They’re Finally Back: Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From Europe To Asia

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Happy Holidays from Slovenia. I’m still traveling, but took a few days ‘off’ writing for Christmas.

A few years ago, Qatar Airways seemed to publish legitimate very cheap business class fares from Europe to Asia regularly. Oslo seemed to be almost constantly on sale, and where they launched new destinations, there would often be very good prices from either major cities to new destinations, or even better prices between two new destinations (such as Prague to Penang).

I’ve written before about what I consider to be great fares between the two continents.

But then earlier this year, the cheap fares stopped.

I have no idea why. I’m not sure if it was due to increased demand for their business class, or due to increased financial pressure, which caused them to try a more aggressive pricing strategy.

But I’m happy to report that a cheap deal is back and it’s between two popular, non-obscure cities!

Right now, Qatar Airways has return business class flights from Milan to Bangkok for as low as €1,259 / $1,443 per personavailable almost every day from the start of January until the end of schedule.

Qatar has three flights per day from Milan, two are served by an A330 which features fully flat seats, but arguably their ‘worst’ fully flat seats, as they are 2-2-2 configuration…

However their afternoon departure (QR128/127 on the return) is a Boeing 777 with their better, more spacious 2-2-2 configuration. And some QR117/118 flights are operated by an A350 as you can see from the screenshot above.

They also have a massive seven flights per day to Bangkok, so you could choose their A380 for their reverse herringbone seats and on board bar.

Or, until (at least) the end of March, Qatar Airways has QSuites on the QR830/831 flights to and from Bangkok.

Given Qatar is rapidly adding planes with QSuites installed, I would not be surprised to see either the product on this route extended beyond March, or other Bangkok frequencies receive their newest and best product.

This is the world’s best business class.

As with almost all Qatar business sale fares, these book into R class, which earn 100% in programs like American Airlines AAdvantage, and 125% in British Airways Executive Club and Japan Airlines Mileage Bank.

Remember also if crediting to BAEC that each flight will earn 140 Tier Points, so a return flight will be (4 x 140) 560. This is just 40 short of the 600 needed to reach Executive Club Silver, which is Oneworld Sapphire status. You will still need 4 BA operated sectors, which you can fly to reach the missing 40 TPs anyway.

This itinerary is around 6,000 miles flown each way.

Bottom line

I’m very excited to see a deal like this come back after such a long absence. I certainly hope they will become regular like they used to be.

I don’t have an end date for my four month trip and have a few weeks spare at the end of January so I’m very tempted to book this fare.

Anyone have any suggestions for a destination for some winter warmth?

By the way, Qatar’s biggest sale of the year happens each January. In the past there have been some astonishingly good prices during this sale, however their 2018 January sale was really disappointing. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on their 2019 sale next month (assuming they have it).

My instinct tells me the sale will be along the lines of the 2018 sale, rather than the better 2016 and 2017 sales, given their lack of excellent deals otherwise in 2018, but I will let you know!

Are you excited to see the return of excellent Qatar Airways deals from Europe to Asia?

(Tip of the hat to God Save the Points)

  1. @ gene – 12,000 miles RT means 2400 EQD, but 1250 EUR is 1400USD. Less some taxes your getting about 1200 extra EQD on the ticket. Nice, but not exactly a game changer.

  2. They did have a very good deal to Auckland last year, £1322 Manchester to Auckland. Much better value than these. I’m hoping for more like that.

  3. I’m a dedicated AS flyer, so I am just interested in the Qsuites. I can’t seem to find any other European city for ~1200€ except Milan. Anyone else find any other city pairs? Preferably all in Qsuites?

    Also the Al-Safwa lounge does not grant access to people in Qsuites, right?

  4. While the EQDs from this might not be great, this round trip would net you 560 BA Tier points. Just 40 away from BA Silver/OW Sapphire, which grants access to AA flagship and OW lounges on domestic itineraries.

  5. @ richard — Exactly why I stopped researching the fare. We need another really good long one like LAX-DOH-SIN-DOH-SIN. That I would book! Hoping it comes along in January.

  6. I haven’t flown the Qsuite yet, but I will never consider a business class seat with your feet confined to a cubby the best business class seat in the world. I think I’m in the minority here, because I absolutely loved the old 777-200LR business class seat from DOH-AKL, probably twice as much as the reverse herringbone seat on the 787 from CPH-DOH. I even love the Virgin Upper Class seat since there’s no coffin feel in the regular herringbone config. Don’t you guys feel confined in these configurations? I just don’t get it…

  7. Does anyone know if Qatar enforces the crazy no show fees? My plan would be to skip lag the return flight to MXP and remain in Doha where I already have an award flight set to a different location. The no show fee on this booking is an insane 1700 eur. My fear would be they charge my card or maybe force me to pay when arriving to take my award flight the next day after my skip. Anyone have any experience with this?

  8. Still doesn’t compare to the glorious sales of 2016 and 2017. Used to find J-fares from Europe to SEA and southern Africa for <1200EUR consistently. 2018's been pretty miserable for sales.

    That's not even counting the good old BRU-HND for 600 EUR last year, now that was a winner.

  9. Lucky, I am booked on a QR return flight from London to Bangkok in May and while I initially booked QR832 from Doha to Bangkok to fly the A380, that has now been updated to a 777-300ER equipped with q-suites according to my bookings seat map! So hopefully they’re keeping them on the route for good on certain frequencies!

  10. James, I am booked on a QR return flight from London to Bangkok in May and while I initially booked QR832 from Doha to Bangkok to fly the A380, that has now been updated to a 777-300ER equipped with q-suites according to my bookings seat map! So hopefully they’re keeping them on the route for good on certain frequencies!

  11. I just checked tonight 7:30pm (London time), 28 Dec, the deal is disappeared, now it is all GBP1900-2000+ return 🙁
    not sure if they reset system or just gone.

  12. Have checked this evening (London time) and could find no such deals despite searching extensively for most of 2019.

  13. Tks so much for good advice, booked Mpx/Bkk 12.02.19 return 01.03.19 and confirm Qr830 and Qr 831 with Qsuites, hoping in no any last second swap:)

  14. JAMES says: This is the world’s best business class.

    LUCKY never sticks his neck out that far by saying “best” but something like “among the best”

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