Global Entry & Renewing Your Passport

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As I wrote about earlier, I just went through the process of renewing my passport. Now that I have a new passport, I realized that there’s one important thing that I have to do.

Global Entry is awesome

As anyone who travels frequently internationally knows, Global Entry is a huge timesaver. It allows eligible travelers to use special kiosks upon arrival in the US, and save a lot of time in the immigration process.

I used to dread entering the US, since immigration wait times were so inconsistent. Thanks to Global Entry I can always breeze through on arrival.

Global Entry costs $100 (though there are a lot of credit cards that reimburse you for this), and it’s valid for five years.

What happens to Global Entry when you renew your passport?

Your Global Entry membership is tied to your passport number, so what happens when you renew your passport? The good news is that you can transfer over your Global Entry membership to your new passport, though you do have to do this manually.

I’m dealing with this situation right now, as I just renewed my passport, while my Global Entry is only up for renewal in 2021.

To update the passport number associated with your Global Entry account, you’ll have to log into your Trusted Traveler Program account.

This might not be quite as easy as you think, though. Back when I applied for Global Entry I had a GOES account, though in October 2017 the government migrated to the new Trusted Traveler Program account. So if you’re like me and registered with your old info, that won’t be valid anymore, and you’ll need to create a new account.

You’ll have to enter all kinds of personal information, including your membership number/PASSID. This can be found at the top left of your Global Entry card — rather annoyingly it doesn’t show anywhere in your passport otherwise, though.

Once you’ve created an account (which will involve getting text messages to verify your identity), you’ll be logged into your dashboard. From here the process is super easy — along the right side of the page just click on the “Update Documents” section.

That will bring you to a page showing all your info, where you can click “Edit.” Just update your passport number to the new one.

That’s it, it’s that easy — at least I think it’s that easy. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I take my first trip with my new passport and try to re-enter the US.

What about existing visas?

My one other question when I renewed my passport was trying to figure out what happened to my visas that are still valid. It seems that the answer is that it depends on the country.

For example, I have a 10 year Chinese visa, and it appears that it continues to be valid. I just need to bring my expired passport and new passport, and that should do the trick.

I imagine it varies by country, though in my case the only multi-entry visa that I have that’s still valid is for China.

Bottom line

Updating your passport number for Global Entry is really easy. It can be a bit of a pain to figure out your log-in info given the migration the CBP has had, but other than that it only takes a minute.

At least I hope it’s that simple!

What has your experience been with updating your passport number for Global Entry?

  1. Do you know of a way to check when your TSA Pre-Check expires? I’ve been waiting to get global entry until then but can’t find out when I signed up.

  2. I did the passport number change process a year ago, and now sometimes it knows me and sometimes it does not. Very frustrating. Usually putting in my birthday etc in at the kiosk lets it find me but the passport number is dicey.

  3. I wasn’t able to update my passport online using the GOES account. It kept erroring out at the last screen. I guess the new system explains why. Instead, I had to wait in line at IAH, upon arrival, to have them update the information manually.

  4. I experienced an IT glitch when I updated my Trusted Traveler profile upon renewing Global Entry. Actually never updated my passport # when I got my new passport, but then I had problems once I renewed Global Entry (and finally updated my passport # at that time). First return home, Global Entry didn’t work at any kiosk. The CBP agent had to login to his system and change some settings (never told me exactly what the problem was) for my GE to work again. He mumbled something about “those IT guys”. Since then I haven’t had an issue. Just one data point…

  5. Ya, I’ve been waiting for 3 months to get my GE renewed and I’m still waiting for conditional approval – the GE office has been temporarily closed at LAX due to movement to the border. My GE has since expired but it does say on the website that service will be uninterrupted if starting renewal process prior to expiration which I did. We shall see.

  6. Strange, I got a new passport last year and didn’t update my account but Global Entry worked for me every time. I didn’t even think of this issue, to be honest. I’m currently renewing my Global Entry, though, and so I have the new passport number on that application.

