How to take full advantage of American’s double EQM and triple RDM promotion

As I blogged about a couple of days ago, American has a double elite qualifying miles promotion and triple redeemable miles promotion for travel originating and terminating in certain cities.

There’s a thread on FlyerTalk discussing the best and easiest mileage runs given this promotion. While I was going to wait for a general double elite qualifying miles promotion later in the year (which I’m expecting we’ll see), there are some compelling offers out there given the triple redeemable miles up for grabs as well. I think I might actually give Executive Platinum a shot!

For example, in the fall, flights from PIT to PEK (Beijing) via DFW and ORD in each direction price out at $900 all-in. Now there is a minimum stay requirement of a few days and a visa is required for China, but this is a great way to combine a mileage run and a mini-vacation. Plus, all fare classes on American are upgradeable internationally now, so you could use eVIPs to upgrade.

If my math is right, the trip is about 8,500 miles in each direction, or 17,000 miles roundtrip. Double the elite qualifying miles, and you’re looking at 34,000 elite qualifying miles for $900, or under 2.7 cents per mile. On the redeemable miles front, you’re looking at a minimum of 51,000 miles if you have no status, or 68,000 miles if you’re a Platinum or Executive Platinum. The numbers work out quite nicely there too.

Either way, three of these trips and you’re Executive Platinum. Tempting…

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  1. How about STL-ORD-LGA-BOS r/t with triple EQM and quadruple RDM on all legs except STL-ORD which are double and triple respectively?

  2. So is a round trip $900 or $1800? If its $1800 then its 34000 EQM for $1800 instead of $900.

  3. There are all these crazy international itineraries I see bandied around at flyer talk, but I can’t beat the $118 RDU-DFW-SEA fare each way. Seven round-trips, assuming starting at 0 status and miles, would yield 102,363 EQM and 114,282 RDM for $1,946, or 1.7 cents per RDM mile. Also doesn’t require a Saturday night stay.

    No visa hassles, but yes, not as sexy of a destination, but one-third less the cost than what Lucky mentioned.

  4. Although in plotting these numbers, being new at this, (have usually just earned miles from credit cards in the past) do the 25% and 100% bonus apply to RDM and not EQM? If that is the case, then it would take 10 round-trips at $118 each way for $2,780 total, which would earn you 193,191 starting from a dead start, which would mean 1.4 cents per RDM and 2.6 cents per EQM mile, all-in.

    Bonus apply to RDM correct Lucky, just trying to nail down the math. Slightly cheaper than the trip you listed, but it would only take 3 long haul trips to pull off Executive Platinum and around $200K for around $2,800. instead of 10 shorter ones.

  5. @ peter — Are the two promotions combineable? Didn’t realize that, if so…

    @ Mordy — Absolutely. Given how much money American charges for challenges nowadays, they’d be a fool not to.

    @ Adam — It’s $900 roundtrip.

    @ Randy — The elite bonus applies to RDMs, not EQMs. A domestic mileage run may be cheaper in theory, and you’re onto something, but in this case there are positioning costs and more importantly hotel costs for those that don’t live in one of the target cities.

  6. LUCKY,

    are you going to accomplish exp? I have a feeling you will pass this offer since TPA is not listed and ride in coach is pain the butt.


  7. Just keep in mind that getting a Chinese visa is one of the most painful process you can ever experience.

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