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I love Global Entry. For those of you not familiar with Global Entry, it’s a trusted traveler program which offers expedited immigration in the United States to pre-screened passengers.


In order to be eligible you have to join Global Entry, pay a fee, get interviewed, etc., but it’s well worth it. I can’t even begin to imagine how many dozens of hours I’ve saved by having Global Entry. I used to be stressed when I landed back in the US off a longhaul flight, wondering whether immigration would take five minutes or 90 minutes, but nowadays it’s not something I even think about.
I go up to a kiosk, insert my passport, get fingerprinted, answer a few questions, and I’m on my way. Easy peasy.

Those that are part of Global Entry also receive TSA Pre-Check, which provides for expedited security in the US thanks to dedicated lanes where you don’t have to take off your shoes, or take your laptop or liquids out of your bags.

Applying for Global Entry is a much better deal than outright applying for TSA Pre-Check. Applying for Global Entry costs $100, and it gets you access to TSA Pre-Check as well. Meanwhile if you spend the $85 to apply for TSA Pre-Check, you don’t get Global Entry.

Some credit cards get you free Global Entry

As I’ve explained before, there are some credit cards that offer $100 Global Entry fee credits as a benefit. Some of those cards include the following:

Cards offering Global EntryFee credit terms
The Platinum Card® from American ExpressOne statement credit every four years, authorized users also eligible
The Business Platinum Card® from American ExpressOne statement credit every four years, authorized users also eligible
Chase Sapphire Reserve®One statement credit per account, every four years
Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit CardOne statement credit per account every four years
Capital One® Spark® Miles for BusinessOne statement credit per account, every four years
Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®One statement credit per account, every five years
Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit CardOne statement credit per account, every four years
United℠ Explorer CardOne statement credit per account, every four years
United Club℠ Infinite CardOne statement credit per account, every four years
IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit CardOne statement credit per account, every four years
Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit cardOne statement credit per account, every four years

The process is super easy, as you just use the eligible card to pay for the Global Entry fee, and then you’ll automatically be reimbursed.

For example, last year I used the fee credit on my Citi Prestige® Card (review) to get Ford Global Entry (which was reimbursed within a couple of weeks).


Meanwhile I just used the fee credit on The Platinum Card® from American Express for my Global Entry renewal (with was reimbursed within three days).


How long is Global Entry valid for?

Global Entry is valid for roughly five years after you apply. The reason I say “roughly” is because it’s valid for five years from your next birthday. In other words, if your birthday is December 1, and you apply January 1, 2010, your membership would be valid through December 1, 2015. If you strategically apply for Global Entry, you can get it for almost six years with one membership.

When can you renew your Global Entry?

You can apply to have your Global Entry renewed up to a year before the expiration date. There’s no penalty for renewing early, in the sense that it will still be valid for five years from when your membership currently expires, and not five years from when you’re approved. So you might as well renew early.

For what it’s worth, you won’t want to let your membership lapse, since apparently the process is more complicated for a lapsed membership. So be sure to apply for renewal well before your Global Entry is set to expire.

My experience renewing Global Entry

To renew your Global Entry membership, log into the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES), and enter your account information.

In my case, I noticed that I had applied on July 22, 2011, and that my membership was valid through April 20, 2017 (my birthday is April 20, and the membership is valid through your birthday in the fifth year). To start the process of renewing my membership, I clicked “Renew Membership.”


From there I had to go through the same 15 step process I went through when I first applied for Global Entry. The good news is that most of the information is already pre-populated, so you just have to confirm nothing has changed. Perhaps the one time consuming part of the application is the “Travel History” section, where you have to enter the countries you’ve been to in the past five years. For some of us, that can be a rather long list.


The whole process of checking everything and adding all the countries took maybe 15 minutes, and then I was brought to the payment page, where I had to pay the $100 renewal fee. I used The Platinum Card® from American Express.


I was then brought back to the account overview page, where I saw that my application was “Pending Review.”


From there I just had to wait. I submitted my application on May 24, 2016, and this morning I finally received an email indicating that I had an “Account Status Change.”


So I logged into my account, and noticed that my Global Entry renewal was approved. Apparently your account can be renewed, denied, or in some cases, you have to come in for an interview. So it’s awesome that I don’t have to come in for another interview.


In my case it took almost three weeks from the time I applied until the time I was approved.

What happens when your passport expires?

My passport expires in 2019, while my Global Entry is valid through 2022. Nowadays you don’t need a Global Entry sticker for your passport, so it’s my understanding that the only thing that needs to be done is that you need to log back into your GOES account and enter your new passport information, and your Global Entry (and TSA Pre-Check) will work seamlessly.