  7. We also recently got new passports. We are also waiting for approval of Global Entry renewal. We made a trip to Mexico last week. Pre-check out of Seattle was as usual, no problems. Then returning in Salt Lake, we went to the GE kiosks and it recognized us with our new passports.

  8. I had Global Entry, then got NEXUS. So when I log in to Trusted Traveler, it says I no longer have Global Entry. When it expires, do I have to get NEXUS again, or can I go back to GE?

  9. I have a 5 year multi-entry Brazilian visa on my old passport that they accept even though the passport itself has expired.

  10. I am getting a new passport this week (in person) and my NEXUS expires in October, so I will update my passport number in Trusted Traveller and then renew my NEXUS account. It’s really frustrating that credit cards pay the $100 for GE but won’t pay $50 for NEXUS which includes GE. I guess this only really impacts the people who travel back and forth to Canada often.

  11. I renewed my passport in March but was unable to update my Global Entry profile with the new pp# online, consistently threw a generic error. Only way i resolved was making an appt with CBP and show up in person for them to update. Major hassle.

  12. Also if you have an ABTC (APEC Business Travel Card), that is tied to your passport also. It’s renewed on the same Trusted Traveler site.

  13. NSS: Nexus works as Global Entry in the US. We only have Nexus. It has the added advantage of validity to use kiosks at Canadian airports when entering there from international flights. But the biggest benefit is for land crossings between US and Canada. Cheaper, too!

  14. I just renewed my Global Entry last week and US passport last year. The CBP agent scanned my new passport into the system, even though I had already entered it manually. Scheduling the interviews is a pain, but you can also renew your Global Entry at any number of airports on a walk in basis after returning from an international flight.

  15. I have found Global Entry to be a complete waste of money. The lines are just as long and I still have to go through all the BS. I will definitely not renew it in a couple of years.

  16. @ah
    I would try
    and click the renewal button. It expires in 5 years and you can renew it 6 months before it expires. If you don’t know when it expires then just try to renew it. You won’t be able to if you aren’t within six months and I think it will tell you the earliest date you can renew.

  17. Thanks for the good reminder, but curiously: two weeks ago I received my renewed passport (with new number). I flew CDG-JFK last week, the GlobalEntry kiosk worked great, no problem, though I had not previously updated my passport on the GOES/TTP site. Curioser and curioser.

  18. My experience with Global Entry from Mexico returning to US is very convenient and fast.

    I have not logged into my Global entry account as yet, since both my passport and GE Card are still good until 2020 and 2021 respectively, but I assumed the passport number is in the account. On the Global Entry card itself did not show any passport information.

  19. I got a new passport right after I was approved for NEXUS. I went to the local CPB office at Boeing Field in Seattle to update the number, and I was told to bring my birth certificate and use that for citizenship validation instead of my passport going forward. Now when the passport number changes, it will not cause any break in NEXUS (and thus Global Entry) validity.

  20. I was denied for Global Entry twice. All the reasons they list for a denial does not apply to me (arrests, investigations, immigration issues, etc.). I emailed them twice (waited 5 months for a response for each email) and received the same general answer to both emails. Called them and was told I can only receive an answer via the email address that I emailed twice already. I applied with my credit card and received the credit back, but it seems disgusting that I could pay $100 twice and not have someone adequately address my application denial. Does anyone know what to do in a situation like this or who I can contact?

  21. I got TSA PreChek. Then, I just got GE. So, are they both still valid? Which number do I use for my KTN? Thanks.

  22. Why would the State Department which issues passports print your GE number on it when GE is a totally different department even if it is the same government? That sort of integration just ain’t going to happen!

    I have a pdf of the ‘letter’ I got when enrolling for GE on my IPad so no need to remember my PASSID just in case I need it.

    Same with a screen shot of my ESTA. Yes it’s supposed to be electronic but some airline checkin agents want to see that long list of letters or numbers! Yes looking at you TAP lady at LHR!

  23. My TSA precheck expires this month but since I also have Global Entry, I can let that go and only renew Global Entry. But I don’t know which credit card I used for GE! Was it my CSR? Or???

