Awesome: Cargolux’s “Masked” 747-8

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Cargolux is a cargo airline based in Luxembourg, which operates a fleet of around 30 Boeing 747s globally. Well, Cargolux has just given one Boeing 747-8 a very special livery.

Specifically, the seven year old plane with the registration code LX-VCF is now sporting a mask, with the words “Not Without My Mask” written below the carrier’s name on the side of the aircraft.

It would appear that the plane had this added to its livery in Taipei, as part of some routine maintenance. The plane flew from Baku to Taipei on July 15, and hasn’t flown since, so I’m guessing it will re-enter service soon (at that point you can track the plane here, to see if it’s coming to an airport near you).

To my knowledge, Cargolux is the first airline to paint an actual mask on an aircraft like this. A few months back, United Airlines maintenance workers put a “mask” on a 787, though I think that was a single-use one, unlike what the one that the Cargolux 747-8 has. šŸ˜‰

Well done, Cargolux!

  1. Love the detail they have gone too, hooking the elastic round the C in their name.

    Important message too, look forward to seeing it flying.

  2. Taking the whole Mask Obsession from the Ridiculous to the Absurd.

    I wonder if their pilots have received special training in keeping at least 6 feet from other planes while flying. šŸ˜‰

  3. The 6 feet rule doesn’t mean you can stand 6 feet and not wear a mask. A sneeze can travel 30 feet. 6 feet is just a reminder and a general principle that standing away is better.

  4. MOAR mask stories!!
    What credit cards should we use to buy masks?
    Can hotels stays be paid in masks?
    Lists of prominent people who wear masks?
    Lists of prominent people who don’t wear masks?
    Should sea cucumbers be wearing masks?
    Should my mask also wear a mask?


  5. Uh derek:

    My comment was about training the pilots to keep the planes 6 feet apart while in the air, flying @ 500 mph. šŸ˜‰

    I have a vague feeling you are taking this whole mask thing way too seriously.

  6. Foreverr says:
    August 23, 2020 at 7:24 am
    as my GF is Taiwanese, I can confirm they are obsessed with masks

    My response:
    Taiwan has had great success in holding back the virus, so I wouldn’t call it an obsession.

  7. @alex_77w – new paint is quite an investment for sarcasm (read my sarcastic comment of your comment).

    For all the anti-maskers, please quit endangering everyone else by your lack of common sense.

  8. @Alex_77W Nope, only you and some people in the US see the “sarcasm”. The rest of the world just see it as a helpful reminder to keep everybody safe

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