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Hilton Honors has been doing a great job throughout the pandemic with engaging members, and that trend is continuing, as the loyalty program has a nice holiday gift for Diamond members. While we first learned that this off was coming a few days ago, the offer is now “live” for some members.

Hilton Diamond members can gift status

Hilton Honors is extending a one-time opportunity for all current Hilton Honors Diamond members to gift status to someone else, regardless of their stay activity this year:

While the ability for Hilton Honors Diamond members to gift status is nothing new, in the past it has required staying a certain number of elite nights. Ordinarily:

  • Diamond members can gift someone else Gold status if they earn 60 elite nights in a year
  • Diamond members can gift someone else Diamond status if they stay 100 elite nights in a year

Here are the basic things to be aware of with this promotion:

  • Members are able to gift status to a friend or family member for one year
  • If you earn 60 or 100 elite nights in a year then you’re still able to gift status through that; this is incremental

Hilton Honors Diamond members can gift status to others

How do you gift Hilton Honors status?

Hilton Honors Diamond members should keep an eye out on their email, as Hilton is in the process of sending out codes. A specific code is needed to gift status to someone else, and then you need to go to one of the following links to actually gift status:

A code has to be entered there, and then you can go through the process of upgrading status. Note that not all invitations have gone out yet, so you’ll want to check your email over the coming hours and days if you haven’t received the invitation already. There’s no way to otherwise access this code through your account, best I can tell.

Yes, this even applies to credit card status

If you’re like me and earn Hilton Honors status simply by having the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire CardĀ (review), then you’re still eligible for this. I love that the card gives you Diamond status just for having it, and now I can make someone else’s travels in 2021 better as well.

Though the truth is that Hilton makes it fairly easy to earn elite status anyway. Hilton offers status through a variety of credit cards, and in particular it’s quite easy to earn Hilton Honors Gold status just for having credit cards. Still, I’ll take it!

Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond members receive a breakfast benefit

Bottom line

Hilton Honors is letting Diamond members give a friend or family status. That’s a nice offer, and also a smart marketing technique — travel will obviously be down over the next year, and someone else newly having status with the Honors program may encourage them to choose Hilton over a competitor.

  1. @ Free “breakfast” for all! Whatever that is these days? FWIW, I’ve had one hotel stay since COVID (about 3 weeks ago). It was at IC Buckhead, and even though I am RA, I was genuinely surprised that I received free hot breakfast (whatever I wanted from the limited, but sufficient, menu). I even had the option to sit in the restaurant (our governor is an idiot) and receive table service. Instead, I called down my order, put on my hazmat suit, and picked it up each morning. It was tasty, but too much food and too much salt. Quarantine has certainly changed my eating habits!

  2. What if I have gold right now from the Hilton card? Can i still be gifted diamond form a lifetime diamond member?

  3. It is really annoying (for people who spend $1000s each year for stays) how Hilton gives out so many “undeserved status memberships” (credit card, gift, etc).

    @Lucky: Do you know how Hilton (or hotel chains in general) separates between a Diamond member spending $10000 a year vs. a credit card Diamond? Are there internal levels within Silver, Gold, Diamond for upgrades etc.? Is there any interesting public article or discussion around this topic?

  4. I have been a diamond member for the last 5 years and i did not receive this offer, so I contacted the Guest line and got the following reply:

    “This promotion is an exclusive offer and is open only to the Honors member who received the email from Hilton Honorsā„¢ announcing this promotion. The marketing department uses different techniques and tools in order to select Honors members, to whom the offer will be send. Below are the terms.”

    So it is for sure not for everybody, are there others than me not getting this gift Voucher?

  5. @Lucky. I get my diamond status from Aspire card but still haven’t received link for gift status. Do you know who should I check with? I called the agent today and she said there is no such promotion.

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