Bottom line

The process of renewing Global Entry is easy. I just had to confirm all the information I entered into my application five years ago, add in the countries I’ve visited since then, and pay the fee. From there it was about a three week wait for my application to be approved. Best of all, I don’t even to go in for another interview.

If your Global Entry expiration is coming up within a year, you might as well get started with your renewal.

What has been your experience with getting Global Entry renewed?

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  1. Both my wife and I had to come in for an interview unfortunately When we applied for renewal.

  2. Nexus is a better program given that it’s cheaper unless you get reimbursed otherwise… Plus free applications for minors

  3. @ Andy — Agreed, assuming you live near an enrollment center. But for most people it’s much more practical to schedule a Global Entry appointment than to visit a NEXUS center.

  4. It’s my understanding that you’ll have to go in for an “update” when your passport expires. I recently got GE for the first time and that’s what CBP had explained to me. Besides, there were 2 other people there to update their passport information waiting with me.

  5. I just reapplied last month and initially was asked to schedule an interview (first appt. was 4 months out at my local airport). About two weeks later, I got an email that my status had changed and it showed I was approved. When my card came in the mail (another 2 weeks later), the letter accompanying it said they took the liberty of canceling my appt for me. Sweet.

  6. I can confirm that NOT updating the passport information has no effect. I got a new passport over a year ago and have used Global Entry plenty of times with no adverse consequences. I still updated the information now though.

  7. No, when you get a new passport/ when it expires, all you have to do is go into the GOES web site and update your passport number. I just got a new passport and that’s what I did. Have had no trouble using global entry since. It’s very easy and intuitive

  8. Can anyone advise if Nexus renews without an interview? Sure is nice to have when transiting YYZ or YVR.

  9. Charlie,
    NEXUS works off an RFID card when crossing a land border and a retina scan for air travel. You also have to be interviewed by both American and Canadian border patrol. So I don’t think you automatically get NEXUS with Global Entry. However, you can use Global Entry to return to the US from Canada.

  10. Charlie good luck using global entry to enter Canada.

    Only works the other way around (because nexus does two sets of background checks, global entry only does one)

  11. I’ve had the same experience as JC. I renewed my passport and it didn’t occur to me to update the info in my GOES account. I’ve had not trouble using Global Entry or TSA

  12. You don’t need to go in when you renew your passport, you just update it in your account. I admin for several people who travel a lot and have done this for 5 or 6 of their passports.

    If you have a second passport (for those who travel a lot and need a second passport for visas) you have to go in to get that one added, you can’t add it manually online.

  13. Thanks for this! My first renewal will come in a year and a half, so this was useful to remind me to get ready. Seems pretty straightforward thankfully!

  14. I renewed my passport recently and only had to log into GOES to update the passport number. I have had zero issues since updating my passport using Global Entry.

  15. My GOES account has very few fields open for me to change, and I could not enter my new passport number. I had to go to a CBP office to have my GOES account updated with the new passport number.

  16. Just as a data point, my passport expired recently and I had no issues updating GOES with my new information. Have used Global Entry and PreCheck several times since without incident.

  17. When I was interviewed last year the agent told me that I would need to re-apply when my passport expired in 2017. Seemed like a big hassle and expense for just a year and three months of GE. Hopefully, I can update my new passport number on the website in January. Wonder why he didn’t mention that? Hope you are right about passport renewal.

  18. FYI, my wife had GE when she was a Permanent Resident. Once she became a U.S Citizen and got a U.S. Passport, she had to go in to an office and have it added. That scenario cannot be done online. We did this at the office just south of the Blaine, WA border.

  19. I renewed my NEXUS card last year and didn’t have to go in for an interview. However, with NEXUS, you *do* have to update your passport in person.

  20. @Lucky – Do you have to include countries whete you just transitioned through the airport? Either way I imagine it’s a very long list.

  21. Lucky

    I renewed my GOES membership in late April and I was approved within 6 days. Maybe the time needed to hear back scales as the number of countries one visits:-).
    BTW did you receive a physical card when you first applied back in 2011; I did not and it was sometime after that they started sending out cards. I did receive a new card several days after being my renewal was approved. Very quick process.

  22. I’m a dual national and was told that when my 2nd passport was to be renewed, I simply had to come into the GE office at the local airport – not even make an appointment – and wait for a free person to “quickly enter the information and verify picture”. I went to the airport and it took all of 5 minutes plus about 5-8 minutes of waiting time. No sweat.

