Hyatt Club Access Awards: How Can Globalists Use Them?

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Last December, World of Hyatt announced the introduction of Milestone Rewards. With this, World of Hyatt created rewards for every 10 qualifying nights you pass in a calendar year. I’d say these changes were a net positive. Nothing was really being taken away, but potentially it meant you could receive richer rewards more often.

Details of Hyatt’s Milestone Rewards

As a reminder, Hyatt’s elite tier thresholds are as follows:

  • Discoverist status: 10 qualifying nights or 25,000 base points (equivalent to $5,000 of spend)
  • Explorist status: 30 qualifying nights or 50,000 base points (equivalent to $10,000 of spend)
  • Globalist status: 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points (equivalent to $20,000 of spend)

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

  • 10 qualifying nights or 25,000 base points — earn Discoverist status
  • 20 qualifying nights or 35,000 base points — earn 2 club lounge access awards
  • 30 qualifying nights or 50,000 base points — earn Explorist status, plus earn 2 club lounge access awards, plus a Category 1-4 free night award
  • 40 qualifying nights or 65,000 base points — earn 5,000 bonus points or a $100 Hyatt gift card
  • 50 qualifying nights or 80,000 base points — 2 suite upgrade awards
  • 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points — earn Globalist status, plus 2 suite upgrade awards, plus a Category 1-7 free night award
  • 70 qualifying nights — 10,000 bonus points or a suite upgrade award
  • 80 qualifying nights — 10,000 bonus points or a suite upgrade award
  • 90 qualifying nights — 10,000 bonus points or a suite upgrade award
  • 100 qualifying nights — 10,000 bonus points or a suite upgrade award

Redeem your Category 1-7 free night at the Park Hyatt Maldives

What are club access awards?

Club access awards can each be used for access to a hotel’s club lounge for a stay of up to seven consecutive nights. This is valid on eligible paid rates, as well as free night awards, and Points + Cash bookings. It’s not eligible on bookings with free night certificates or non-eligible paid rates, though.

Use your club access award at the Hyatt Regency Kiev

How can Globalist members use club access awards?

It’s only with the introduction of Milestone Rewards that Globalist members receive club access awards. Someone who requalifies for Globalist status would earn four club access awards, which is sort of confusing.

Why? Because Globalist members already received guaranteed lounge access. Furthermore, these club lounge access awards aren’t transferable, so you can’t use these for a stay in someone else’s name.

So what value are these even supposed to have for Globalist members? Well, there are two circumstances under which they could come in handy:

  • When a Globalist member books two rooms, a lounge access award can be used to secure lounge access for the second room; so you can use this for friends and family, but only if they’re traveling with you
  • Globalist members can use club lounge access awards to secure lounge access for themselves in the event they don’t requalify for status; lounge access awards are valid for the entire year after which they’re earned, so if you didn’t requalify for Globalist status in 2020, you could use them to secure lounge access then

Like I said, these can’t just be given to friends and family traveling alone, so they do have fairly limited value.

Lastly, keep in mind that as a Globalist member you can make a Guest of Honor booking for others using your points, and then they receive Globalist benefits. So this is only potentially valuable when someone is traveling withy you on a paid stay, and not a points stay.

Use your club access award at the Hyatt Regency Tashkent

Bottom line

I like Hyatt’s new Milestone Rewards, though many are confused by Globalist members now receiving four club lounge access awards per year. Hopefully the above explains the relatively few circumstances under which you can get value out of them.

Typically when traveling with others and staying at Hyatt I’ll make a Guest of Honor booking for the second room, but on a paid stay I could also see myself using a club access award for the second room, so my friends/family can get access as well.

  1. Sheesh
    Yes as a Globalist I have them hanging on my bulletin board
    displayed proudly marked worthless in bold šŸ™‚
    Despite Hyatt having done some extraordinary things in their program in years past you think they very bright folks they imported from SPG could make Globalists have a purpose for them Even if only for 2500 or 5000 points as they are unusable but nooooooooooo
    Send them out worthlessly and encourage members to be non elite lol
    Cant make this stuff up
    Even Jeff Zidell could have done better than this
    Expect better from the SPG/Mark/Amy now the new Hyatt folks
    Welcome to Hyatt lol

  2. Free night awards are booked with points. Free night certificates are booked with the category based certificates awarded at 30 night and 60 nights (and for having the Hyatt credit card).

