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This past week I was in New York(ish) for the Freddie Awards and to speak at the [email protected] conference, both of which were held at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City. I had never been to Jersey City before, and based on my schedule figured that it would make sense to stay at the host hotel. I’ve reviewed many of the Hyatt options in NYC, including the Park HyattHyatt Herald SquareHyatt Times SquareHyatt Union SquareAndaz Wall Street, Andaz 5th Avenue, and Grand Hyatt, so was excited to be able to review a property that’s just a stone’s throw away.

The Hyatt Regency Jersey City is a Category 5 Hyatt property, meaning that a free night redemption costs 20,000 World of Hyatt points, or if there’s Points + Cash available, it costs 10,000 points plus $125. Since I booked last minute and the hotel was nearly sold out due to the conference going on there, the paid rate would have been $499, so redeeming points was most definitely the better value.


However, paid rates here are often quite reasonable, typically cheaper than many of Hyatt’s Manhattan locations. There’s a PATH station just outside the hotel, so you can get to Manhattan in just over 10 minutes.

The Hyatt Regency is right on the Hudson, and has a pretty cool exterior that almost looks like a ship.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 1
Hyatt Regency Jersey City exterior

Like I said, I had never been to Jersey City before, but I loved the views. Having such an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline is pretty special. Being on the Hudson on the Jersey side reminded me of being in Kowloon overlooking Hong Kong Island.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 2
View of Manhattan from the Hyatt Regency Jersey City

The Hyatt’s lobby is on the third floor, though there’s some seating on the ground floor as well, just inside the main entrance.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 3
Hyatt Regency Jersey City street level seating

From there I took the escalator up, and check-in was immediately to the left.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 4
Hyatt Regency Jersey City escalator

There was no line at check-in, and while the associate who checked me in was friendly, she didn’t do anything to recognize my Globalist status. She thanked me for being a World of Hyatt member, and told me I’d receive free Wi-Fi. She didn’t mention anything about free breakfast, a room upgrade, etc. I didn’t ask about a room upgrade, given that I knew the hotel was sold out, and they had only been selling standard rooms.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 5
Hyatt Regency Jersey City reception

My room was located on the eighth floor, so I took the elevator up several levels. My room was quite a ways down the hallway.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 6
Hyatt Regency Jersey City hallway

For a standard room I was reasonably impressed. There was a closet on the right, and then the bathroom to the left.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 7
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room entryway

The room featured a comfortable king size bed, with a night stand on each side. The bed itself was extremely comfortable, though the pillows were on the small side. I’m not sure why Hyatt does this, but it’s a common problem at their hotels. Am I the only one who loves big pillows?

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 8
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room

Across from the bed was a large console that had a TV as well as the desk area.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 9
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room

The desk had a rolling leather chair, though unfortunately it didn’t have any armrests, which I don’t love when working for extended periods of time. Also, while there was an outlet to the side of the desk, I wish they had installed some into the actual desk, which doesn’t seem like too much to ask for a modern hotel.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 12
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room desk & TV

Also on the desk was the self serve coffee setup, which I didn’t take advantage of. The hotel offers free coffee in the lobby in the mornings, and there’s a Starbucks just a short walk away.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 13
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room coffee machine

Underneath the TV was the safe and mini-fridge, which had two bottles of complimentary water.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 14
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room fridge

By the window was a large “L” shaped couch, which could seat four. It could probably also comfortably sleep someone, if needed. It was one of the better hotel couches I’ve seen, and I also liked the table that could easily be moved around.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 11
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room couch

Unfortunately my room didn’t have much in the way of views. I imagine if the hotel hadn’t been as full I would have at least been upgraded to a partial Manhattan view room.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 15
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room view

The bathroom was back near the entrance, and was fairly basic. It featured a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combo.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 16
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room bathroom

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 17
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room toilet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 18
Hyatt Regency Jersey City king room shower

Toiletries were provided by KentMD, which I don’t love, but they’re not terrible either.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 19
Hyatt Regency Jersey City toiletries

Overall I thought the room was comfortable and a decent size. The room felt pretty fresh, and the in-room Wi-Fi was fast.

The hotel’s third floor lobby was massive, with lots of great seating options. There were communal tables, couches, high-top seating, etc.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 20
Hyatt Regency Jersey City lobby

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 22
Hyatt Regency Jersey City lobby

There were two iMacs with a printer in the lobby, which were free to use (including printing).

