French Bee Launching Paris To New York Flights

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Earlier I wrote about how Corsair plans on launching daily flights between Paris and Newark as of June 10, 2020. This is an interesting route for a leisure French airline to launch, especially as they’ll be the ninth airline to fly between Paris and the New York area.

Well, they’re not the only airline announcing that route today.

French Bee Launching Paris To Newark Flights

French Bee has today announced that they’ll be launching daily nonstop flights between Paris Orly and Newark as of… you guessed it, June 10, 2020.

French Bee intends to use an Airbus A350-900 for the route, and will operate it with the following schedule:

Paris Orly to Newark departing 2:00PM arriving 4:15PM
Newark to Paris Orly departing 6:15PM arriving 7:30AM (+1 day)

Marc Rochet, Chairman of French Bee, had the following to say about the new routte:

“After a successful year in both San Francisco and French Polynesia, opening a second North American destination has solidified French bee’s position as a leading low cost airline between France and the United States. New York and Paris welcome millions of French and American tourists every year. Our latest generation of aircraft will provide them with both comfort and travel quality at an affordable price.”

The flight is expected to go on sale on September 18, 2019.

More On French Bee

Newark will be French Bee’s second US destination. The airline has been flying from Paris to San Francisco since May 2018, with that route continuing to Tahiti. So that’s an interesting way for the airline to serve both the US and a popular French island.

French Bee currently operates a fleet of three Airbus A350-900s. The airline has an additional A350-900 on order, expected to be delivered in June 2020 (just in time for this route), plus two A350-1000s on order, expected to be delivered in 2021 and 2022.

French Bee’s A350-900s are super high density, with a total of 411 seats — this includes 35 premium economy seats and 376 economy seats.

Currently French Bee only flies from Paris Orly to San Francisco (with continuing service to Tahiti), as well as to Reunion.

Bottom Line

You’ve gotta love two airlines announcing exactly the same route launching exactly the same date. With Corsair and French Bee both flying between Paris and Newark, there will be a total of 10 airlines flying between Paris and the New York area. Wow.

Do you think both Corsair and French Bee will last in this market?

(Featured image courtesy of Dylan Agbagni)

  1. Corsair and French Bee are most certainly launching these flights as they’ll get those highly valuable slots that are now available after french airline Aigle Azur went burst last week. Expect Air France to add a frequency from Orly to New York too.

    A few other routes should be announced from Paris Orly too.

  2. Lucky, A tad off topic, but I’d love to learn more about Reunion. Seems to me it’s really underappreciated in relation to Mauritius and similar destinations. Maybe that’s because there’s no real presence of the big hotel groups and most airline alliances with the exception of Air France. Might be a place to consider checking out via a more obscure airline, perhaps a trip including Madagascar?!

  3. Looks like fares will be staying low on this route, let’s rejoice!

    There’s up to 14 daily flights from NYC To Paris right now, without even including this flights, that’s crazy.
    Air France is using 2 a380’s on the route and Delta even doubles their capacity in the summer.

    Plus United flies the 787-10 and a 767 (summer seasonal).

    Level and Norwegian will have to go head to head with the new guys. In my opinion this route has too many seats for those who can’t connect passengers and even possibly Delta and Air France, since Delta flies to Paris from 10 other airports around the country.

  4. Currently looking at flights and I don’t know why someone would choose to fly either of these new airlines.

    Delta and United both have competitive prices and service to CDG. I gotta say we flew to Rome on Norwegian and has a good experience. Even Norwegian serves CDG.

  5. 1.American
    4.Air France
    6.La Compangie
    7.XL Airways
    9.French Bee
    10. ???
    What am I missing?

  6. @Myles Level Airlines. Yet another French leisure airline. Have good availability and prices from LAS to ORY though.

  7. @Frank

    Level is indeed (or probably) a leisure airline, but not a French one. It’s a low-cost long-haul subsidiary of Iberia, which is composed of BA, IB, IE, and VY. Level’s operations out of ORY are the successor for the OpenSkies brand of IAG. IAG itself is an Anglo-Spanish holding company registered in Madrid and HQ’ed in London.

  8. “Paris Orly to Newark departing 2:00PM arriving 4:15PM” Great!

    Paris ORLY Airport is the Parisians ‘favorite airport (and much older & smaller than Paris CDG) as it is very close to Paris (South of Paris)
    29 minutes from the center of Paris to Orly airport.

    Source: (which i recommend as being the best app for local transportation in many cities.

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