Hong Kong Airlines Wants To Start Los Angeles Flights In December 2017

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While Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s most well known airline, they’re not the only airline based there. Another airline that’s growing very nicely is Hong Kong Airlines, which presently has a fleet or A320 and A330 aircraft. The airline also has 15 A350s on order, the first of which they’ll take delivery of later this year.

Just a couple of days ago Hong Kong Airlines launched their first flight to North America. As of June 30, 2017, Hong Kong Airlines began flying between Vancouver and Hong Kong. It looks like the airline has now set their sights on their second flight to North America, and specifically, to Los Angeles. Hong Kong Airlines has proposed launching daily nonstop flights between Hong Kong and Los Angeles as of December 15, 2017. The flight isn’t yet bookable, but the proposed schedule is as follows:

HX68 Hong Kong to Los Angeles departing 12:10PM arriving 8:55AM
HX69 Los Angeles to Hong Kong departing 10:45AM arriving 6:20PM (+1 day)

The flight would be operated by one of their newly delivered A350-900s, featuring 33 business class seats and 301 economy class seats.

While Hong Kong Airlines’ longhaul fleet presentlyĀ has business class seats in a staggered configuration, their new A350s will feature B/E Aerospace Super Diamond reverse herringbone seats, which are among the best business class hard product out there.

B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat in Qatar Airways’ A350 business class

As it stands, there are only two airlines flying nonstop between Los Angeles and Hong Kong — American and Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific offers 4x daily flights between the two cities, while American offers a once daily flight, which they launched last September. So while there’s already quite a bit of capacity in the market, there’s not much competition.

Hong Kong Airlines is known for their attractive prices, and while I wouldn’t say they’re a true low cost carrier, they do undercut the competition in terms of pricing. For example, their business class fares between Vancouver and Hong Kong are lower than the competition, and in the past I’ve seen their fares even lower. Here’s to hoping there’s a similar effect in the Los Angeles to Hong Kong market.

Unfortunately Hong Kong Airlines isn’t part of one of the major alliances, and there aren’t really any great opportunities to redeem partner miles on them.

I’m looking forward to this flight going on sale, so I can try this new route, and also try Hong Kong Airlines’ new A350 business class product.

Anyone excited about Hong Kong Airlines adding flights between Los Angeles and Hong Kong?

  1. They might join Alaska Mileage Plan soon… Just like their parent Hainan Airlines (but Cathay Pacific already partners with Mileage Plan)

  2. Great!
    Tired of OW options when commuting home to Hong Kong.
    HX (and HK Express) are really growing their footprints in HK and the public is noticing.
    While CX might be the dominant player many increasingly have weary view of them as overpriced and indifferent.
    Competition is always good for consumers. Good luck HX!

  3. I’ve flown with them within Asia. Pretty good airline with okay service which beats U.S. airlines.

  4. As timing is not very ideal, especially for LAX to HKG. I guess it will be AA being impacted more than CX. And I think J fare could go easily go under US$2500 during sales period.

  5. Timings are good actually for LAX to HKG as it allows connections on beyond HX flights in the evening. HX has rather busy period of flight departures in the 2000-2200 time frame.

  6. Excellent flight schedule for onward connections at HKG and the price competition is great news for consumers.

  7. I am one of those that flown with them within Asia. I really want to know how they will work on long distance flights. Lucky, I am really looking forward to your report of this flight. So please book a flight with them as soon you can.

    They are a good airline, but I am too biased to give out any reports because I flew with a family that work for the airline. So, yes, I got extra treatment.

    Funny thing was, I was waiting on you to write about this today. šŸ™‚ I heard about it last night.

  8. Hong Kong Airlines seems to be operating one of their A330-200s to Vancouver, which feature angled flat seats (conversely, they love operating their A330-300s on regional routes…)

  9. Alvin – HX has three Airbus A330-200s with the staggered suites, which were originally used for the short-lived London Gatwick all business class flights. They are B-LNJ, LNK, and LNL. They will be designated for Vancouver. Y has no personal TV and that’s why Auckland gets the old sliding business class seats but PTVs in Y. For YVR, they have resolved the issues by providing iPad Mini in Y.

    After flying the inaugural Vancouver to Hong Kong flight, I am very excited about another new airline into this market that is traditionally monopolized by AA and CX. It will be a tough battle but Hainan Airline Group has tons of money. While HX has some improvement to be done, its affordable premium fare will certain attract some folks. While their J fares not exactly premium economy fares in the North American markets, they are way below traditional one-stop business class fare. I definitely will try to fly the inaugural HKG-LAX flight.

    Here is a link to my trip report for those who wonders how HX long-haul business class is like!


    Thanks Ben for the news and I hope you will give it a try. You should fly the YVR flight but perhaps should wait till their new lounge opened up in HKG’s Midfield Concourse!


  10. As others have said, this seems targeted at their hub operation, connecting people to places like DPS and the like. LAX-HKG has always been business focused, but the hub location is good for tourism.

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