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 24
Hyatt Regency Jersey City business center

Towards the back of the lobby was the bar.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 23
Hyatt Regency Jersey City lobby bar

Then past that was the restaurant, where breakfast was served. This hotel doesn’t have an executive lounge, so as a Globalist member you get breakfast here.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 25
Hyatt Regency Jersey City restaurant

The breakfast menu read as follows:

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 26

At check-in they didn’t tell me any restrictions about breakfast, so I assume I could have ordered off the menu or had the buffet breakfast. I decided to have the buffet breakfast, which was reasonably good. I’ll let the pictures mostly speak for themselves.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 27
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 28
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 29
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 30
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 31
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 32
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 33
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 34
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 35
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 36
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 37
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast buffet

Included with the buffet are custom made eggs, pancakes, or waffles, so I decided to have a veggie and cheese omelet, which was tasty.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 39
Hyatt Regency Jersey City breakfast eggs

Overall it was a solid breakfast, and the servers in the restaurant were extremely friendly.

The hotel also has a 24 hour gym as well as a pool, which are located on the first floor. The gym was fairly small, but had good equipment.

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 40
Hyatt Regency Jersey City gym

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 41
Hyatt Regency Jersey City gym

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 42
Hyatt Regency Jersey City gym

The pool was on the small side, though I guess it’s a luxury to have in a NYC adjacent hotel. I could never imagine using a pool like this, but then again, I don’t like pools, and I also don’t have kids, so… 😉

Hyatt-Regency-Jersey-City - 43
Hyatt Regency Jersey City pool

Hyatt Regency Jersey City bottom line

The Hyatt Regency Jersey City is a good option to consider if you want to visit NYC but prefer to stay in a quieter area. This hotel typically seems to have pretty good rates (just not during my stay), and as a Category 5 property, it’s a pretty good value. In this case I didn’t get an upgrade as a Globalist member, though my standard room was perfectly nice.

Overall I found the staff at this hotel to be friendly, especially given that it was so full.

Personally I don’t think I’d return anytime soon, since there are a lot of other NYC area hotels I’d like to see. However, for the right person it could be a good option — I actually sort of liked Jersey City.

Have you ever stayed in a NYC adjacent hotel? Do you have any that you recommend?

  1. If you want Hyatt to acknowledge and fix the systemic and confounding problems under WOH (some of which you have outlined in prior posts), stop reviewing their properties and pumping their credit card.

  2. Evan, Hyatt’s top elite tier remains more rewarding for those who will still achieve it than Starwood’s, Marriott’s, IHG’s (Spire), or Hilton’s. If their footprint works for you, and you stay enough to continue earning top elite status with them, why stop giving them business?

  3. “which are located on the firth floor”

    It was time we added some new numbers to the system!

  4. I live in Jersey City not far from the Hyatt. Jersey City is a detination for business travelers on its own, with several large financial institutions having a presence here.

    The location is really excellent. Probably a better location for getting around Manhattan than many Manhattan hotels. Here is what you can do once you take the very short walk from the Hyatt to the PATH:
    1) Pay $2.75 to take PATH to WTC using Metrocard
    2) Once in the new WTC station/Oculus you can access the whole Brookfield and WTC complex underground.
    3) Without going outside, you can access the Fulton St subway station and Chambers St Station. This gives you access to the 2,3,4,5,A,C,E,J,Z lines. From there you can go all over the city for an additional $2.75 MTA fare.

  5. LOL.

    @Gary still shills for the perennially under-performing but over-rated W.I.P, despite incontrovertible evidence that Hyatt no longer gives a f$#% about running a rewarding loyalty program, after repeatedly trying and failing, sycophantic travel bloggers’ raves notwithstanding:
    — “Evan, Hyatt’s top elite tier remains more rewarding for those who will still achieve it than Starwood’s, Marriott’s, IHG’s (Spire), or Hilton’s. If their footprint works for you, and you stay enough to continue earning top elite status with them, why stop giving them business?”

    Why stop?

    One adjective immediately popped into my head at the claim that “Hyatt’s top elite tier remains more rewarding…”

    Pyr·rhic: won at too great a cost to be worthwhile for the victor.


