How Quickly Does The Citi Prestige Priority Pass Membership Arrive?

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Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.


A common question has been how quickly the Priority Pass card arrives after being approved for the Citi Prestige® Card.

In my case the Priority Pass card arrived exactly a week after I was approved for the card, which was five days after I received the credit card. There’s nothing you have to do to request the Priority Pass membership — it’s automatic.


In addition to the card there was a letter explaining the benefits. It confirms that you get complimentary access to 700+ Priority Pass Select lounges, plus two guests or your immediate family members. Additional guests on top of that are $27 each.


That’s the most generous Priority Pass Select benefit offered by any card. I also have a Priority Pass Select membership from the The Platinum Card® from American Express. Both cards allow you to have two guests.


Bottom line

There’s nothing you have to do to activate the Priority Pass Select membership offered by the Citi Prestige® Card — it should automatically arrive about a week after you’re approved for the card. And it’s pretty awesome.

I’m excited to be able to guest people into Priority Pass lounges without having to pay $27 per person.

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  1. I was able to get my Priority Pass number from calling them directly after I received my Citi Card. I was able to visit the VX Loft in LA before my card arrived. YMMV from various lounges.

  2. Anyone know if the airline credit would apply towards YQ for airlines that charge them on award tix?

  3. As you know, the United Clubs are out of this program May 2015. That eliminates a lot of domestic options

  4. I appreciate the post. I have been searching for this answer for the past week. Hoping my card will arrive in the mail today.

  5. Are you able to visit a international PP lounge if flying on a domestic ticket?

    For example, there is a decent lounge in terminal S at seatac for ANA that is a PP lounge, and I’d much rather hang there versus the always crowded board room and sky club.

  6. Just tried to apply for the Citi Prestige card and was declined. Applied in my husband’s name and he was declined as well! We live in a very expensive home, he makes over $250,000 a year and we have no debt except for a very small mortgage and two car leases. We always pay our credit card balances in full and on time every month. I cannot imagine why we were declined except that we did have a Citi card (the Platinum Executive Mastercard I think) that we opened, did the minimum spend and closed. Do you think that’s why?

  7. @ harry — Don’t have any firsthand experience. Wouldn’t count on it, but probably a good chance it works, in practice. Keep in mind you can also outright purchase airline tickets and be reimbursed, or even just pay award ticket taxes with the card.

  8. @ Lynn — There does seem to be a glitch whereby Citi’s site shows them as automatically denying people, when in fact they’re just processing the application. I’d recommend giving them a call at 800.695.5171 so they can review your application. Please do report back what happens — I’m curious.

  9. @Lynn I got a rejection when I applied. When I called, the agent was surprised because I had been approved. I wouldn’t worry; as Ben said, this seems to be happening a lot.

  10. I just received my membership letter and card. I got it with Amex Platinum. I got the exact same letter except no mention of free lounge visits for 2 guests or immediate family. Why is that? It only says I get free lounge visit.

  11. Approved on the 15th, got the card some time last week (not sure of exact day as I wasn’t in town). How long should I wait on it before calling?

  12. Great Article, thanks!

    Does anyone know if the global entry fee is waived only for the primary card holder or also for our soon to arrive son? My husband and I are already GE approved, but they baby will need that too…

  13. Todd,

    As discussed above, the Amex platinum does NOT give you guest privileges. This is os what makes priority club access through the Citi Prestige better.

  14. @ Todd — Correct, because with the Amex Platinum you have to pay $27 per guest. You don’t get two guests for free.

  15. Ben – are the Thank You points combinable for accounts in the same household? Thinking about getting a card for me and my wife, but the more flexibility the better

  16. I’m not sure I understand your response to Eva–can you use the Global Entry credit to buy GE for someone else in your family? I’m planning to try! Also, I asked to have my Priority Pass card expedited and I had it within 3 days of opening the account!

  17. I applied for and was approved for my Prestige card on a Tuesday. By Thursday (two days later) the card package was at my door step. I applied for the Global Entry program that day, and by Saturday I was conditionally approved. On the following Monday I showed up at my airport and was able to be squeezed in after a 45 minute wait after there was a cancellation. I received my Global Entry land entry card a week later and my Priority Card came in about 2 weeks after my initial credit card approval.

    So essentially everything came within two weeks, so I was surprised as to how quick it went.

  18. Ben, I called the number you gave me and the representative approved both my husband and me for the card, so you were right – there was some sort of glitch in their system. Thanks!

  19. I have never been to an airport lounge before so I am wondering if there are 2 separated lounges between regular and first class ? If so, which lounge will the Priority PassTM let you access ? Same for the Admiral Club as well ?

  20. Applied for the Prestige card on Sept 26, received the contract/legal details letter on Sept 28 through UPS, card arrived on Sept 30 with Fedex, just in time for travel on Monday. Called PP and they gave the member # and password to access digitally. Apparently it’s a new thing so you don’t have to wait for the mail. Digital PP was accepted at cancun lounge without any problem.

  21. Question.

    Do I get to use my Global Entry $100 credit every year? Or is it only every 5 years? I got a Prestige for my wife and I, but then I found out my toddler son has to pay too. I am just curious to see what is the best way to get around that.


  22. I just got the priority pass card, and it seems like it expires in 3 years! (2019). Do you know if this is contingent on my renewing the Prestige card every year, or did Citi buy us all a 3 year membership? Thanks!

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