20. +1 that as a Christian this is disgusting to me.

    Jesus is awesome and this guy is a joke and completely the opposite of Biblical faith.

  21. The people that give money to this guy for a Gulfstream are the same delusional people who voted for that idiot in the White House. It’s sad that they really believe this stuff and give their hard-earned money to him for this. This guy is a con-man – nothing more – and should go to jail.

  22. @Scott C, haha your post is spot on:

    “Lucky: How can we tie in the post about the “influencer” and the hotelier? Oh man! You can’t make this stuff up! Priceless……”

  23. No doubt the same ignorant, imbeciles that donate to this crook voted for the other crook.

    As much as I despise the crook in office, this scumbag televangelist reminds us all that there is always an even bigger vermin.

  24. If I have learned anything in this life it is that people LOVE to be slaves. Slave to a religion, gov’t. monarchy, celebrity…..THEY LOVE IT!!

  25. Just an FYI in case you were curious, Dante was not aware of this coming circumstance. Had he been, it most definitely would have been written as the 10th circle.

    Man, sometimes I wish I could morally lower myself to the standards of people like this. Lying to gain a following, then lying more to profit from that following, then lying more to get a Gulfstream 5. If any of you are on Facebook, you’ve seen 100’s of these people, hiding behind pages with a million followers and posting “facts” that will intrigue people to click and generate revenue. Not only do they profit from it, but they corrupt the masses because these facts have no basis in reality and then you have grown men and women who think zombies are real or that the sun could actually go dark for a day.

    People suck.
    Except for Lucky, he’s cool 😉

  26. They might need a Piper Malibu, which is a hot rod of a Piper, or might even justify a King Air. They could use that for flights from Peoria, IL to Shreveport, LA or Huntington, WV to Salina, KS.

    But not a Gulfstream V. If they are flying over an ocean, they can fly commercial.

    On the other hand, they probably think they are suffering because they have a Gulfstream V and not a Gulfstream G550 or Boeing 747-8 BBJ.

    This is so sad that they are using God’s name.

  27. Religion is nothing but marketing a product (god.)

    The margins are high, there is no tax and people are vested in it for life. Now if only the could list on stock exchange. They would be golden forever.

    Americans are pimps. Driven only by money, whether Liberals pushing pot and prostitution or conservatives pushing guns and religion. All are assholes!

  28. Wonder how many of his regular parishioners who ‘bought’ the jet will get to ride on it?? My guess is zero.

  29. yet the pope and the dalai lama fly regular business. And it is well reported that the dalai lama would prefer to fly economy but doesn’t at the insistence of his staff.

  30. You want to vomit listening to this crap!
    So they are hearing voices and they claim it’s God asking them how they like their plane? So they want people to believe that God has become a “used car salesman” providing them with the perfect ride?! That’s priceless!
    Who besides me was hoping for one good lightning strike while he was standing on that runway drooling?

  31. These evangelists are providing a valuable service to humanity. By conning stupid people into giving their last dollar to them instead of spending it on food or medicine they are improving the gene pool of the species. They are like a vaccine for society to protect it from the disease called religion.

  32. @Steve
    Same goes for the far more numerous crazy practitioners from a certain ‘religion’ responsible for the vast majority of terrorist attacks.

  33. That is nothing compared to the leader of a religious cult in the Philippines called ‘Iglesia Ni Cristo.’ He allegedly owns a used Airbus A330-200 with registration VP-CBE which was formerly operated by Hong Kong Jet, and another Boeing 737-700ER with registration VP-CAE. Every time he uses one of the jets, two helicopters are escorting him in the tarmac.

  34. Those who think terrorists represent Islam should consider whether these televangelists represent Christianity. People will twist any religion to let them do whatever they want.

  35. Religion, and I mean any religion, has always been useful for enriching one’s material prosperity. From the time of ancient pagan religions, there’s been no shortage of masses willing to fork over their stuff, be it money, valuables, food, or other material items to “holy men” in hopes of currying favor with the gods. The same old story that’s been going on ever since man’s first shaman accepted a gift of fresh meat from hunters hoping for better hunts lol.
    On a flight out of Thailand on Emirates first class, there were three Buddhist monks, in their orange robes and all, flying in the cabin with me lol. I was amused but not the least bit surprised.