  23. Just applied for Global entry for the first time. Any idea how long I will have to wait for my interview in Boston?

  24. I renewed Nexus and was required to go up to the border for an interview. I live in NH so it’s a 90 minute drive to the St Albans, VT border station – but the next available interview was not for 4 months so good thing I renewed early.

  25. Reportedly a six month initial interview wait at SFO. Will have to do this summer’s re-entry the slow way. Went ahead and got TSA Pre-check for this year’s travel, will swallow the extra $85 for Global Entry.

  26. I don’t have the “renew” button for my Global Entry – the way you show in your graphic.

    My Global Entry will be be one year from expiring on 2016/07/07 – I will check back after that date and see if I get the “renew membership” button too.

    Thanks for all your great work.. I read your postings religiously. =)

  27. Something totally unrelated to global entry, for some reason I can’t stop laughing at the fact that you were born on 420 😛 Is that how you got your nickname Lucky?

  28. Didn’t see It mentioned in the post (sorry if I missed it), but when I renewed I called in to Amex to enquire when the Platinum reimbursement would reset. They said you can use it every 4 years, meaning that there is no reimbursement-related reason not to renew early.

  29. Lucky – My gf lost her GE card. Any idea if the $25 replacement fee would be covered by a credit card that gives you the $100 GE credit?

  30. When you re-new your GE- does the expiration date extend for 5 years from the current expiration or do you “loose time”? i.e. If my GE expires in December 2016 and I renew in June 2016- is the new expiration December 2021 or June 2021

  31. Justin,
    I renewed my NEXUS card a little under six months prior to expiration and received credit. I believe your new expiration is typically five years from your next birthday. However, it could be from your closest birthday.

  32. RR99X – I don’t know the specific rules for your question, but here’s my anecdotal summary: I didn’t receive a GE card on my first GE issue in 2011 as they weren’t “a thing” yet. My husband applied shortly afterward, and he received a card. I’d suggest this was about August 2011.

    We have never had occasion to use the GE card. Ever. Perhaps others use it for some convenience, but we use DrvLic (domestic) or passport exclusively. This has held true for us for five years. The GE status is used only in conjunction with passport and needs no card. Bottom line, I can’t think of a reason to pay the $25 replacement fee, which will not be covered by your CC. You don’t need the card. Ours is in a drawer.

    And just a recommendation to all – I did a lot of scrambling for records when I just applied for renewal. It ended up processing seamlessly and with no interview, but I will definitely tweak my recordkeeping in the future so I can easily answer the “list the countries you’ve visited” section with less digging.

    Hope this helps.

  33. I recommend applying for renewal for NEXUS early. I applied over two months ago and my status is still pending review. Hoping I can get through to someone in person for an update.

  34. My spouse has a very different name on her drivers license and on her passport, and mine is slightly different: no middle name on license. Both of us had a problem getting TSA Pre to appear on our boarding passes until we changed our name in each frequent flier program to be identical to our passports. That means we can’t use out driver’s licenses for IDs, and we don’t want to use our passports for this. So the GE card works.

  35. Just a follow-up, my NEXUS card was approved for renewal, but took about 3 months. They send out the reminder email 6 months before the expiration date so I would recommend applying for renewal as soon as you get the reminder notice. I was not required to go for another interview. I will be renewing my children soon an will find out if that process is different. I hope there’s an easy way to send in a new picture as they just use the previous photo and for children that doesn’t work very well given how quickly their appearance changes.

  36. Do I have to notify all my airlines of the renewed global entry to allow “precheck”? My GE number has remained the same; only the expiration has changed.
    Do I get a new GE card when I renew?

  37. After the approval of your renewal, did you receive a new global entry card in the mail? How long did it take to receive the new card? Thanks.

  38. Hmmm, not sure if I became a criminal recently without knowing it or if applying too late to the expiration date (my bday) has impacted me.

    I applied sometime in October and my application is still pending review.

  39. I sent my renewal in 06 Dec 2016. My card expires in March 2017. I have yet to receive a response and it has been seven weeks.

  40. Update: I submitted my renewal on 06 Dec 2016. This morning (26 Jan 2017) I received notification that it had been approved. My renewal letter stated the following, “You may use the program as soon as you receive and activate your new NEXUS card.”

  41. I just renewed mine and it’s approved, but have no place to schedule an interview… does that mean some people don’t need to come in for another interview?

  42. @Casey Congrats! Your letter likely has a sentence “You can begin using the program immediately.”

    If so, you’re good to go. My TT# didn’t change, so I didn’t need to update any FF accounts.

    My husband had a different notification which informed him how to proceed to interview.

    Hope that helps.

