EVA Air To Operate Hello Kitty Flights To Houston

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As I wrote about last week, EVA Air will be expanding their service to North America next summer, as they’ll be launching 4x weekly service between Taipei and Houston as of June 2015. This expansion is a no brainer, not just because Houston is a huge oil city, but also because it’s United’s biggest hub, so there’s lots of potential for connecting traffic, now that EVA Air is in the Star Alliance.

So if you were excited about the new route to begin with, take a deep breath and make sure you’re sitting down. As it turns out, this new EVA Air flight to Houston will be operated by a Hello Kitty 777-300ER. The most exciting part? They’re not even using an existing Hello Kitty 777-300ER (of which there’s only one), but rather they’re taking delivery of an all new Hello Kitty 777-300ER!!!


Via USA Today:

EVA says it will fly the route with brand new Boeing 777-300ER jets that are scheduled to be delivered to the airline in May. EVA says the 777-300ER it will use on the Houston route “will be specially painted nose-to-tail with Texas–sized Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters.” EVA flies its distinctively painted planes on select routes. EVA has previously flown Hello Kitty planes to Los Angeles.

Presumably this 777-300ER will feature the same amenities as all of their new delivery 777-300ERs, including onboard wifi.

Previously EVA Air flew a Hello Kitty 777-300ER to Los Angeles, which they tragically discontinued a week before Hello Kitty Con took place in Los Angeles. Instead their Hello Kitty 777-300ER is flying between Taipei and Paris, at the moment.

If you’ve never flown EVA Air’s Hello Kitty service, it really is exceptionally unique, and I can’t recommend it enough.

From a Hello Kitty gate…


To Hello Kitty foie gras…


To the opportunity to sleep with Hello Kitty…


To Hello Kitty toilet paper…


It really is a one of a kind service. If you haven’t yet read my kittyrific trip report (written by my inner Asian 13 year old girl), see here:

  1. You always make me chuckle when you talk about your love for Hello Kitty! My 3 year old adores Hello Kitty and has the headphones, nightgowns, slippers, shirts and toys to prove it! If I could manage to take her on a Hello Kitty flight, I would. What’s the best way to an award seat on this fabulous, feline contraption?

  2. @ Lucky — thanks for the Hello Kitty bag from that flight — my friend was very happy! Anyway, this is pretty cool news — was already hoping to use flight in the future and now even more reason to look forward to it (assuming they release any space). I suppose departing from Taipei to get the full Kitty experience would be better if you aren’t flying RT IAH-TPE.

    P.S. EVA should be handing out Hello Kitty PJs in J. That’d be hilarious.

  3. Hmm how are they going to run a 4x weekly service with just one plane? Or will one of the four days not be Kitty-fied?

  4. “To the opportunity to sleep with Hello Kitty…”

    Considering announcements that Hello Kitty isn’t a cat but indeed a little girl, may want to reconsider that quote….

  5. @ Jon — The Houston flight has already been loaded into the system. I’m not positive if only some or all of the flights will be operated by the Hello Kitty plane, however.

  6. @ Alex — That’s a great question. I’m not positive that all Houston frequencies will be operated by the Hello Kitty plane.

  7. Today diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba thawed after decades of tension, and a major motion picture studio canceled release of a film because of threats from North Korea, but as far as I’m concerned this was a slow news day until I read this.

  8. @WC: I’m not sure Hello Kitty being a cat really makes it any better.

    Also, can something really be “exceptionally unique”?

  9. “Considering announcements that Hello Kitty isn’t a cat but indeed a little girl”

    Miscommunication. What they intended to say was that Hello Kitty was not simply a cat, but rather an anthropomorphized cat-type mascot. They did not mean to say that Hello Kitty was human.

  10. If I am not mistaken, Houston (and Austin) has one of the highest concentrations of Taiwainese in the country (along with NYC and SoCal). So this makes absolute sense for EVA to do this coupled with the other factors you mentioned in your post.

  11. …I’m inclined to fly Houston to Taipei to Paris, all with Hello Kitty. (I wanted to fly the last Hello Kitty from LAX and the first to Paris [three nights in Taipei between] but couldn’t make my schedule work out.)

  12. An update: the award space is now searchable on ANA site but — surprise, surprise — there is no J awards from June 2015 – end of schedule (Nov. 2015). Bummer! 🙁

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