How To Easily Search Hyatt Cash + Points Availability Online

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In early 2014 Hyatt introduced Points + Cash awards, allowing members to redeem part points and part cash for hotel stays, at the following rates:


While these awards are capacity controlled (unlike outright free night awards), this translates into an exceptional value when available, and is hands down my favorite use of Gold Passport points. For example, I most frequently redeem points at Category 6 properties, which cost either 25,000 points per night, or 12,500 points plus $150. Being able to pay $150 in lieu of 12,500 points means you’re basically buying points at 1.2 cents each, which is considerably less than I value the points at.

On top of that, Points + Cash stays are:

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 14Park Suite at the Park Hyatt Vienna

When Points + Cash was first introduced it was only bookable by phone, though as of November 2015 it’s possible to search and book Points + Cash stays online.

It’s still not the easiest process in the world, since you have to search availability at each individual hotel. In other words, you need to pull up the specific hotel you want to book and check the box next to “Show Hyatt Gold Passport Points & Awards,” at which point it will show any availability there is.

As it turns out, there’s an easier way to search Points + Cash availability, which is especially useful when searching availability in markets with many Hyatt properties. This trick was discovered by Will Run For Miles.

When you search for availability on the homepage, enter code 51440 in the “Corporate or Group Code” box, which is the code for Points + Cash bookings.


The benefit of this is that the results page will then show you if Points + Cash is available or not, without having to search each hotel individually.

How can you tell? If there’s Points + Cash availability, the rate displayed for the hotel will be equal to the cash co-pay on a Points + Cash award. The amounts for that are as follows:

  • Category 1: $50
  • Category 2: $55
  • Category 3: $75
  • Category 4: $100
  • Category 5: $125
  • Category 6: $150
  • Category 7: $300

For example, looking at the first three results for the above search for New York City, you’ll see that the Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Place seem to have Points + Cash availability, given that the displayed rates are the same as their respective cash co-pays. Meanwhile the Andaz shows a rate of $460, which suggests there’s not Points + Cash availability.


Clicking on the individual hotel pages confirms this.

The Grand Hyatt has Points + Cash availability, at the rate of 12,500 points plus $150 per night.


The Hyatt Place also has Points + Cash availability, at the rate of 10,000 points plus $125 per night.


Meanwhile the Andaz doesn’t.


Bottom line

This is a really cool trick which makes it significantly easier to search Points + Cash availability across several hotels, especially in markets with lots of Hyatt properties. Just remember to enter corporate code 51440, and then look for rates which match the cash co-pay of a Points + Cash award.

Do you plan on using this trick to search Points + Cash availability more easily?

  1. @ Shawn — Way to not read. Written clearly in my post: “This trick was discovered by Will Run For Miles.”

  2. We were going to use points for 6 nights at the Andaz Papagayo in Costs Rica but it was 90,000. Since it was a cat 4, the cash + money option was only 45,000 point and $600 cash: for 6 nights at this kind of hotel was a no brainer.

  3. Thanks for the HT/Mention.

    I know you and others are calling this a Trick, but I just see it as a useful tool that we didn’t know about before.

    I should note that there’s still plenty of wonkyness with the Hyatt search engine.

  4. Lucky,
    Great pass along. We are doing Europe this June and with this trick, ahem I mean tool, we have already found several properties that have great deals.

  5. @Kathy, here’s what I found while looking for something in Napa –
    Hyatt House Pleasant Hill goes for 4,000 + $35 per night, looking at 4/25-4/26…
    Any idea why they are charging 35 instead of 55?

  6. Cool tip!!

    Ben, your math is a little off. You always seem to forget that whenever there is any revenue paid on hotels, taxes get added to it, so paying $150/nt on a cash and points stay is actually more than $150. Taxes on some hotels can be as much as 30%.

  7. Super cool! I will start using this right away. Too bad Hyatt doesn’t just give us a button to check this.

  8. When you say free nights outright aren’t capacity controlled, is that really the case? I was under the impression if you had enough points, you could book whatever was available. I tried to to book 4 nights in a suite at the PH Seoul and I was told that option wasn’t available. So I called the hotel directly and they basically laughed in my face and said that booking award suite nights was impossible in May.

    Then I asked if I could book a Standard Room and upgrade to a suite with points for the same 4 nights. “No problem!” they said. All of a sudden there were plenty of suites available. Anyone else deal with this? Really ticked me off.

  9. Greetings from Astana, Kazakhstan! I arrived here on Tuesday evening after a grueling 35 hour journey from Melbourne, Australia (via Singapore and Seoul). In Melbourne, I used Hyatt Cash & Points for two nights at the Park Hyatt Melbourne property: 10,000 points + AUD$152 per night. I thought that was an awesome value for a Park Hyatt property. For whatever reason, the hotel gave me a free upgrade to to suite (Room 2053) with an amazing view and much more!

  10. He gave credit right before he introduced how to do it, seems pretty logical place to put it to me.

  11. @Peter

    I disagree. Most other bloggers would have credited Will Run For Miles in the first sentence.

    Burying it halfway down the page is shady whether it was intentional or unintentional.

  12. @Peter-

    The ‘logical’ approach I found missing was Ben giving the other blogger prominent space and recognition to encourage her to get more traffic.

    There ‘s always a good excuse, but the trick is to be generous because then you don’t need one.

  13. Just something to note, with the Park Hyatt Sydney,only the rooms without harbour view are being offered for points plus cash. The reason to stay at the Park Hyatt is to get an opera house view. The rooms without view are not worth what they are offering for points plus cash.

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