  43. I have NEXUS. My passport was stolen; I entered the data from the replacement passport online without difficulty.

  44. I submitted my renewal on January 15th. It’s been over two months and my applications is still “Pending Review”. I guess they’re just really busy. My Nexus expires in less than 4 weeks – April 14 – but I did see something on the website that said the card is good for 6 months after expiry if you renewed before the expiry date. Hope I don’t have to test that out.

  45. Is global entry good for 5 years from the next birthday after your application date or the interview/approval date?

  46. My renewal was approved. How long does it take to get the new card in the mail and how long do I have to authenticate it online? i may be traveling when the card arrives.

  47. My GOES card was renewed within 7 days of application in May of this year. No need for an new interview. I called a CBP Enrollment Center to see when I would get a new card and if I had to get a new photo taken. They said I would not be getting a new card. My Known Traveler Number would be associated with my passport.

  48. So about how long does it take for a RENEWAL on Global Entry to take?. If I calculated from Andy’s comments, it looks like about 3 weeks, but I can’t be sure. Does anyone have an approximate answer?

  49. I recently renewed my Global Entry. My old card expires Feb ’18. I assume I will be getting a new card before then. By the way, how are some of you renewing your Global Entry WITHOUT an interview? That was part of the process and I certainly didn’t see how you could circumvent that.

  50. @ David Emerling — It’s nothing you do or don’t do. CBP decides whether or not a renewal interview is needed on a case by case basis.

  51. Applied to renew my global entry (set to expire in mid Nov 2018). Applied last Friday and checked today (following Wednesday) and I was approved! No mention of another interview and GE as well as Trusted Traveler good until November 2023. YMMV.

  52. I don’t understand all this discussion about a card. When I first applied, the person who interviewed me said I would get a card but would never need it. It’s been more than four years and I forgot I even had a card. Has anyone ever been asked to show it?

  53. I received a card but only used it to get my passid # to renew my Global Entry. The approval took about a week and no interview required.

  54. I renewed my passport recently and was unaware that my Global Entry would need updated. When I tried to use Global Entry at the kiosk, it was denied with no explanation (I was informed at immigration counter that it did not match my new passport #). My Global Entry was within one year of needing renewed, so I renewed online and included my current passport #. I was approved within a week of my application.

  55. I’ve scanned all comments and still can’t tell if you receive a new GE card AFTER renewing. Does anyone know? Having the GE card as a secondary form of id can be a lifesaver. But not if it shows an expired date!

  56. The card is needed in Canadian airports to get into the preferred lane. Also it’s good for another federal ID especially if you your state isn’t going to be REAL ID.

    When I got my new passport in 2015, I just needed to update the number online.

    I just renewed and went pretty fast. The hardest part was getting all the countries that I had been to since I travel a lot.

    Also, you can pay with someone else’s credit card (I used my dad’s for his free Chase SR credit since he’s not going to renew it).

  57. The GE card can be used in the “short-line lane” at Port Everglades when returning from a cruise (there was no GE Kiosk there in late December 2017).

    This line is infinitely shorter/faster than the other 3 lines trying to process 3,000+ passengers disembarking at the same time.

  58. Global access renewal.
    Do you have to report cruise ports as visited. Thinks so, but!
    Many Caribbean islands are protectorits of countries. Bonair, Dutch, reportable as dutch ?
    Also, transit panama only, no shore visit. Don’t know if that is reportable.

  59. Martin K, I’ve included all countries visited on cruises on the premise of ” better safe than sorry”. That said, I ended up excluding some countries because they weren’t on the horrendously long drop-down menu used to tag countries.

    I excluded Panama because we didn’t set foot there.

    Our Global Entry membership renewals were both approved using this approach.

  60. Global access renewal, do cruise ports count as countries visited.
    Bonair, Dutch colony, reportable as The Netherlands?
    Belize, English common wealth?
    Also, a transit without stops, thru the Panama canal, reportable?

  61. You should receive a new GO card with the new expiration date. My wife renewed her GO a few months ago. No interview was required, and she received her new card in the mail a week later.

  62. I ran into a problem when trying to reapply. I retired in January 2015 from the Federal Gov and had let to GE card expire by 2 months. When trying to update the employment part, it accepted my retired status and then wanted me to update my previous employment. Did not matter what I entered or how, still an error as no provision for stating “past employment” in the drop down. No way of overcoming this until CBP reply to my email. Sometime in the future.

