Free wifi on Delta through June 30, 2013 (at least on your Blackberry)

Via Point Me to the Plane:

As part of their new Z10 product promotion, Blackberry is providing free Gogo inflight internet access to Blackberry users on all equipped Delta flights through June 30th. Given up your Blackberry long ago and don’t plan on purchasing a new one? Well, if you are comfortable with a some shadiness and trickery, this post on slickdeals provides details on how to make Gogo’s servers think you’re using a Blackberry while actually on your laptop, Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. Of course, this promotion is intended for actual Blackberry users!


  1. Poor RIM is going to think they have finally created the next new thing and have Google and Apple running scared when they see the thousands of Blackberry’s accessing Gogo Wifi…


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