  6. Did you check with the conference organizers for hotel space? At most conferences I go, they have a block of rooms set aside just for attendees, but you have to book through their booking agency, however the prices are heavily discounted. Usually the remaining (public) rooms are very high priced, as you saw.

  7. @Gary, I generally think you are an intelligent guy; I read your blog as well. However, a majority of your and Lucky’s readers aren’t stupid and we all know you and Lucky have a financial incentive to play nice with Hyatt. My point being your readers can see the hypocrisy in bemoaning the shortcomings of WOH (of which there are many) while continuing to be a revenue generating patron of Hyatt, and worse yet pumping specific properties and the Hyatt credit card, as well as, selling WOH as the least bad. Sh*t is still sh*t even if it is the least bad sh*t. If you or Lucky or anyone else wants to see change at WOH do something about it instead of just hypocritically talking about it. Hyatt is not going to change if all people do is talk but continue to book stays and supplement their bottom line.

  8. Lucky, Thanks for the review. It was the only of the Hyatt I saw after the Freddie Awards, but then someone may have reviewed it earlier. I appreciate the fact you made the effort while involved in other work. I’ve considered staying there as another option for Manhattan, and just haven’t done it yet. So it sounds like you were able to pay with points..?


  9. I love it. “Yeah, you should totally take a financial hit as a protest against a large multinational corporation that cut back on the gravy train for folks who like to go to the Maldives and eat breakfast for free in upgraded suites. Do it for your readership, who would probably run over their own grandma to fly EK F on a mistake fare.”

    We’re not exactly talking divesting from South Africa under apartheid here, or from companies contributing to global warming.

  10. Lucky, a word seems to be missing (or different words need to be subbed in for the phrase “on the Jersey”) within this sentence: “Being on the Hudson on the Jersey [side?] reminded me of being in Kowloon overlooking Hong Kong Island.” Great analogy, by the way.

  11. Are you going to do a piece on how Hyatt hosted the event then walked away with ZERO wins!?!

    Best Elite 4 years in a row… then a hard stop when they rolled out WOH…

    The ship is on fire… will the crew go down with it?

  12. Lucky –

    Please start reviewing Marriott properties, as thousands of them are now redeemable via SPG point transfers


  13. What ended up happening with booking the room? You posted a few days earlier they were playing games with standard room availability. Were you able to call WoH and force them to open a standard room?

    Also, you did get a partial Manhattan view! You can see it off to the right in that picture. It’s just that the weather was bad.

    Jersey City is really a booming area recently. It is not a tourist destination, but if you are staying there for work or other reasons, there are plenty of good restaurants and bars in the neighborhood to keep one entertained.

  14. I stayed there a few years ago on a trip to New York to watch the Mets and Yankees. Easy to get to New York from the hotel. A bit of effort to get from the airports. Booked with points got a beautiful room, suite upgrade out on the end. It had a view of the Harbor-downtown and view of the Statue of Liberty. Even had a Norwegian cruise ship sail by into port. That was when I still had Diamond with Hyatt and Hilton, since retiring those are no more. New Elite Tier system makes it much harder to have any status unless you get their credit card or AMEX platinum.

  15. I’ve stayed at the Robert Treat in Downtown Newark which is now a Best Western. Though updated still has the feel of a more classic hotel.Room rate includes a buffet breakfast. It is a a short walk or free hotel shuttle to Penn Station Newark where there is both a train and PATH to NYC as well as the train to Philadelphia and Points South. Also the shuttle will take you to Newark airport. Newark has a very good museum. There is also a concert/sports stadium within walking distance. My room had a view of the lower NY skyline. The Hotel has a restaurant that serves better than average food. Much less expensive than Manhatten and convenient if your coming and going from New York by train or Newark Airport.

  16. Overall, a good review of the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City. The views of lower Manhattan are truly spectacular. If you can tear yourself away from that, however, it is very rewarding to explore what is within walking distance from the hotel. From Satis Bistro a scant few blocks away to the abundance of bars, restaurants and clubs in the Grove Street area, Jersey City offers many entertainment options for guests at the Hyatt. Talented restaurateurs who have been priced out of Manhattan and Williamsburg are re-working their magic on this side of the Hudson. This Hyatt Regency has the best of both worlds – easy access to NYC and a vibrant neighborhood all its own. It has become a preferred hotel for us while visiting our daughter in New York.

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