Great Business Class Fares To Buenos Aires On Aeromexico

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AeroMexico 787 Dreamliner business class (courtesy AeroMexico)
Aeromexico 787 Dreamliner business class (courtesy Aeromexico)

Aeromexico may not be the world’s swankiest airline, but its new partnership with Delta, its solid new Boeing 787 hard product with lie-flat seats, and its reasonable fares make it an airline worth looking at.

From now through the (North American) winter high season, business class fares to Buenos Aires on Aeromexico from many U.S. cities are very reasonably priced, between about $1,350 and $1,600 roundtrip via Mexico City.

Sample itinerary from LAX to EZE, partly on the 787, in business class for $1,424
Sample itinerary from LAX to EZE, partly on the 787, in business class for $1,424

Considering that economy class roundtrips from North America to Buenos Aires almost always price out above $1,000, this is an excellent deal.

This is an even better deal if you’re a Delta SkyMiles member and you’re looking for a mileage run. Aeromexico business class seats still earn at least 150% base miles and 150% Medallion qualifying miles.

However, per this FlyerTalk thread, it appears that fully-refundable business class fares are available for as low as a $50-$100 premium. These “J”-class fares earn 200% base miles and 200% MQMs.

So, for instance, from San Francisco you’d earn at least 19,397 base miles and 19,397 Medallion qualifying miles on fares that can be had for as low as $1,385. I’m pulling up fully-refundable fares on SFO-EZE for $1,524 which would earn 25,862 base miles and Medallion qualifying miles.

If you’d prefer to credit to Alaska Mileage Plan, you earn 125% of the actual flight miles on both D and J fares.

SFO-EZE, $1,385 in business class in the high season
SFO-EZE, $1,385 in business class in the high season

These fares appear to be good from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago and Seattle, among other cities. These deals don’t seem to have hit most East Coast gateways yet, although I’ve seen fares from Boston start from as low as $1,590. Miami, New York, Philadelphia, D.C., Charlotte, and Atlanta are all out of luck.

This is an especially terrific opportunity to get yourself down to South America for the winter holidays. Aeromexico does run its new 787 product on certain Mexico City-Buenos Aires flights, so it’s worth seeking out the 787 specifically.

Good luck, and act fast!

  1. “This is an even better deal if you’re a Delta SkyMiles member and you’re looking for a mileage run.”

    That’s two mistakes in a row 😉

  2. In a quick check of LAX-EZE availability, full fare biz is coming up CHEAPER than discounted biz.

    DEN-EZE is showing as unavailable.

  3. @Kyle: Sure, keep looking. See the example above from LAX: it’s an 8 hour layover, but during the day, so you could conceivably do a bit of quick sightseeing in Mexico City proper (as the airport is very close to the city center).

  4. @Nick “Mileage running for United or Delta status these days is stupid.”

    UA 1K comes with 6 global upgrades and DL DM comes with 4. Those are darn great benefits.\

    “you could conceivably do a bit of quick sightseeing in Mexico City”

    It’s a 20 minute cab ride to the touristy districts. The museums, theatre, restaurants, shopping, and urban neighborhoods are all world class.

  5. They had this fare for month now. Also for $300-500 superior I can book AA or UA to EZE on some off-peak time periods.

  6. I am able to construct fares on ITA matrix for the dates I want, from ORD, with a 3 day layover in MEX.
    But I can’t figure how to get the same pricing on aeromexico or orbitz or elsewhere.
    How do I go about buying the tickets.

  7. Ben, how do you find milage runs? I’m interested in finding them with Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways and Qatar Airways. Where to start?

  8. @Abhi

    You can call Aeromexico and request them the construction, but beware, some of them don’t even know how to do it.

  9. @Owen

    Also, traveling by “metro” (subway) is much cheaper (around 0.30 USD per ride) and can be much faster than a cab.

  10. @Martin

    AM flies out of Terminal 2 at MEX so there’s no metro station, though Pantitlan is a reasonable 1km walk and passengers have beaten a path through the lawn headed out there (the taxi monopoly doesn’t like it and the airport doesn’t pave it). There’s a slow MX$10 shuttle to Hangares station and also to T1 which does have a station.

    And you have to change trains on the way downtown so it really isn’t faster than a taxi except during rush hour. It does cost MX$5 instead of MX$150 for a cab ride.

    Nevertheless, I always ride the metro. I just like urban train networks. You know, the metro is like a spa all on its own: you get a massage from being pressed against all the passengers around you and you’re surrounded by essential aromas rising from your neighbors in the car and you get a sweat lodge treatment whenever you ride the train in the hot months before the monsoon.

  11. Earlier this year I booked a similar J fare JFK-MEX-GIG. Then a few weeks later, AM canceled their MEX-GIG service entirely. I expected them to just refund my money as my flight was still a few weeks out, but instead they put me on the AA non-stop. Which is a better seat on a better routing on a better airline. Viva Aeromexico!

  12. @Owen

    You’re right, I completely forgot about that, it’s been years since I have used the metro in Mexico City and forgot about the metro station.

  13. We are looking for a one-way only from EZE-LAX to complete a trip next year for which we were able to use miles for the flight into Rio. The LAX-EZE-LAX business RT refundable premium fare is showing as cheaper than the non-refundable fare on the same flight, and it is $3,000 cheaper than the one-way fare that we want from EZE to LAX. If we purchase the RT fare, will the airline let us just use the return portion or will they cancel our return leg if we don’t show for the outbound? Or will they charge us the one-way fare if they don’t cancel us altogether? Since the fare is refundable, is there a way for me to find out in advance what the airline would do, and then cancel the flights myself if not to our liking?

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