HUGE changes at American Airlines

$2.9 billion in liquidity, a changed route network, strengthening some hubs, yada yada yada. You didn’t think I was going to talk about that, did you? šŸ˜‰

I’m here to talk about something really important. American has actually improved their meal service this past week. That’s right, not cutbacks, but positive changes. They’ve now added an appetizer to mid-con flightsĀ (check out the pictures), which is downright impressive. For what it’s worth, on a similar United flight you’d get a sandwich or salad with soup and a cookie. Perhaps a bit healthier, but the American meal does look pretty good….

I’m so close to actually wanting to go for Executive Platinum….

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  1. Since I took the pics :), it’s also worth noting this was served on one of their spanking-new 738’s, which have some of the best domestic F seats I’ve ever sat in. GREAT recline and because of the design of the seat (the seat bottom moves forward as you recline), the person behind you can still get up and get in to the aisle easily, even if the person in front is fully reclined. Also 110v standard power outlets are nice as well. I can’t wait for them to get WiFi on these birds.

    American has a lot to offer nowadays when compared with United. Power on every flight (either cigarette-style DC or 100vAC), better meals, F lounge access for EXP’s on Int’l itineraries, angled lie-flat biz seats on *every* international aircraft (no 777 roulette), WiFi on MD80’s and 762’s – hopefully the 757’s and 738’s will be next.

    The big knock I have with AA still is the absolutely dreadful seats in Y and F on the 757. Talk about a flying museum. Fortunately they are doing a cabin refresh of those planes and apparently the first one went in for updating last week.

    – T

  2. Looks like a great meal. At least UA seems to have added an extra side dish/appetizer on transcons. Now if they would bring back the sundaes…

  3. Wow, I’m glad American is taking the lead. I think it’s a smart move, since so many of us have been disappointed in the Bus. & F class product & service in the last couple years. When its so disappointing, one seems to avoid those extra trips you can eliminate.

    That’s a very nice improvement in the meal on that flt. from CHI. to LAX. It will be interesting to see how they’ve enhanced the meal on coast to coast flt.s. Let’s hope their competition will make improvements.

  4. Have never regretted becoming EXP.

    I had a great flight to Maui last week. Food was excellent, service always superior. Pilot walked the LAX-OGG flight to chat with the front of the plane. Unfortunately the LAX-Hawaii flights are always on the 757s.

    Agree with all above — especially the new 737’s (yeah, even though I bought myself a trip on United Flight 737), the refresh of the prehistoric 757 F cabin (couldn’t have come sooner — can you say doodle on the gold leather with a ball point?) and the WiFi. The WiFi in the 767 transcons has been more than worth it.

    Just hold the cell phones in the air.


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