Hyatt and M life status matching now live

Several months ago Hyatt and MGM announced a huge new partnership, which went live in June. This translated into reciprocal benefits for members of both Gold Passport and M life, as I outlined in this post.

The one benefit that didn’t immediately go live was status matching between programs, which has just gone live today. As a reminder, as a Gold Passport member the tiers match as follows:


You can find all M life benefits here, though as you’d expect from a Vegas loyalty program, you get very few concrete benefits but rather mostly priority services along with some discounts.

To go ahead and link your Gold Passport and M life accounts, simply go to this page. You’ll be prompted to enter your Gold Passport and M life account numbers, and then your status will be matched between programs, regardless of which program you’re matching to/from.

As a reminder, the 12 Vegas MGM hotels are as follows, along with their corresponding Gold Passport categories:

  • Category 2 (8,000 points/night): Excalibur
  • Category 3 (12,000 points/night): Luxor
  • Category 4 (15,000 points/night): Monte Carlo, New York New York
  • Category 5 (18,000 points/night): MGM Grand, Signature at MGM Grand, Vdara, Mirage
  • Category 6 (22,000 points/night): Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, THEhotel at Mandalay Bay

Very nice partnership, and since you can book Vegas stays at several of these hotels through Virtuoso and American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, going to Vegas now becomes even more tempting.

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  1. Is there a strategic reason NOT to match currently? This is more of a reciprocal benefit and not really a status match…correct? I am not planning on going to Vegas this year (or next) currently a Hyatt Diamond.

  2. @ W Brian Duncan — Nope, no reason not to register. And you’re correct, it’s more reciprocal recognition than a status match.

  3. Annnnd… mlife’s website is down. [ouch]

    (They are working on it, per twitter. Again, twitter is the BEST method for customer service response and speed, IMO!)

  4. @Mark…get used to the M Life site going down quite frequently…even daily. It has been this way for 2 years.

  5. @Adam – I’ll take anything over the Cosmo Identity website which has said this ever since day 1: “Improvements are on the way, the online Identity Membership experience is currently being enhanced.” Embarrassing.

    Nevertheless, I’ll give Cosmo credit for good CS via emailing a host.

  6. Ahh OK so it’s not quite a status match then? How do the validates get aligned? For example I was hoping to match from Hyatt Plat to Mlife, then when my Hyatt expired next year match back from Mlife to Hyatt, but it sounds like that wouldn’t work and that instead my Mlife status would drop when my Gold Passport status expired??

  7. Was in Vegas a week and half ago. You can get matched by showing your Hyatt membership card. There is still some confusion from the various Mlife desks as to what status is matched to what. My friend as a Hyatt platinum was matched to Mlife platinum at Mandalay Bay, while my Hyatt platinum status was matched correctly to Mlife Gold at Bellagio.

  8. I have no status with Hyatt, and I already have a Sapphire Mlife card (that is the entry level they give everyone, if I’m not mistaken), so it there any real point in linking these accounts?

  9. @ Premium — Yeah, there’s not really any benefit since it’s the same you’d have if you signed up with Gold Passport directly.

  10. @ Alan — I’m not quite sure how they align, but when the status expires you can once again request to have your tier matched, assuming you still have the status. I don’t believe the expiration dates align exactly, so short term that actually work.

  11. Thanks, Lucky. Do you know how the membership year runs for Mlife? Is is a calendar year or does it depend on when you match?

  12. @Alan
    MLife status resets on October 1st for everybody (This was put into place last year).
    In other words, Hyatt not withstanding, if you don’t re-earn your status by September 1st, it will be set to whatever level your points have earned you.

  13. @Alan
    Sorry, I meant September 31st.
    Another way to look at it is that the number of points you have on September 31st determine which level you will be at on October 1st.

  14. Being Noir prior to the the collaboration between M-life and Hyatt, I feel that this partnership completely devalues those of us who had to earn m-life status the difficult way. Noir is $1,000,000 wagered and Platinum is $100,00 wagered. Granted that’s not much in gambling terms, to have mattress runners and business travelers get the same benefits as I have “worked” for and not have it reciprocal stinks.

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