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At the moment Hyatt has a couple of promotions for stays at Miraval properties through the end of the year, and one offer is especially good. I first wrote about this opportunity back in July, but wanted to recap it once again, as the promotion can now be stacked with another deal.

What is Miraval?

Back in 2017 Hyatt acquired Miraval, and the brand has since grown. For those of you not familiar with Miraval, the brand now consists of three wellness resorts. Stays at Miraval properties include all meals and many activities.

The three current Miraval properties include the following:

With that in mind, Hyatt is offering a promotion for Miraval stays through the end of the year, whether you’re paying with points or cash. Of course it’s worth acknowledging that not everyone may be comfortable with or able to travel to all of these locations, but the deal is at least worth being aware of.

Miraval Berkshires

World of Hyatt Miraval BOGO awards

World of Hyatt is offering a buy one get one free award sale at Miraval properties through the end of the year:

  • This is valid for stays between July 15 and December 31, 2020
  • When guests use points for one night, they’ll receive the second night free, though won’t receive a resort credit for that second night
  • Members must use the promotion code WOH_Miraval_BOGO at the time of booking
  • Reservations must be made by calling World of Hyatt

For context, World of Hyatt ordinarily charges 45,000 points per night for a standard room, and 20,000 points per additional guest. During this promotion you’d only pay for every other night, including for additional guests. In other words, a two night stay for one person would cost 45,000 points, while a two night stay for two people would cost 65,000 points.

In addition to all meals and select activities, World of Hyatt award redemptions also come with a $175 per person per night credit, though that will only apply for the non-free night, in this case. Those credits can be used towards private classes, massages (for properties where spas are open), etc., so you can still have a great experience without spending much even without that credit.

Spending just 22,500 World of Hyatt points per night for a stay at a Miraval property seems like a phenomenal deal.

Miraval Arizona

Stack promos to save even more

While 50% off a Miraval redemption sounds incredible, you can potentially do even better than that. At the moment World of Hyatt is offering up to 25% off award redemptions:

  • All members can get 15% off, while those with The World of Hyatt Credit Card (review) can get 25% off
  • This is valid for stays through January 4, 2021
  • This comes in the form of a points refund after the fact, rather than a discount at the time of booking

You could still save 15-25% on these discounted Miraval stays. In other words:

  • A two night stay for one guest at a Miraval property would cost you 45,000 points
  • If you had the World of Hyatt Card you’d get 25% of those points back, which is 11,250 points
  • That means you’d pay just 33,750 points for two nights at a Miraval, which averages out to 16,875 points per night

That’s a phenomenal deal.

Receive an extra $75 per night credit on paid stays

Those booking a paid stay at Miraval can receive an extra $75 per person per stay credit:

  • This is valid for stays between July 15 and December 31, 2020
  • You must book the Miraval Unlimited Package rate to get this offer
  • Members must use the promotion code 2020_WOH_Miraval_Bonus at the time of booking

Frankly this offer isn’t much to get excited about. Under most circumstances you’d come out ahead just booking through Hyatt Privé, which offers extra perks at Miraval properties.

Miraval Arizona

Bottom line

World of Hyatt currently has a phenomenal award sale for stays at Miraval properties. Not only is there a buy one get one free offer, but you can get 15-25% of all points redeemed back right now, for stays through January 4, 2021.

When you stack those two deals, you’re potentially looking at well over 60% off a Miraval stay. That’s a great deal, assuming you’re comfortable with traveling to one of these properties.

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  1. The greatest thing you can do for your wellness at the moment is probably avoiding Texas and Arizona.

  2. So if you were traveling as a couple for 2 nights, you could either book 1 room at 85k points (costing 45k for both nights + 20k extra guest first night + 20k extra guest second night), or 2 rooms for 90k points (costing 90k for both rooms for both nights). For the extra 5k points you’d get a second room and another $175 resort credit. Doesn’t make much sense but I guess they’ve got plenty of extra rooms.

  3. Is the 25% point rebate (if holding WOH CC) 100% confirmed by someone? I told agent who booked over phone about the rebate and she told me that she reached out to Hyatt ‘something’ to ask about that particular promotion, and the Hyatt ‘something’ said that’s not valid for Miraval, but only for properties cat 1-7. So maybe still a great deal but not as great as originally thought???

