Hong Kong Airlines Is Making Their North America Debut In 2017

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Hong Kong Airlines is the second largest airline based in Hong Kong, after Cathay Pacific (and their Cathay Dragon subsidiary), which is no doubt most well known around the world. Hong Kong Airlines has a fleet of 34 Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 aircraft, with another 24 widebodies on order, including nine A330s and 15 A350s.

What fascinates me about Hong Kong Airlines is that they seem to have a really solid business class product on their A330s, despite the fact that these planes are largely used for short-haul flights around Asia. Their A330 business class is in a staggered configuration, with fully flat seats and direct aisle access from every seat.


While Hong Kong Airlines isn’t part of one of the big global alliances, they do have very attractive business class fares, a few of which are shown below (1USD=7.76HKD).


Anyway, up until now the furthest Hong Kong Airlines has flown is New Zealand, as you can see based on their below routemap.


Well, the good news is that Hong Kong Airlines is finally expanding to North America.

Hong Kong Airlines has announced that they plan on introducing daily flights between Hong Kong and Vancouver as of June 30, 2017. The flight will operate with the following schedule, per @airlineroute:

HX80 Hong Kong to Vancouver departing 12:30PM arriving 10:10AM
HX81 Vancouver to Hong Kong departing 12:10PM arriving 4:50PM (+1 day)

While the schedule has been loaded, Hong Kong Airlines hasn’t yet opened up inventory, so we don’t know what the pricing will look like. I suspect their business class pricing will be very reasonable, in particular in comparison to Air Canada and Cathay Pacific, which presently dominate the market.

I’m excited to see Hong Kong Airlines adding transpacific flights. I suspect once they take delivery of the A350, we’ll see them add several more transpacific flights, probably even to the US. Bring it on!

I’ll be keeping a close eye on pricing once these flights are for sale.

Has anyone flown Hong Kong Airlines before, and if so, how was your experience?

  1. I flew from Hong Kong to Shanghai Hongqiao on their A330. Upgraded to business class during check-in for around U$150, which was pretty nice. Very good 3 course meal on a 2 hours flight.

  2. They are a subsidiary of Hainan airways, but their service / food is different. A solid airline, crews are friendly but service and food not as well-polished as Hainan or CX IMO.

  3. @mike
    HNA group (which owns Hainan Airlines) is the majority shareholder of Hong Kong Airlines. HK Air currently uses the same FFP program as Hainan Airlines (Fortune Wings Club), which partners with a lot of programs including Alaska, Air Berlin, Etihad.

    YASSSS They are one of my favourite airlines to follow!! Please talk about them more or ride on them!

  5. Hong Kong airlines has decent service but the amount of delays and cancellations that you have to endure simply dosen’t make the chapter flight worthwhile compared to Cathay

  6. Lucky, speaking of Cathay Pacific, you should check out their reopened London Heathrow First and Business Class lounges at T3. It just reopened yesterday.

  7. Can’t wait to see someone do a proper review of the Hong Kong Airline Business Class šŸ˜‰

    But from what I understand they will be using their A330-200 at first for this route (before they receive enough A350 and got all the crew training out of the way anyway), but most of these only have the old business class seat that isn’t fully flat.

    And I guess can only expect a price cheaper than premium economy on their competitors, with premium economy like food and services, but on a business class seat.

    PS. During their 10 year anniversary celebration in Beijing recently, they made a presentation regarding their long haul expansion plan:
    2017: Vancouver, London, New York
    2018: San Francisco, Los Angeles
    2019: Paris, Melbourne, Sydney
    2020: Milan, Chicago, Christchurch
    Not sure all of these would happen through, but I guess the chances are more realistic than Qatar’s new routes announcements šŸ˜‰

  8. @ James C ā€“ Some Hong Kong Airlines business class which they deploy on longer routes is fully flat in a staggered configuration, even on their A330-200.

  9. @ Alvin – the problem is I don’t think Hong Kong Airlines have enough A330-200 with fully flat business class seats for their longer routes? Last time I checked the ones they used for Auckland is with the old business class.

  10. This is interesting!! Hopeful I can get a good deal by flying codeshare from USA. I flew with them last week to Bali and I am happy with them.

  11. I flew HK airlines from HKG-TPE. My points are with CX, but CX wanted almost $500 for what amounts to a one hour flight so I opted for HK Airlines for ~$150 RT. It was economy service, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was comparable to CX economy for the same route. The flight crew weren’t as polished as a CX crew, but it didn’t matter for the little one hour hop. If they were linked to a bigger alliance, I would definitely consider them more often. Their fares out of HKG are usually very competitive. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again.

  12. What I cannot understand is why they do not even fly to SIN!

    HKG is a great connection point from South East Asia to North Asia, and SIN is an important market in South East Asia.

    Shouldn’t they target SIN before their long hauls expansion?

    Anyone here knows why HX has not expanded to SIN?

  13. @flyingfish – they tried SIN but it simply didn’t work for them. There are already more than enough LCC on this route plus the multiple daily flights by Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific themselves resulting in too big an over capacity. Even Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific have to offer very discounted fares – for those at the back anyway.
    Scoot also recently pulled out of SIN – HKG although their slot was basically taken over by Tigerair, which basically meant a down size from 787 to A320.

  14. Great news, YVR HKG needs more competition. Redeeming J is basically impossible, even with Asia Miles booking 1 year ahead.

  15. I flew Hong Kong Airlines several times in economy and business.
    Prices for both classes are normally so low, you are wondering where’s the catch as there are no “hidden” fees for luggage and/or food.
    Yes, they operate some red eye flights from HKG to BKK. I understand why those are cheap but they have some day flights as well.
    Business class very good and the lounge in HKG is very decent.
    One big negative is that when there are air traffic control disruptions in China, this will have an impact on there entire operation throughout Asia, so yes, they are notorious for delays (and sometimes cancellations).
    In the event of cancellation, I have experienced that there service is mediocre at best.
    All in all, good value for money.
    Can’t wait to see how their pricing for HKG-Vancouver is going to be.

  16. Cathay Pacific announced on September 1, 2016 that they would add 3 EXTRA flights per week between HKG and YVR, beginning on March 28, 2017. The new addition will bring CX’s non-stop flights between HKG and YVR to 17 per week. The brand new A350-900 aircraft will be used on these new flights, whereas the B777-300 ER are operated in the existing double daily flights.

    I heard rumours back in early summer this year that Hong Kong Airlines would start flying between HKG and YVR in 2017; then on November 28, the announcement was made. The DAILY non stop flight will start on June 30, 2017 and the new A350-900 aircraft (HX is still waiting for its delivery) will also be used.

    CX’s announcement was made almost exactly 3 months priort to HX’s announcement; and CX will start the new flights almost 3 months before HX does. These are not just coincidences…CX is fighting hard to maintain the market share of this very busy and lucrative route.

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