PSA: Don’t Assault The Gate Agent When Your Flight Is Delayed

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Nowadays everyone is a videographer thanks to smartphones, which means we get some pretty crazy airport footage at times.

Like this woman, who went crazy after missing her flight in Hong Kong (I actually feel bad for her):

Or this guy, who started destroying stuff in the airport after he missed his flight, entirely due to reasons within his control (I don’t feel especially bad for him):

Here’s the latest crazy video, which took place after a Capital Airlines flight out of Changsha, China was delayed due to weather. Per, here’s the description of the incident:

Capital Airlines flight attendant violently beaten at Changsha international airport (China) by a passenger after learning that his plane had been canceled due to weather conditions.

Now, I suspect by “flight attendant” they actually mean “gate agent.” Regardless, the actions of two of these passengers are unbelievable:

Seriously, this is how you react to news of your flight being delayed due to weather?!?


No wonder Chinese airlines are coming together to blacklist passengers

Can anyone translate what they’re saying?

(Tip of the hat to Rene’s Points)

  1. The guy in the stripped shirt and man-purse was yelling something like “Where are you running? I’m going to beat you.” Was good that other people restrained him. Another example of Chinese tourists behaving badly. Being of Chinese ancestry I’m embarrassed.

  2. This is one of the reasons why I tell people my parents are from Hong Kong instead of mainland China.

  3. I’ve watched it twice the whole way through, and I can’t see the violent beating. Lots of shouting, sure, and the man in the striped shirt has to be held back, but where’s the beating?

  4. I was wondering where the “violent beating” was, too?

    (didn’t feel like watching the video once again just to find out, though…)

  5. It is very interesting to see how privileged people think they are because they can travel by air — same goes that they can afford a car — and how normal that actually is in China now, compared to may be 5 years ago.
    It’s this sharp upturn that made the problem. They do not behave because they think they are 10x special than what they actually are, and they thought they could get away with it. They may be able to 5 years ago….

  6. Yeah, I’m chinese descendant and I absolutely hate mainlanders. I consider them to be the rudest, most uncivilized people I’m the world. I once waited at a taxi stop, I was the only person queuing with my wife and 18 month old. 6 different people jumped in taxis as its moving and before it can reach the actual sign where I was waiting. I complained to the security guard standing there and he said I’m the one not getting in. When the next taxi came, I literally threw my stroller at the person trying to get in before it stopped and finally got one.

  7. As someone of Chinese decent, it’s shit like this that makes many Taiwanese/HK/second-generation Chinese hate mainlanders, especially the newly rich ones.

  8. The real reason is that for too long the Chinese police never arrest real criminals like those in the videos, they are just too obsessed with political dissidents (or whoever they believed to be political dissidents). What makes it more sad is that we honest citizens could do nothing about it.

  9. Fascinated by the apparant complete lack of security…. Try anything similar in T5 LHR and you wouldnt require many MB on your phone before the show would have been over…..

  10. Which would you prefer: some minor theatrics at a boarding gate in China or the pilot of YOUR plane being drunk, as in the USA recently? Perhaps it was fun to be on the JetBlue plane with the pilot rushing down the aisle screaming about Iran, Iraq, terrorists, 9-11 and “we’re goin’ down” or of course the recently reported power-trips by overly zealous FAs and their decision to kick people off planes for no reason.
    These incidents in China are rare but newsworthy, especially at the breathy/hysterical end of the reporting spectrum. Unpleasant incidents are no less common in the USA or anywhere else. But In my observation it is far more likely to be on the receiving end of unpleasantness, indifference, incompetence in the US than it is in China.

  11. So many racists here and it makes me very sad. Definitely there’re bad people, but can they represent all the people living in mainland china? You’re embarrassed for being yourself, not some Chinese descendants.

  12. Maybe the bad behavior was not just a result of weather delays but perhaps airline employees continuously lying to passengers as well? Lying continuously about delays and cancellations is airline SOP. It certainly doesn’t excuse this horrible behavior but proper training would go a long way toward averting these events; instructing employees not to withhold or lie to passengers and to call security immediately when a passenger goes off. If security was called and didn’t show up, they got bigger issues at that airport.

  13. I wonder if the persons “featured” in these videos later asked themselves if it was worth all the fuss ?

  14. @ Lina — When things like this happen in America, some people blame it on the individual, but when the same thing happens in China, they blame it on the government and/or the race. The irony lies in the fact that some of them are Chinese…

  15. @Paolo – Care to share with us your inside knowledge that pilot incidents occur much less frequently in China than in the USA? After all, in the USA we have a relatively free media and widespread use of uncensored social networking platforms. Or are you saying China offers the same unfettered access?

  16. @Andy: Not really irony but rather awareness that only certain kinds of news originating from China (and more generally, Asia) get any major coverage in English language media: military action, major disasters, and wacky/WTF.

  17. @David W

    My step MIL is from mainland China, and would never act in such an undignified fashion. She is also however a highly educated physician ; whose father was an Officer in the Red Army so she carries herself with decorum.

    She is also a very loving and affectionate NaiNai to mine and my husbands children.

    Having said that, I have noticed that in her interactions with her sister and BIL who are also lovely, being that I am only an English speaker and “westerner” when I hear them speak to each other other in their native tongue, because I don’t understand what they are saying..the speed and volume that they are talking makes me think that they are arguing then in fact they are not.

    That’s part of the down fall of some videos like this (obviously in the last one, there was signs that there was physical aggression) that because some of us don’t know what is being said, use other external factors and assume there is a quarrel, when in fact, it can be a benign conversation.

  18. So surprised that there are so many racists here, for sure, there are some rude people in there and act uncivilized, but please tell me somewhere there are no crimes and all the people there are totally civilized. I just read a news about residents in London loot free bottles of water which were originally prepared for the people taking marathon. When I was living in five star hotels, there are some American talking really loud and trying to take food out of the lounge, which was stopped by the looks lounge staff. So there are sure some bad people we should condemn, but I don’t understand why whenever there is any Chinese behaves badly, the media always tries to make a big deal out of it. Anyway, China is still under development, and it is just been prosperous in recent years, people there still need time to digest the big changes and I hope the people and the country are getting better and better.

  19. To those who are calling the other posters racists:

    I think the posters identified themselves as ethnically Chinese or of Chinese descent to show that their observations are not necessarily racially motivated, but an embarrassment over the rude behaviors. One of the problems with being a minority, for me, is that when these embarrassing things happen, I wonder if everyone would think _I_ would behave like that so I, unconsciously, compensate by being even more horrified at what happened and by being extra conscientious with the flight attendants or with the gate agents – to prove to the world that we are not all this rude or ignorant. The same reason why I try to tip generously because I keep hearing from people, whoever they may be, that Asians don’t tip well.

    All that to say, I live with this weird need to prove that we are not all these crazy folks on youtube. Whether that need is crazy or not, I feel the need. Thus, when these crazy things do happen, I get angrier. I’m not being racist, I’m just feeling the weird burden. I do not speak for all the other guys that posted before me, but I can empathize with them. That’s all.

  20. I think every decent person from every country is embarrassed when their countrymen/women pull stunts like this. The race baiters need to just knock it off. It gets so old. Nobody is saying that Chinese in general are horrible people. Are there some horrible Chinese people? Yes. Same is true of every country.

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