Garuda Indonesia’s “Masked” A330-900neo

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Garuda Indonesia has just become the latest airline to introduce a “masked” plane, and I dig it. The plane with this new livery is an Airbus A330-900neo with the registration code PK-GHG, and it was delivered to the airline in October 2019.

The plane has been painted so that it looks like it’s sporting a blue surgical mask. The phrase “Ayo Pakai Masker” is written between the first and second set of doors, which translates to “Let’s Wear Masks.”

The airline has even published the schedule for this special plane, for anyone who wants to fly on it, or see it at an airport. The plane will primarily be operating domestically, though will also be operating some limited flights to Japan.

Here’s a video the airline put together about the new livery, noting that it took 60 people and 120 hours to make this mask a reality:

I’d say Garuda Indonesia’s A330-90neo is the snazziest passenger plane to feature a mask livery.

Luxembourg-based cargo airline Cargolux also recently unveiled a special mask livery for a 747-8, which is cool-looking as well.

Those are both such gorgeous planes — and who said wearing masks couldn’t be stylish? šŸ˜‰

  1. If they are now painting planes with masks… THEY are going to try and force people to wear masks for a few years. You do not paint planes for just a month or two.

    Think on that!

  2. Masks came to stay and wonā€™t disappear anytime soon. The sooner you get used to wearing them, the easier is your transition from ā€œwishful thinkingā€ to something called ā€œrealityā€. Itā€™s for the sake of us all.

  3. Jordan, asians wear masks before covid and guess what? Japanese wore them for common cold and flu, koreans wear them because of kpop and chinese wear them due to pollution. Thanks to kpop stars wearing masks, rest of asians are also wearing masks when they fly, not wear make up, have pimples, etc. Guess what?Theyā€™re open and US is in limbo with POTUS is now sick.
    Also asians have no weak people claiming not able to wear masks for health reasons.

  4. It’s sad to see that people seem to be happy about wearing masks forever – as Jordan said, you don’t paint a plane for a few months or a year.
    Maybe I should be wearing a water bucket on my head? It makes as much sense as masks do. Greetings from Latvia – mask requirement was dropped here in July, no covid increase is seen.

  5. In Sweden there has never been a mask requirement and everyone but the already fraught elderly are happy alive and kicking…

  6. Wow, if I was an Indonesian taxpayer, I’d be so psyched it took 60 people 120 to do this. Never mind the airline always loses money and has terrible corruption issues. Anything for the scamdemic narrative.

  7. @Stc – I’m an Indonesian taxpayer, I’m fine with this. Maybe the airline isn’t doing that well financially, but at least people have jobs during this difficult time.

  8. Would be fine if the plane was due for repaint but I doubt it is a case with a year old airplane

    This way it is a total waste of money. Airlines ask for governmebt help and end up wasting it on things like this.

  9. I’m Indonesian and I don’t agree with the message 100%. This is SO stupid. We never really had a problem masking up. What I’m seeing is that people consider just simply masking up as an adequate health protocol. So new normal is just old normal with masks on and clumsy temperature checks. Large gatherings like lavish weddings are being held with masks. We are very enthusiastic about wearing designer masks but other protocols like physical distancing not really enforced that much. Totally missing the point.

    What about handwashing? Or staying at home if you are sick?

  10. And this is the same plane that the CEO used to smuggle Harley and Brompton bike a year ago during ferry flight from Airbus factory, resulting to the CEO and some Board members being smacked out by Ministry.

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