  63. I just renewed – six months prior to my GE card expiring – and it went like clockwork, almost exactly as you described with your renewal process. Paid the $$’s online, updated my info, which was primarily adding more countries visited since I initially got GE, and a new card arrived in about three weeks. No interview was necessary.
    All I can add is that having the card has been a godsend as exemplified by my most recent return to the good ol’ U S of A from Europe about two months ago. It must have been that two or three other international flights had disembarked at the same time in San Francisco as mine. I was sort of worrying as I had a connecting flight to catch with a very short turn-around time and the line through customs I swear must have been at least two hundred and fifty to three hundred people. No sweat though as the GE line had only three !! Entered my passport and finger prints in the machine and zip-zip, I was through the whole process in less than five minutes! Yippee!!

  64. I started the GE renewal process 3 weeks before it expires, I check it online and still says ‘pending approval’ .
    I’m going on a trip 3 days before the expiration date and coming back 20 days after it expired, if my status is still the same when I come back, am I going to be able to use the kiosk or do I have to enter the country using the regular long lines?

  65. Here is the rule, as you can see on the website: If your GE expires you have a 6 month grace period where you can STILL use the GE benefits.

    In regards to the physical card: You MUST use it if you do a land crossing FROM Mexico as a GE member. You cannot simply use the machine as you do when you enter by plane.

    Note that you also have to let the airlines know IF you get a new GE number and of course any time you get a new passport

    I hope that helps ease your worries about the renewal process.

  66. Here is some information that should help. Note that this is all valid as of today 9-22-18 and based on the government website.

    Here are a few rules and regulations, as you can see on the website: If your GE expires you have a 6 month grace period where you can STILL use the GE benefits.

    In regards to the physical card: You MUST use it if you do a land crossing FROM Mexico as a GE member. You cannot simply use the machine as you do when you enter by plane.

    Note that you also have to let the airlines know IF you get a new GE number and of course any time you get a new passport

    I hope that helps ease your worries about the renewal process.

  67. Looking at the FAQs on the TTP Web site, the only time that there is anything related to an extension is if you change your passport. It is not an extension in the accepted sense of the term, you simply log in and change your number.

    There is no extension once you are in expired status as I can testify to. I came back through PHL 6 weeks after my GOES had expired at the end of July 2018 (my own fault). My passport was rejected and luckily, because my wife was also traveling with me, the CBP agent next to the kiosk’s let me fill out the regular form and then let me in (Wife’s GOES was still valid). I now have renewed my two month expired GOES and although I had a problem, see above on 01AUG18, with filling out employment status (luckily I still have emeritus status at NIH so that was acceptable). My new GOES application took 4 weeks to be approved and my new card came in the mail a week later. Now it expires on my birthday so relatively easy to remember. Dave Newman

  68. Once a renewal is approved, do you need to get an updated photo or do they just send you your new card with your old photo?

  69. When I renewed mine, the approval came quickly. I was required to get an interview, and because there is never an opening in San Francisco, I bought a cheap Southwest flight to LAX and did it there. When I got my original card I did the interview at Dulles, just because I was flying out of there.

  70. I started the GE renewal process its months until it expires, I check it online and still says ‘pending approval’ .
    I’m going on a trip on Saturday if my status is still the same am I going to be able to use the kiosk or do I have to enter the country using the regular long lines?

  71. Daniela, you may want to download the Mobile Passport app as backup in case your renewal doesn’t clear before your return trip. At least that’ll give you some opportunity for shorter lines. I’ve seen a lot of people report success with it.

  72. Daniela: If your current GE has not expired when you return, then there should not be any problem as you still have a current GE file. You can renew about a year before it expires. Usually takes around a month for the status to change, and there should not be any requirement for a new interview/photo. I let mine go two months over and it simply took a month, $100 and I even received a new card with the old photo but a new expiry date.

  73. OK…when you get a new passport…you should be able to go to your account and update the passport number, issue date and expiration date. If you do not, you may not get your GE or TSA pre check.
    As for renewals…you can renew GE up to one tear in advance…do it.
    No downside. If you get approved automatically they add five more years starting at the end of your original expiration date. If you have to go in for another interview, you have plenty of time to do so…or do the Enrollment on Arrival option.
    The hiccup is those that signed up before October of 2017 under the old GOES system.They have to transfer their account to the newer TTP system before they can renew online. There is help on the website to do this. Enrollment centers can’t help you much with this.
    Keep your account up to date. It is NOT a get it and forget it program.
    Make sure to check junk and spam emails for .gov emails. Check to see if there is a filter on your emails preventing .gov ones. Renewal emails do get sent out.
    Saw a post that said by paying and renewing before expiration resulted in a six month grace period as well…in case your account is expiring before you can get in for the final interview. The grace period apparently does NOT happen if you apply after expiration.

