What Is Hyatt Courtesy Card?

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Last week I wrote about the incremental benefits that Starwood offers above earning Platinum status, which requires 25 stays or 50 nights. They offer extra benefits for 75 nights or 100 nights per calendar year. The nice thing is that they publish these benefits, even if they’re not actually that awesome.


One of my (few) frustrations with the Hyatt Gold Passport program is that they don’t offer any incremental benefits after earning Diamond status, which also requires 25 stays or 50 nights. You get four Diamond suite upgrades when you qualify, each of which can be used to confirm a suite upgrade for up to seven nights. It is kind of frustrating that if you stay 100 or 150 nights, the percentage of nights you’ll spend in suites will go down drastically, compared to someone that just barely qualifies for Diamond, and can potentially spend 28 of their 50 nights in a suite using confirmed upgrades.

One thing worth noting about Hyatt, however, is that they have an invitation only status level called Courtesy Card. Hyatt is tight-lipped about the qualification requirements and benefits, so I haven’t been able to get much out of them in regards to what it takes to earn it or what it offers. The extent of what I know about it is what’s found in this FlyerTalk thread.

So based on what I know:

How do you earn Hyatt Courtesy Card?

As far as I know there are four ways to earn Courtesy Card (in order of the likelihood of earning it):

  • Own a Hyatt hotel
  • Be nominated by the general manager of a Hyatt property, and then the request will be reviewed by Hyatt Gold Passport
  • Spend a ton at Hyatt properties, and stay at a large number of Hyatt properties
  • Be responsible for large corporate travel accounts that bring a lot of business to Hyatt, ideally also mixed with one of the above

Again, this is purely based on what I’ve anecdotally read, so the reality could be different.

What are the benefits of Hyatt Courtesy Card?

As you might expect, for such a “secret” status level, there aren’t that many published benefits beyond Diamond, but rather it’s all about the “soft” treatment. Courtesy Card members are supposed to get the best available suite, and just generally get uber-VIP treatment.

Receive the best available suite every time with Hyatt Courtesy Card

When does Hyatt send out Courtesy Card nominations?

Lately Hyatt seems to send out invitations for Courtesy Card around February, the same time that the previous status year ends.

Bottom line

I’m not Courtesy Card and doubt I’ll ever get Courtesy Card. But I do occasionally get asked about the benefits, so figured I’d share what I do know. I guess this would be the hotel industry equivalent of American’s Concierge Key or United’s Global Services.

Is anyone here Hyatt Courtesy Card? If so, what has your experience been, and are there any benefits I missed?

  1. Seems like the chances of most mere mortals of ever achieving this “courtesy card” are slim to none. And it seems to me that even if you were nominated, it is an honor you should decline. If you are elevated to this uber-supreme level, then your reviews of Hyatt hotels are of less value to rest of us who do not have such status.

  2. This reminds me of that Modern Family episode where Jay books a hotel in Vegas only to be upset that its not the highest room/level in the hotel even though he thought it was. He finds out there is a higher status/floor level and tries to get that, so he gets on that floor which has a shaving butler, bathtub menu, etc, only to find out that there is another higher level/status in the hotel and gets ticked off about that

  3. Hi Lucky I’m courtesy card, you get all the Diamond Benefits plus the best suite in the house available including diplomatic & presidential suites without the need of a certificate. Very often when you arrive the General Manager come by and say hello, and you get super vip treatment during your stay, basically everything you ask and you need if it’s within the hotel possibilities they will do for you. It seems the hotel know you are coming and they research your previous experiences, what you like, your issues in the past, etc. Someone looks after you personally. the different with Diamond is big.

  4. All I know is that we recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and someone checked in after us who had courtesy card status.

    The front desk staff treated them very well after treating us lowly diamond status folk quite poorly.

  5. As a 150 to 200 night a year guy at the same Hyatt hotel, I get the equivalent of courtesy. They make me what I want for dinner, I get he best suites, they are awesome. But, if I go to a different Hyatt, I’m slumming again down at Diamond.

    I know I’m not spend 100k a month at some Hyatt in China schmoozing customers. But, still. Ther should be a middle ground.

  6. I have been awarded the Courtesy Card….bathrobe is only until you get the lifetime card…..never a bad experience and when I have checked in the GM shows me to my room and the head chef shows up with a cart of wine and food on the house….the staff falls all over themselves….

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