Last Chance At A Sign-Up Bonus Of 2 Free Hyatt Nights

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As I first explained a week ago, the sign-up bonus on The Hyatt Credit Card is changing as of Thursday, June 29, 2017. That’s tomorrow, so if you want to get the Hyatt Card under the current bonus, this is your last chance to apply. I’m not sure at what point tomorrow the bonus changes, so I’d recommend applying today if you haven’t done so yet.

As long as you submit your application before the offer changes you should be good, even if the application goes pending, and only formally gets approved after the offer changes. It’s all about when you apply.

The sign-up bonus on the card is presently two free nights valid at any Hyatt property in the world after spending $2,000 on purchases within the first three months, plus 5,000 World of Hyatt points after adding an authorized user and having them make their first purchase within that same timeframe.

Once the offer changes, the new standard sign-up bonus will be 40,000 World of Hyatt bonus points after spending $2,000 on purchases within the first three months.

The current bonus is much better, in my opinion, as Hyatt’s top properties go for 30,000 points per night. So assuming you’re able to redeem your certificates for one of Hyatt’s Category 6 or Category 7 properties, you’ll come out ahead under the current offer.

Redeem your two free nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney

I’ve also written a post sharing seven reasons you should consider applying for The Hyatt Credit Card, especially given that this is one of the few Chase cards not subjected to the 5/24 rule, meaning you can be approved for the card even if you’ve opened more than five new accounts in the past 24 months.

I’ve had The Hyatt Credit Card for years, and continue to hold onto it for the annual free night certificate and additional perks, which more than justify the annual fee, in my opinion.

So, what don’t we know about Hyatt’s card once these changes kick in?

  • Whether they’ll still offer 5,000 points for adding an authorized user and having them make a purchase within three months
  • Whether the card still won’t be subjected to Chase’s 5/24 rule (I have no reason to believe this is changing, but at the same time it seems like they’re having a strategy change on the card, and that could entail much bigger picture things)
  • Whether the card will still offer an anniversary free night certificate (again, I haven’t heard anything about this being taken away, but you never know)

For what it’s worth, Ford just applied for the card, and it shows as “pending.” I find that a lot of Chase applications go pending, but then approvals eventually come through.

Given that I’m a World of Hyatt Globalist and he’s not, we had tried to decide whether it made more sense to get two free nights at any property in a non-Globalist account, or 40,000 points that he could transfer to me, and we could redeem with Globalist status. A lot of people reported success getting Globalist benefits honored if the Globalist member is only the second guest, so I guess we’ll try for that, if/when he’s approved.

  1. Thanks for the reminder Ben. Approved! Curious, will they generate a Hyatt number for me as Hilton does? I left that blank on my application and hope this is the case.

  2. Applied yesterday and got a pending status. Called in to check on what was needed. Agent stated that it looks like I would need to move some credit from another line to cover this. Told her that was fine and to move 10k from my United card over. She attempted this anc came back from hold saying she was gettng feedback from their approval process that I had “too many open lines of credit” with Chase and I would need to completely close a card to move that credit line to this new card. She said she couldn’t do this in the same day since I already had one “recon request” for the day on moving the 10k.
    I have only have 4 primary cards through Chase: Freedom, Reserve, United, and Marriott and I’m an AU on my wife’s IHG card. I have spend on all of them currently for various reasons. Is it typical Chase won’t extend another card even if willing to move credit? Income over 100k and credit score in upper 700s?
    Any advice on how to approach next recon call?

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