  24. My whole family got approved after 2 weeks, I’ve been waiting months for conditional approval! No sense at all! They are incompetent!

  25. As a data point for getting a new passport and having a valid visa in the old passport. For a uk visa (non-us citizen) I had to mail both passports to the UK embassy and the old visa was stamped with the words saying “canceled without prejudice”, and a new visa was stickered into the new passport valid for the duration of the original visa. Then both passports were returned to me.

  26. @Steve is right, your PASSID is your trusted traveler number, I.e. the number in your United (and other airline) account that you use to qualify for precheck.

  27. Re Visa on old passport
    I have multiple of those (Cuba, Saudi, India, Brazil) in an older passport. Some countries expect you to transfer but border agents don’t mind if you present old passport. In at least one country, once I presented both passports, their systems recognized my new passport from next time onwards. YMMV.
    Re GE- I didn’t need to change passport information in GO-system even though I got two passports after the one on which GE was issued.

  28. There was a autocorrect typo in previous post. I don’t have Cuba visa. It should read China.

  29. I renewed my passport did not do any updating… traveled internationally and used Global Entry upon returning… no issues…

  30. No problems with about 20+ international trips since I renewed in Feb 2017. I just followed the prompts and entered the new number. Couldn’t have been easier.

  31. I renewed my GE about two months ago. Had to change from GOES to TTP login. All went well but I’m still awaiting conditional approval to see if I need a new in-person interview. I check it weekly and no changes but they did take my $ immediately ( Aspire Amex credited it the next day). I guess when I return from Spain next month I’ll find out. Note on TTP website says with government shut down this past winter caused significant delays. FYI, I’m a tax preparer and IRS also announced after shut down that it delayed their backlog an addt’l year (not processing returns or refunds but for everything else like audits, etc).

  32. I have applied for the renewal of my Global Entry in October last year and it expired in May 2019. There is no conditional approval until today. But there is a six months grace period. And my expired Global Entry worked without problems. The display at the kiosk says „your Global Entry will expire in minus 67 days“, because it has expired 67 days ago for example.

  33. Renewed my passport and updated GE last year; works well usually but always get checked when I come back from Mexico.

  34. To deal with “valid Visa with expired passport scenario” – I stapled the back-cover-of-new-passport to front-cover-of-old-passport; that way the passports stay together. Its always better to carry all the previous passports (just in case). With this your old companion will continue to be with you 🙂

  35. I’ve been waiting for conditional approval and to schedule and interview to renew my global entry for 4 months now! The website had a big banner blaming the government shutdown for the processing delay. Ridiculous.

  36. @Troy – i’m in a similar boat as you. Sent (1) registered mail & (1) regular snail mail to Ombudsman… both returned! Sent email, then they tell me to email request reinstatement via my TT portal/dashboard. I find no place under my dashboard nor anywhere else to send such email to this phantom Ombudsman. Has anybody out there email the Ombudsman via their dashboard?? If so, please tell me where it is. Thank you

  37. Add me to the 3 months + waiting to just renew GE, the incompetence of meeting demand in a more timely manner is unacceptable. Not that it will do any good, but I have submitted a complaint on the site. I had applied before the ‘political excuse’ banner that is now on the website (side note, it’s surprising that they still haven’t dug themselves out yet, anywhere else and there would have been some changes to address it). Very embarrassed for them, even if they aren’t.

  38. It was this easy for me, I remembered to login and change my passport number as we were landing, and everything worked fine by the time I reached the kiosk and scanned my new passport.

  39. This post is a result of a story in the L.A. Times:

    Short version: one office in SoCal responsible for doing TSApre/Global Entry signups/renewals just SHUT DOWN and locked the doors (presumably temporarily) so they could send all the personnel south to try to expedite the the jam-up of processing people trying to sneak across the Border.

    Does that mean that they just BLEW OFF all the people with scheduled TSApre/GE-related appointments that day? YEP, THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS.

    According to the article, CBP has a pile of 300,000 “pending” applications.

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