  36. I wonder how many religious folks decrying this jesus jet simultaneously support the guy who cheated on his newly wed and pregnant wife, with a porn star, using no protection, and then lied about it. I’m not up-to-speed on all the “commandments” but it seems like more than a few were broken…but hey, lookatthestockmarket!!! (before it tanks!)

  37. I just read so many comments, I don’t think I will leave one as I can’t handle reading another one…

  38. Don’t think I saw in the post or in any of the comments that they bought this plane from gay African American film star and producer Tyler Perry. The sodom and Gomorrah this plane has seen (including Whitney Huston’s corpse ….). Just say’n ….

  39. Well, what c an i say, Its God,s work. Did not old Ron Hubbard, say, he needed a boat, to go on the water, so that the pull of the land ,would not affect his work, with God? Some Guy has a bunch of Rolls Royces,to worship, etc etc, To my mind, if people are kind enough(stupid) to give monies for these things, its their business,The 200 club? the 500 club, you give monies and you are a member. To my mind, your best giving the monies , direct to people that you can see and help.I,ve been to a few so called charity do,s and the money is divided up,with very little going to the cause. Its hard to try to do the correct thing, as so many scammers, but there are good kind people out, trying to help others,so lets say a big thanks to them, ps don,t ask for any contributions, my kids have spent all my monies,The Parcel guy, said the other day? I spend my time at your house(mine) than I do at mine(his) ha ha

  40. Sad, but this has been happening for a long long time, and will continue to. (the bomber jacket is a litte over the top, Copeland probably doesn’t know the difference between a starbord stabalizing alitooter from a bucket of prop wash)

  41. Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; – 1 Peter 5:2

    It would seem that anyone truly interested in helping people would fly as cheaply as possible…

  42. The Pope charters planes. So did Billy Graham and other legit religious. This guy Copeland ants to start an airline. Creflo Dollar has a bigger airplane than Kenny has, and I bet Kenny is jealous. Just look at that face and think.

  43. I was wondering why he is still taking tithing when he has 750 to 900 $MILLION$ dollars? I thought God’s money was to help the widows and orphans, and giving extra coats to those who have no coat etc etc etc??? The world certainly has over a billion poor and widows and orphans and hungry who need help which should be what God’s money should be used for. Why would he need a multi-million dollar private jet when their are much cheaper aircraft to get him there? Seems that money would be better spent on the poor and needy of God’s people. These TV Evangelist are living like kings and children in many nations are diging in garbage dumps for food . parents are abandoning children all over africa because they can not afford to care for them. If this white boy had almost a billion dollars like Kenneth does I’d see if the poor areas in parts of africa had permanent water deep down and would pay for deep wells for water. Or hire a team and do a relocation to areas where water is. Maybe build a few million in shelters that were better than grass and stick hut against harsh weather, a few more million of medical care and food. A 150,000 home is good enough for me. I would not need 1500 acres with a private air strip and aircraft and multi-million dollar mansion. Beware of con artist who think the bible is mythology and see christians as idiots they can get rich off of.

    My advice for all christians is to visit a local Mission and see first hand how they are feeding the poor and have donated clothing for the poor, dental and medical clinics at some, and see them helping and praying for the poor. That is when you may realize your money is being used in a Godly way.
    Yes churches need money to pay the bills and it’s good to have a place of meeting to pray, but after the bills are paid and the pastor and staff are paid a living wage, the millions over and above should be used to help the poor.

  44. These super wealthy televangelists should all convert to Islam to understand the real meaning of religion. Half baked cunts like Kenneth Copeland needs a make over to Islam. Kenneth Copeland,
    if offered 6 million dollars, would strip naked & have an orgy with a chimpanzee, but it might be a little hard differentiating Copeland from that chimp as Copeland too is similar to a chimp in quite some ways ! Kenneth Copeland has monkey semen in his bum & the devil’s brains in his head. K. Copeland’s ministries are fraudulent & deceit ministries. Mostly if not all, false. In actuality, there is NO Jesus in Copeland’s life. Only money. Copeland has to put forward that false front to try & fool people(the lame minded ones).

  45. The Copelands are money grabbing tramps there God in money and more money. I don’t know why the Lord God of Israel does not smite them down to Hell Evil scumbags

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