  74. Applied for renewal and GE expired waiting for them to accept the renewal application. 13 weeks later, I am still waiting for a ‘change in status’ on my application. FML. I am checking the website daily and not relying on emails to tell me of any status changes.

  75. Dave Newman posted saying that after he retired: “When trying to update the employment part, it accepted my retired status and then wanted me to update my previous employment. Did not matter what I entered or how, still an error as no provision for stating “past employment” in the drop down.”

    I ran into the same problem after I retired. Then I noticed that, to get the error message to go away for my previous employment, I needed to remove the check mark from the box that says “This is my current employment status.” That fixed the problem.

  76. Regarding what happens when your passport expires, below is what the FAQ says. It says that, although Global Entry does not expire when your passport expires, you should update the renewed passport information on the GE web site “to avoid unnecessary delays.” But it doesn’t say exactly what happens if you don’t update the web site.

    Does my Trusted Traveler membership automatically expire when my passport expires?
    Your Trusted Traveler membership date is not dependent on the passport expiration date. Membership will remain valid, even if the passport expires. To minimize unnecessary delays, please update your documents on the TTP website. If you receive TSA PreCheck benefits through your Global Entry membership, you will not be eligible to use them until you have renewed your passport and updated your account.

  77. Thanks Jello: Must have missed that check mark due to my annoyance with the format, even though I spent 24 years working for Uncle Sam.

    Will remember when I have to renew in a few years. Dave Newman

  78. Global entry works great everywhere but… Miami Int’l, I really don’t know why but, if you arrive late be prepared for long lines because , either the Inspector is not there or because there are passengers with regular visas trying to access the shortest line, they know they are in the wrong lane and try to fool the Inspector with stupid excuses but this delays everything.

  79. Regarding what happens when your Global Entry expires, below is what the FAQ says:

    You become eligible to renew your membership 1 year prior to program expiration. If you submit a renewal application before your membership expires, you will be able to continue to use benefits up to 1 year after your membership expiration date.

    So apparently you can travel with GE benefits after the expiration date provided your renewal is in pending status.

  80. Some commenters have raised the issue of whether carrying the Global Entry card is useful.

    I tried to find out more about this. Below is what I learned. Please share any experience you may have with using a GE card.


    Your passport is linked to your Global Entry membership. At airports, a passport must be used at GE kiosks, so it’s normally not necessary to take the GE card on foreign trips if you’ll be returning by air.

    However, there are some situations where carrying the GE card can be useful.


    A Global Entry card is one of several forms of ID (including driver’s license and passport) accepted by TSA when flying on a domestic USA flight. If your driver’s license becomes lost while traveling in the USA, a Global Entry card will allow you to fly home.


    Some travelers have reported that when arriving at a USA airport (or departing from a “preclearance” foreign airport), an agent asked to see a Global Entry card before allowing access to GE kiosks. This is contrary to official policy. The official web site says:

    GE members are NOT REQUIRED to carry this card to receive air benefits.

    Airport agents who ask to see a GE card have said the goal is to prevent ineligible passengers from attempting to use the kiosks. This is not a common practice, but it’s a reason why some travellers may want to carry the GE card even though it’s normally not needed.


    GE also allows expedited entry at some USA cruise ports. Some ports have GE kiosks for use with passports (just like airports). However, some port don’t have kiosks, and showing a GE card to an agent may allow access to an expedited line.


    When flying to New Zealand, USA citizens with Global Entry may use an express entry lane when arriving at Auckland (AKL), Wellington (WLG), and Christchurch (CHC) airports. Lanes are marked “US Global Entry.” To use a lane, you must show your GE card, passport, and arrival documentation.


    To visit Canada or Mexico, Americans must have a passport. Described below are three situations where taking a GE card in addition to a passport can be useful.

    1) Some airports in Canada have expedited security lines reserved for “Trusted Travellers.” Showing a Global Entry card allows entry to these lines.

    2) When returning to USA from Canada or Mexico, official policy says:

    We accept Global Entry cards for lawful U.S. entry at land and sea ports of entry.

    If you lose your passport while visiting Canada or Mexico, a GE card can be used when returning to USA by land or sea (but not by air). This avoids needing to obtain an emergency passport replacement.

    3) When driving from Canada or Mexico into the USA, some entry points can be congested with long wait times. These entry points may have expedited lanes marked NEXUS (in Canada) or SENTRI (in Mexico). Travelers with GE cards are allowed to use these expedited lanes. Here is how to use these lanes with GE:

    – Expedited lanes can’t be used if anyone in the car has goods to declare (goods exceeding the customs limit).

    – All persons in the car (including children) must have a GE, NEXUS, or SENTRI card.

    – Drive into the expedited lane and stop next to the card reader.