  4. So if you have two people in attendance you pay 45000+20000+20000=85000 for two nights? And then with the WOH card you get 21,250 back? So the out of pocket is 63750 points for two nights and a $175 credit . Compared to a quick cash search on Hyatt’s site of $2,769.80 for two people for two nights w/ a $200 credit for two people (50 pp per night).

    So value of points is (2769.80+250-175)/63750=4.38 cents per point. Seems like a pretty good deal to me! Does my math seem right?

    I just wonder what the experience at one of these hotels would be like right now, with all of the restrictions. I don’t see any COVID info on their site on what’s closed and what’s not.

  5. Charging extra for just a second person seems a bit ridiculous. Who is going to these all inclusive resorts by themselves? All of the Hyatt Zilara and Ziva resorts are double occupancy rates for point redemptions, you only pay extra for kids and even then it’s not much.

  6. @Mark, Miraval is nothing like Ziva or Zilara. Think healthy, naturistic, and mind healing in nature. More of a retreat than a vacation.

  7. I wish Ziva/Zilara had a single occupancy redemption, so I don’t have to share a room with my bro’s.

  8. @ Mark P ~ probably 25% of the ppl my gf & I have met at multiple Arizona & Austin stays are solo women looking for a respite from their families. Makes for a perfect mom’s day/bday total escape (even cell phones mostly only allowed in-room).

    Going alone means someone can pick their own (very full!) schedule & not worry about working it all in with a partner’s. And working through grief/weight/improvement/relaxation issues at your own pace. There is a lot to pack in a day, if so desired – I might consider a 2-day solo trip at these rates.

  9. Miraval Berkshires (only) is also offering Grand Opening pkg rates thru 9.9.20, starting at $354/pp/nt. Rates only includes a “$50 USD nightly credit per person which can be used towards spa, golf and programs.”

    The downside of pd rates is a 23% Resort Charge (on Resort Package Rates), but if you don’t have enough, or access to, points is still a good deal off reg rates.

  10. You do not have to pay the 25K twice. I just booked 65K for two people for two nights. Not sure where you got that from?

  11. @alex They charged me 65K for two adults for two nights. I have a confirmed reservation and says 65K.

  12. Confirmed w Hyatt FB Messenger team that the BOGO offer is valid for both single and double occupancy. So 2 people / 65k / 2 nights / 1 room.

  13. Okay the point is Miraval is really that good??? What’s there to do in Austin? Arizona maybe in winter

  14. I called world of Hyatt to make this booking and they have *NO* idea what it is. I was practically yelled at for asking about. After being on hold I directed the lady to the Hyatt website where the offer is stated.

    She then I asked me if it’s available during my dates. I said I don’t know, because I have to call to book it.

    I would much rather book online. Adding humans to the process makes this 10X worse.

  15. I also called and they had no idea. Eventually was transferred to the resort reservation after about 15 minutes (was booking for Berkshires). Then the agent said she had to “look into the availability”. No follow up after 24 hours later, so I called again only to be told that they’re now requiring a 6 night minimum stay for a regular reward (suites are apparently available without minimum stay requirement). Anyone else run into this? Seems pretty crappy they would add in a minimum stay requirement after the promotion had started.

  16. @ Nick — For the third night free promo with Prive? If so, you typically only earn credits for the first two nights.

  17. @Lucky – no, not the Prive offering. Asking related to the WOH_Miraval_BOGO promo, When guests use points for one night, they’ll receive the second night free… is night stay credit only earned for one night of a 2 night stay?

  18. I called Miraval Berkshires the other day and was also told there’s now a 6-night minimum as others have noted, but that’s not anywhere in the terms and conditions. Are they playing games or is that legit?

  19. I would love to know what the experience is like these days.
    It’s one thing to attend class after class and be in close proximity to others in older times
    No buffet, social distancing etc..

  20. I can confirm having booked this offer last week that at least for Tucson in November, it is not a 6 night minimum. I was able to book 4 nights

  21. I was on the phone for a while to book this for 2 nights in the Berkshires this fall. Apparently the BOGO doesn’t work for any combo of Friday/Saturday nights at all (despite there being points availability both nights), but when we did Saturday/Sunday nights it worked fine. He couldn’t find anything in the actual terms or know why this was happening, but that was our conclusion after trying a bunch of dates. I may call back later and see if they will let me move the dates, but excited to check out the property and great deal nonetheless!

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