  3. These are confusing and worthless and Hyatt should do away with them and focus on what a globalist would really want………..points or a suite upgrade or another Cat 1-4 night…………putting these in your account devalues the program and just pisses you off…………

  4. They’re possibly facing stiff competition from Marriott’s new credit card program offered by American Express & Chase.

  5. This change is also a devaluation for explorist. Now that everyone can get certificates, it’s not clear whether there is much value to earning explorist or just getting discoverist and earning some certificates. Any data points out there confirming whether explorists really do get better/more frequent upgrades that discoverists (since that’s the only real tangible benefit of this status level)?

  6. @dwonderment – Yes, 100% correct. These are essentially worthless non-awards for perks that we have earned anyway as Globalists. From what I see, they’re only useful if you’re booking a second room for friends/family (which I never do).
    Also sort of useless are the Suite Upgrade Awards/Certificates/Whatever. The hotels that I frequent *often* are usually upgrading me to a very large room or junior suite anyway. When I attempt to use them at Hyatts that I stay at away from home, the vast majority of properties never accept them. The last time I’ve successfully used a Suite Upgrade was roughly two years ago during off-season.
    For existing Globalists, a lot of the Milestone awards are meaningless marketing crap. The most worthwhile change for me, however, was the inclusion of award stays as elite qualifying nights.

  7. @Chris, I don’t see how getting the certificates earlier as you are earning your way to explorist ‘devalues’ the explorist benefit. Also, you completely omitted the feee cat 1-4 nite certificate you get when achieving Explorist. Depending on how you use it, that can be worth a lot. As far as data that definatively ‘proves’ that you get better/more frequent upgrades at Explorist vs. Discoverist, I don’t know how you’d get that. Upgrades, IME have as much or more to do with property, location, occupancy, length of stay and whims of front desk clerk, then some global policy being adhered to by the brand based on loyalty tier. That said, I’ve been treated very well by Hyatt as both a Discoverist and Esplorist, but also by Hilton and to a lesser but still decent degree, by ‘Bonvoy’ (before they were Bonvoy). At the end of the day, if achieving next tier status for any hotel brand is not worth the effort for you, then by all means don’t do it, but that has not been the case for me with Hyatt as an Explorist. In short, I am doing it again and ‘may’ try for Globalist…

  8. Ben, you wrote that “lounge access awards are valid for a year from when theyā€™re issued”. However, the expiration of Club Lounge Access Awards is not 1 year but rather 14 months after the end of the calendar year in which they are earned.

    Per World of Hyatt terms and conditions ( “Club Lounge Access Awards are valid for the remainder of the Calendar Year in which they were earned and an additional fourteen (14) months thereafter.”

  9. The “Milestone Rewards” are also a devaluation of Globalist status as now that tier only comes with two TSUs; you get two at 50 nights, which is not the Globalist tier.

  10. Why do the milestone awards end at 100 nights? Do they not value my nights at 110, 120, etc? I understand thats rare, but seems short sided to cut it off. Why not just make it 10k points for each additional 10 nights above 60?

  11. As an Explorist I find very little use for these rewards. I have earned 11 club level rewards, but since they can only be used at locations that have club levels there is very little use for them. There are only a few locations, I believe only Hyatt Regencies, which is only one of their many brands that offer club level. I wish Hyatt would re-think these rewards or at least offer something else for the locations that do not have club level.

  12. I thought Hyatt was listening to us Globalists? I agree with the other comments. I’m at 103 nights so far this year and I have no big incentive to stay at Hyatt vs. other hotels where I also have status (Diamond with Hilton and Platinum with Bonvoy). I do typically go out of my way to stay at Hyatt when I feel like there is something to achieve/bonus. These 10k points or Upgrade for every 10 nights above 60 stays is great.

    You’d think that once we are above 100 nights a year they have even more incentive to keep us loyal. That and also to trade these worthless certificates for something of value. Even 5,000 points each I’d feel good about vs. NO value at all.

    When I book two rooms for my family they ALWAYS give me Club access as well for my family members so no need to use these. I’ve never had a situation where they didn’t honor the Club or free breakfast (Andaz) for ALL members of my family in both rooms without having to use a Certificate.

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