    – Hold each card (one at a time) within 2 inches of the reader. The cards have embedded RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that transmit ID information to the reader.

    – Pull up to the customs booth where an agent may ask questions.

    – When cleared by the agent, drive across the border.

  81. Another use for GE Cards is for people whose State has not yet met the requirements for “Real ID” before issuing Driver’s Licences, which will soon be mandatory for internal air travel if you do not use a GE card or passport. PA where I live, is one that has not, though they will give you one if you produce all the necessary “BUMF” (ask an old soldier to explain the acronym) before your DL expires and add some silver coins to cross the DRV agent’s palm.

  82. Global Entry Renewal process has changed and is different that what is shown above. The old GOES site has been taken down and you have to create a new
    This process did not work well for me. as my Global Entry info did not migrate over… therefore there is no “renew” button. Nexus migrated over fine. But now i am stuck in limbo as to how to renew.. Frustrated!

  83. I received email that I was my GE renewal was conditionally approved three months ago. Checked my account today and looks like only Nexus carried over. Says I have no applications in process. Meanwhile I paid for renewal and never hear since initial email.

  84. Ok, has anyone heard of this? I applied for our family’s global entry renewal back in February. My kids ages 10 & 12 were conditionally approved within 3 weeks. Mine and my wife’s application took nearly 4 months to be approved – ours were approved with no interview needed. Because the kids were only conditionally approved and they needed an interview to get approval, we decided to schedule the kids’ interviews in Sweetgrass, Montana and piggyback a trip to Glacier NP. We live in Missoula and this made sense due to time constraints. Sweetgrass currently only has interviews on Thursday’s, so I scheduled one for today, June 27. As we approached the border, I logged into their accounts to get the exact address of the CBP office. Lo and behold their application switched to Approved! No interview needed! Their applications were showing Conditional since early March. We decided to verify their status since we were already at the border office (we spent 40 minutes crossing into Canada and back into the US just to get inside the building). The agent verified they were recently approved by the Seattle office, and their interviews had been cancelled – again no email updates were given to us! The CBP agent was really helpful trying to figure this all out. This is all good news and I am not complaining of the approval – Except we just drove from
    Missoula to East Glacier last night (4 hour drive) and from east Glacier to Sweetgrass (2 hours + 40 min getting in and out of the border). Only to find their applications switched to Approved sometime in the past 1.5 weeks.

  85. Literally took only four days for renewal to be approved. I am in shock at how fast this process was — expected three months. (Good news.). Applied Monday at 2:15 am and I received my approval notification at 4:24 am today (July 19, 2019). Ok – so 4 days plus 129 minutes.

  86. My renewal took exactly 4 months and they did send me an email to let me know despite saying you had to keep checking back for the approval. Seems really random on how long it takes looking at the comments above from 4 days to 4 months. Think mine may have got stuck in the backlog that was the government shut down but who knows. In the meantime I still got TSA recheck on my boarding passes so no clue what was going on.

  87. I had no problem renewing my GE card but my husband is not able to renew his GE card. Do we need to use another computer for my husband?

  88. Something to keep in mind is the literal definition of the Global Entry reimbursement benefit (in my case for the AA Citi card).

    While updating my GE data after getting a new passport (Aug 2019) and saw that I was able to renew my GE at that time (early, which seemed wise given stories I heard about the government shutdown backlog). The online GE renewal was relatively painless, but I did not get my Citi reimbursement because it had not been 5+ years since the last GE credit.

    Usually I am fairly savvy about looking out for these types of snags, but I missed it in this case… mainly because I was unaware that I had paid my last GE fee using the same AA Citi card (I thought that benefit was added after I got the Citi card – obviously I was wrong).

    In any case, it might be possible to find a narrow billing window where you can ensure that you are 5+ years since paying the GE fee, but would may also require some coordination.
    If you’re applying for GE for the first time, my advice is to pay the fee upon application (mandatory) and book an interview (which can be scheduled with some flexibility) months later. This will give you a window between the time you’d pay your GE renewal and the time your GE privileges will expire.

    I called Citi to plead my case, but no joy.

  89. My husband sent his GE renewal in early April and was approved and had a new card within 2 weeks. I submitted mine on May 6 and my account has been showing “Pending Review” since then, over 3 and 1/2 months later. I sent an email through the system asking for an update, but got no response (no surprise there). Anyone else waiting this long?

  90. @Wade D. – interesting to see your data point. If you look above, you’ll see that when I did my renewal the Amex reimbursement window was every 4 years (thus allowing early renewal). I’d be curious to know whether that’s still the case. Anyway, for folks interested in renewing early not using a Citi card, I would recommend calling in to confirm the reset period for the benefit as (at least in 2016) it isn’t 5 years for every issuer.

