Hawaiian Airlines clarifies their Virgin Atlantic award chart changes — OUCH!

Yesterday I wrote about Hawaiian Airlines’ award chart devaluation (with no advance notice) for redemptions on Virgin Atlantic. Previously they charged 100,000 miles for Upper Class between the US and Europe, and 140,000 miles for Upper Class between the US and anywhere else in the world, both of which were amazing deals given that there were no fuel surcharges on such redemptions.

Their updated chart looks as follows:

However, that chart really wasn’t clear since it only specified the redemption costs by destination and not by origin. So they’ve updated the award chart yet again, and it looks as follows:

This is horrible news. This means that an Upper Class award ticket between the west coast of the US and the Middle East/Asia/Africa/Australia costs 285,000-320,000 miles roundtrip. Given that you could previously go anywhere in the world for 140,000 miles, this represents a 100%+ increase in the number of miles required.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Especially without any notice. This was by far the best airline redemption using Hawaiian miles, and it’s yet another reason that I’m a firm believer in the “earn and burn” philosophy. The person who dies with the fewest miles wins.

Hawaiian Airlines has a Twitter, so I think it may be worth tweeting them to express your displeasure about this massive devaluation without notice. You can tweet them at @HawaiianAir. If anyone prefers just to retweet, I tweeted them here.


  1. Ouch indeed. I agree with earn and burn but when you are building up for an award like this most unfortunately can’t accrue overnight and that’s especially why a little heads up by the airline goes a long way.

  2. @ Jeff — Respectfully I don’t read your blog and am pretty put off by your attitude. Has it occurred to you that two people can find similar information in a similar timeframe and not get it from one another? It’s not unusual for the same thing to be blogged about in a dozen places within an hour of each other, yet every single time I post about something similar to you you leave a comment complaining I didn’t tip my hat to you. I “tip my hat” more than just about any other blogger. C’mon…

  3. Well, I will be canceling my two HA credit cards, and now my entire HA account will turn into HHonors points in 3…2….1…

  4. Jeff, first time I even hear from you and quite frankly nobody cares about any Canadian kilometers or Canada.

  5. @ Jeff – This is a rather curious way of attempting to garner support and readership…your efforts have simply put me off returning to your blog.

    @ Lucky, thanks for the update. I was seriously considering trying to accumulate some HA miles for this redemption, but there is little point now.

  6. Well, this sucks… but honestly, 35K Hawaiian miles to get to Hawaii from the West Coast is not bad (of course, does not compare with the 50K to London but oh well)… And since you can get a credit card that covers this, in a snap, I’d say that’s also a good use of Hawaiian miles (in addition to Hilton points). I love me a weekend in Hawaii for $79 (or whatever that annual fee is).

  7. Lucky, I had a tingling sensation when HA made this change and saw it 3 seconds before your post. No H/T?

    I was in the process of building up HA miles for a possible VS redemption. Not worth the effort or price anymore. Guess they’ll go to Hilton!

  8. Lucky,

    Here is my suggestion. Before you make any posts, you should read every blog out there, at least the top 50. That way you can give them a H/T because you saw it there first. Of course after you read all 50 blogs, you will need to start the process over again, since there may have been a post since you last looked.

    Honestly Jeff, I think you have an overly inflated opinion of yourself and your blog.

  9. @lucky – I’ve only asked for HT’s twice…

    @Blaine – Sorry, Im underage. Don’t hate on the little kid.

    @Nick – what would you suggest? I’ve seen more traffic than I ever have (from this?) then I have in the past two weeks.

    @John – that’s mean. I don’t need a visa. Oh wait, I am in Canada.

    @Ken – honestly, I think you have overly inflated sarcasm.

    I guess why the bloggers push their links in posts. Every time there’s a new offer. For every whiner, there’s two clickers. Chill out, people.

  10. Now this really is an absurd amount of miles 320K for a business class product? Even LH miles and more doesnt charge that for their insane 3 region award in First. I have to believe this is an outlier. This all roads lead to London model is rather antiquated in this day and age.

  11. Since I value Hawaiian Miles lower than just about all the others, this makes much more sense than their previous chart. But I’m still pretty bummed since I was about a month away from redeeming one of these.

    If anybody is curious, Chicago counts as East coast.

  12. Jeff, has nothing to do with you, Lucky is usually late to the party with a lot of his posts that have already been covered in BoardingArea because he’s travelling, he just gets them up later sometimes.

  13. @Jeff – stop spamming everywhere. Your useless and inane 212 posts in the RGN FT thread are self-serving and tiresome. Grow up if you want to become a good blogger like Lucky.

  14. Wow, even I didn’t know I have 212 posts in the RGN thread! So much attention… I’m astounded…

    I’m spammy. Okay. Go eat me like cheap meat then.

  15. @Lucky ‘Jeff’ wrote the same thing in the comments to my post. I hadn’t ever heard of his blog. He’s since been back to the comments of my blog to say that the link he posted has been driving traffic to his site. Hah. Perhaps THAT is really the angle, just to get noticed? 😛

  16. just booked 6 tickets on go! that were actually $1 more than HA and will send the confirmation via certified mail to the CEO of HA

  17. How did I not know about this whole anywhere VA flies in Upper Class for 140k HA miles award? Oh well. And on earn and burn, I find it much easier to earn than it is to have enough time off work to take a good international vacation. Maybe I should do more cash back cards instead..

  18. So one would need to make TWO REDEMPTIONS to fly from the US to Africa for a total of 285k miles vs 140k just last week??? What the hell is this, why even offer this type of redemption?

    I wonder if the outflow of miles will then topple the 2x transfer to Hilton…

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