Flash Sale: Save On Upcoming Frequent Traveler Events In London, New York, & Washington DC

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The Frequent Traveler University events provide an opportunity for miles and points enthusiasts to spend a weekend diving in to the nitty-gritty details of various programs and opportunities, meeting people with shared interests, and generally geeking out over travel.

They’re fun events, and I’ve enjoyed presenting and socializing at several of them over the past few years (and I say that as someone who generally dislikes socializing). The Seattle FTU event was this past weekend, and I had a great time meeting many of you and hearing so many miles and points success stories.

FTU travels to a variety of locations, and most events have been in the US. This year, there will be a pair of international events as well, with weekend events in Brisbane, Australia, and London, United Kingdom. Additionally, dates have been announced for events in both New York City and Washington D.C. this summer, and there are some great discounts available if you act quickly.

New York — June 9-10 2018

I am super excited for this event, as it will be held in mid-town Manhattan, and not out by one of the area airports. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some airports, but for the most part the surrounding neighborhoods are lacking in social and dining opportunities. 😉

This FTU will be held in a dedicated event space, right across from Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. It should be a great location, and tickets will include:

  • Two days of expert-led sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

Sessions will be led by a mix of regular FTU speakers and local experts. I’ll be there, along with:

Tickets are $249, but you can save $20 by using code BIGAPPLE through March 31, 2018.

There isn’t a hotel block for this event, but there are tons of options nearby, so it should be convenient to any type of property you might want to stay at.

Washington D.C. — August 11-12 2018

Having lived in D.C. several years ago, I’m not sure an August visit would necessarily be my first choice in terms of weather, but the city is generally less crowded when Congress isn’t in session, so that’s a good tradeoff.

This FTU will be held at the Crystal City Marriott, which is convenient to DCA (with a shuttle) and the Metro. Tickets include:

  • Two days of expert-led sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  • Plated lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Free Internet in the conference rooms

Sessions will be led by a mix of regular FTU speakers and local experts. I’ll be there, along with:

Tickets are $249, but you can save $20 by using code FTUCRYSTAL through February 28, 2018. Today (Monday) only you can save $35 using code FTUTRANSCON.

There’s also a group rate for the hotel: $109 per night, bookable using this link.

FTU Seattle session

London — May 12-13 2018

I’ve mentioned this event previously, but there have been some updates to the event and a major price drop. FTU London will take place at the Renaissance Heathrow Airport, and tickets will include:

  • Coffee and tea all day on Saturday and ‪Sunday
  • Lunch buffet and catered breaks on Saturday‬ and Sunday
  • The 50 first to purchase a ticket will get dinner at Madhu on Saturday night
  • Internet in the conference rooms
  • Two days of sessions with the most knowledgeable names in travel

Sessions will be led by a mix of regular FTU speakers and local experts. I’ll be there, along with:

Tickets are £249, though you can use code UKFTU100 to save £100 through 3/30/18. If you already purchased a full-price ticket, email Melinda AT ftuniversity DOT com for a refund.

There’s also a group rate for the hotel: £109 per night single / £119  per night double, which includes breakfast, VAT and service charge, bookable through April 18, 2018 using this link.

Brisbane — April 14-15, 2018

While there aren’t discounts available at the moment, I thought it was worth mentioning the Australia event will take place at the Brisbane Marriott Hotel. Tickets include:

  • Tea and coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Two days of expert-led sessions in classroom settings on Saturday and Sunday
  • Plated lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Internet in the conference rooms

And of course, a solid chunk of time to meet and network with other miles and points enthusiasts. Sessions will be led by a mix of regular FTU speakers and local experts. I’ll be there, along with:

Tickets are 299 AUD. There’s also a group rate for the hotel: 239 AUD per night single / 259 AUD per night double, which includes Wifi and full breakfast, bookable through March 30, 2018 using this link.

Additional notes

There will likely be some additional optional activities added as we get closer to the events — the social component of Frequent Traveler University is super important, and recent seminars have included field trips and dinner opportunities. So stay tuned for those.

I am super excited for these events. The New York and Washington DC events are going to be in very central locations, which should be great for hanging out and exploring the cities (and I’ll get to see Andrew B)!

And I just love chatting with you guys — OMAAT has such a tremendous group of readers, so it’s always nice to connect and hear what folks are enjoying or challenged by.

Speaking of which, if you’ll be attending any of these events, and there are specific topics you’d like to see discussed, please let me know! I am not in charge of the organization of the events at all, but am happy to pass on suggestions to other speakers (and will structure my sessions around hot topics). I think these will be fun events!

Which OMAAT readers will I see at events this year? What are you hoping to learn?


  1. @ Kalboz — The event is about two blocks from Grand Central, so it should be convenient to pretty much anything. I know quite a few people are going to stay at the Grand Hyatt. There are several independent hotels in the neighborhood too, like The Gotham Hotel Andrew stayed at recently.

  2. @ Jo — I’m not involved in the organizing, so don’t know for sure, but I think it’s based off a mix of attendee surveys and feedback, along with the availability of suitable locations. They’ve had them all over — everywhere from Tampa to Minneapolis to San Diego.

  3. I actually wish they had a host hotel in NYC as the hotel bar and members lounge tend to be great places to meet other attendees and mingle.
    Since there is no host hotel in the NYC FTU, do you think it would be a good idea to perhaps host an informal onemileatatime readers meetup?

  4. I’m kind of upset that I didn’t know you were just in Seattle! Never been to one and would have been fun to have attended last weekend:(

  5. Still can’t believe the UK event doesn’t have Rob from Head for Points as a speaker. I sincerely hope it was a case of he was too busy rather than not thought of. No doubt that he is the leading miles and points guy in the U.K. And the London event is poorer for not having him as a speaker.

  6. @ Michelle — Sorry! It would have been nice to meet you too! I did post about the event a few times, but will try to post more reminders in future.

  7. @ Will — Totally agree. I’m not involved in the planning, but my understanding is that they couldn’t get dates to work, not that there wasn’t an invitation/discussion.

  8. how long are the days usually? I would assume that quite a few people need to pack up on the Sunday PM to head back to wherever…?

  9. @ CSP — Generally 9-6ish on Saturday, more 9-5ish on Sunday. They try and time it so folks can catch the last bank of flights out on Sunday evening.

  10. @will why not just ask Rob from Head for Points directly (RE: London FTU)? He tends to be very open and direct when asked questions. Tiffany does a LOT for FTU and is a huge asset, but she doesn’t coordinate the events.

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