  91. @Lee — I applied June 8 and am still waiting as of today (Sept 13), so 97 days and counting. Still showing as “Pending Review.”

  92. My renewal was just approved. It didn’t say anything about getting a new card. How long did it take to get the new card for you?

  93. For some reason I could not apply for renewal until it expired. This is a problem because now I am in renewal limbo until approved. Why would they make me wait to renew until the original entry expired? Leave it to the government to make this process more difficult than it should be.

  94. October 12, 2019. Just renewed (a year+ after expiration) my CBP Global Entry card. All by data entry. Two days to have background check done and get approval. No second interview required.
    THAT IS CORRECT — TWO (2) DAYS. Only eight more to receive my new ID Card in the mail.

  95. My GOES card expired March 10th, 2019. I submitted a renewal request on March 15th. Today is November 1st and I just received an Approval today/no interview needed but not sure if I will be receiving a physical card. Anyway, they are really backlogged according to a banner on their site. Just a heads up… 8 months for me!

  96. So random! I applied for my GE renewal last friday 11/1 and was conditionally approved today 11/4 (thanks IHG premier card for the free application fee). Guess the processing time is really all over the board. The next available interview date is Jan 2020 for DFW. Hoping they will change my status to approved by next year. Fingers crossed.

  97. Hello. I renewed by TSA a few months ago and recently received a notification that my renewal for global entry is coming up. Then I realized that global entry includes precheck. Can I get a refund for my TSA renewal?

  98. Encountered the “New and Improved” global entry system at Newark International this afternoon. No longer do you scan passport/fingerprints or even say “NO” five times. All you do is “Take any hat off, face the camera and press photo”. If your “Ugly Mug” is recognized by the facial recognition system, your counterfoil prints out and off you go. Certainly makes life easier.

  99. Applied early June, 2019. It’s now Nov 14, 2019, 5 months later (!), and still pending. Very frustrating, but at least I have CLEAR.

  100. Applying for GE renewal and having tech problems because it keeps asking me for an additional ID besides my passport. I plugged in my driver’s license into those fields, but it won’t let me proceed to payment without the additional ID info fields filled in. I don’t have any more ID, and there is is no tech help on the site. I’m stuck.

  101. GE Renewal sent in early October, did my Husband’s a few days later. He got his in 2 weeks. I am still waiting now (December 16th). Mine expires on January 15th. If by some chance it doesn’t happen by my trip on March 21, can I still use it??

  102. Upon recite of our renewed passports I proceeded to update the new information in our GE profiles. I was able to update the new Passport number, issuance date and expiration date in my profiles but was only able to update the new Passport number in my wifes profile but it would not update the Issuance or expiration dates leaving the previous passports dates stating that it was unable to verify the document even though the new passport information was the same as the previous passport with no changes? Is just the new Passport # sufficient or will there be a problem since the new dates are not updated?

  103. I applied for my renewal on July 8, 2019 and got approved on July 13, 2019 well in advance of my expiration date of Feb 16 2020. Am now renewing my passport and trying to decide whether to get a passport card to use in lieu of standing in line at the DMV for a Real ID, and came across my Global Entry card. Seems like it’s not required unless traveling by land, but am also concerned that I never received a new card – although reading through these comments makes it seem like actually getting an updated card with a new expiration date is hit or miss. Guess I’ll just pay for the passport card rather than paying for a replacement Global Entry card.

  104. I just applied for renewal yesterday. It was very easy thanks to your step by step instructions. I mostly wanted to know if I could renew online and I did. Hopefully will not have to have an interview.

  105. My wife and I appliedmformGlnal .Entry remewal on July 8, 2020, ansd we were bothnapproved twomdays later.mcan’t believemitmwasmthatmquick

  106. My wife received an email on Thursday saying her Global Entry was coming close to expiry (early Feb 2021) so she filled in the form (having fought her way through the new Login procedures) added her DL number (new entry this time as not asked for almost five years ago), paid the $100 by CC and sent it in. Received OK that “Status was now Pending”. 20 hours later, an email saying “change in status” and it was “Approved”. No longer do they routinely send out a new card, have to be one of three situations and “expired date” is not one of them. So printed off the approval, tucked it away in her passport with soon to be expired card.

    Fastest time that I am aware of, and I suspect that the lack of sending out new cards may be due to the “banner headline” on the site that says that CBP will not be processing until the 8th of September and all cards will have a 6 to 12 month extension if reapplication sent in before expiry and received.

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