New Iberia Plus Member? Double Check Your Booking!

Iberia’s insane promotion for up to 90,000 bonus Avios ends today, and I’m sure we’re now all anxiously awaiting our Avios being deposited.

If you are one of the people who signed up for an Iberia Plus account just shortly before booking your flight, I’d highly recommend checking your booking and making sure your Iberia Plus number is attached to it.

I’m not sure this will actually be an issue or not, but you might as well do what you can to prevent any issues down the road.

If you signed up for an Iberia Plus account shortly before buying your tickets, you should see your Iberia Plus number on your e-ticket receipt, so I think you should be good. You followed all the rules, and you have proof.

However, for whatever reason many bookings don’t correctly show the Iberia Plus number, and this seems to specifically be happening if you had a new account. So while this is clearly a tech glitch of some sort, you might as well be on the safe side and re-add it.

To do so, go to the “Manage My Booking” page on Iberia’s website, and enter your last name and six digit confirmation code.

Once you’re in the booking, click on the “Passenger information” section, and then see if your Iberia Plus number is listed. If it isn’t, click “Add number.”

Then on the next page you should have the option of adding your Iberia Plus number.

Once that’s complete, you’ll be brought to a page confirming the changes.

I’m not sure if this is even really needed, but you might as well add it to be on the safe side. You’d think having the Iberia Plus number clearly listed in the e-ticket receipt would be proof enough of eligibility, but who knows how difficult they’ll want to make this for us.


  1. Iberia site was crashing for me. Backup option is to go to British Airways site to add number.

  2. While I hope they don’t make issues for new accounts, I think there will be issues as Avios are credited for BUYING tickets so presumably they will just log all purchases of that period and if you’re ib+ number wasn’t there….

  3. Hey Ben! I know Iberia has come out saying they will support this promotion but where do you put the odds?

  4. Ba site can’t find my account number and Iberia site says my first and last names do not match. Lol.

  5. This happened to me and I was able to input the number for all 10 reservations.

    Looking forward to see the 90K Avios shortly

  6. Same here. If I try to add it says name doesn’t match. However the # appears in all the emails.

    Here we go…

  7. Lucky,
    In your experience, do cancelled award seats go right back into inventory? I have an Iberia flight booked with avios transferred from BA. If I end up getting the avios from this promo, I would prefer to transfer the BA avois back to my BA account and redeem with these Iberia avois

  8. The # is in all my emails but when I try to add it on the website, and click save, the number doesn’t stick. I don’t get an error with names not matching however. Just the number doesn’t save.

  9. Thanks Ben – you might have saved a lot of hassle down the road.. I created a new IB+ account on Friday and all the e-tickets that I received had the FF# but the link to the booking page that you listed above didn’t have it.

  10. It was a bit tedious, but happy to see that all my reservations had my number. And I just signed up on Friday.

  11. Ben, you’re potentially screwing people over with this post. They should NOT go and add # themselves if it got deleted. The T&C of the promo specifically states that iberia # needs to be identified at “time of purchase”.

    If you add the number after yourself it’s gonna be a pain to show that you did indeed add it at time of purchase. The best route is to call them and have them manually send it to the correct department (as frequentmiler pointed out to do).

    Up to you but probably best to put that edit in.


  12. Added my number to my 10 tickets which worked as I joined Iberia Plus more than 24 hours ago. My wife’s 10 tickets are having the ‘name doesn’t match’ error as I signed her up less than 24 hours ago. I’ll actually be in Spain when the avios are meant to post.

    All e-mails have the IB numbers clearly stated so I’m not too worried.

    Out of all of the concerns on the many posts across the internet, it’s the amount of avios issued versus award flights available that worries me the most.

  13. @ SB — I’m not sure I agree with that. Everyone has proof already that their Iberia number was on the reservation. When you get the e-ticket receipt by email it was on there, compliant with the T&Cs. However, Iberia is known for having awful IT, so I don’t see any downside to adding it again online. You still have proof that you added it originally. At least that’s my take.

  14. @Lucky
    Thank you very much.

    Earlier on i couldn’t see any bookings but now i do. The e-tix do show my Iberia plus numbers so that character called SB needs to stop drinking Delusiono-tinis!

  15. So long as you keep the email confirmations this shouldnt be an issue. Go ahead and add it now but having the Iberia # in the booking confirmation email should be all that is necessary to prove your case if needed

  16. I received emails for 9 out of the 10 bookings, but I saved the screen for the 10th booking, and when I went back in now with the confirmation number it was there. On one ticket I tried purchasing for June of next year i got an error saying it had to be within 330 days of today. Luckily I found cheap flights earlier. Did anyone else run into that 330 day rule?

  17. Guys, I said “potentially.” I’m obviously hoping these are all non-issues and it all works out. BUT, if you’re doing a promo that “seems” too good to be true, why even risk the slightest chance of giving them an out to renege. That is all.

    @Sam- don’t knock delusiono-tinis til you try em

  18. I know IB agents are notorious for giving bad and conflicting info, but for what it’s worth I waited for an agent last night (40 mins) when my IB # wasn’t in the res and couldn’t be added online. He said there was nothing that could be done until the number was active, didn’t seem to have a lot of faith that the number would be automatically added back in to the reservation, and said to check back in 48 hours. Fortunately, this morning I was able to add the number in to all PNRs. He did state unequivocally that even if you enter the number on Monday or Tuesday after the promo period has ended, as long as the tickets were purchased during the promo period you would get the bonus. Still wouldn’t rely on anything an IB agent says, but he seemed to be informed about the rules.

  19. Got this from their Facebook page this morning :-O

    “Hi Bob, we already answer your Twitter messages. Please follow the instructions we told you. Also tell us if you created recently and ib plus. In that case, we understand you wont be able to get the promotional avios, since you need to be logged. Kind regards.”

  20. If they retroactively add some term saying that you have to have had an Iberia Plus account for more than 72 hrs, gonna create a lot of havoc.

  21. The agent I talked to was very familiar with the promotion and the issue with entering FF numbers created less than 24 hours prior to purchasing a ticket. He took down all 10 confirmation numbers I had ticketed and said a supervisor would enter them in the record.

    He also assured me that 90k Avios would appear in my account on July 2. I got the feeling that he was following written instructions and procedures issued at the beginning of his shift and that I was certainly not the first caller he did this for today.

  22. @Ed

    Thats a good thing though. If the script they are being given is that they plan to honor the promo even if we had to re-enter the IB number manually (despite having entered it at time of booking), that bodes well for us. Its good to know that their company line at the moment is that it will be honored even for those who are having this issue.

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