Heads Up: Giveaways On Saturday

Just a quick heads up that I’ll be running a couple of giveaways throughout the day tomorrow.

First, I have 100 Award Wallet Plus upgrade codes to give out. These give you six months of extra services such as tracking expiration dates, which is incredibly helpful. People always complain that these go too quickly and without notice, so I’ll be posting these in two batches at 1PM and 7PM Eastern.

That should hopefully give more people an opportunity to snatch up one of these codes. They’ll be first-come-first-serve, as usual.

On top of that, I have $200 in American gift cards to give out, along with an embarrassing number of amenity kits. That contest will go live at 8AM Eastern and run until 11:59PM Pacific, and will offer several different ways to win.

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!

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  1. Thanks! I hope I remember to tune in. I guess I should have put in a request for one of the ” fancy” ones when I was at the seminars.

  2. Thank you for the First class Emirates amenity kit Ben. L O V E the PJ’s and everything it came with. I appreciate it. Hope you’re well!

  3. Hi Lucky,

    The list of giveaways brought up a question I had. Did you ever get the Airline Fee credit refund for the 2 $100 AA gift cards you purchase with your AMEX Platinum card from a recent post? I’ve been anxiously waiting to know before I try the same thing.

  4. Over here! Over here! Oh yeah!!

    Can I combine my SPG points with my husband’s SPG points? Trying to get to DPS next winter.

  5. Just wondering. When will the winners be posted? If you don’t know great, but I would like to know

    Thanks, Lucky

  6. The Better 1/2 and I celebrate our B-Day on the same day days b4 the Super Bowl and that’s where we want to be!

  7. Hmmm, I tried moving points from my wife to me twice now, and both times the points haven’t transferred. And I got confirmations both times too. We’re at the same address and both accounts match too.

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