EVA Air Adds Pajamas And New Rimowa Amenity Kits

Last June Taipei-based EVA Air joined the Star Alliance, which was really exciting news. Not only do they release a ton of business class award space, but they actually have a really solid business class product as well, featuring reverse herringbone seats.

EVA Air 777-300ER Royal Laurel Class

As I reported when I first flew them last July, I found them so close to offering the best business class product in the world. The seats, service, entertainment, and amenities were all top notch. The only slight downside was their catering, which was lackluster.

Here are the trip reports I’ve written about my EVA Air flights so far:

Last week there was much hubbub about EVA Air simultaneously taking delivery of two latest generation 777-300ER aircraft, which are the 16th and 17th in their fleet. These new planes will fly the following routes:

It will initiate one of the new aircraft as BR31 on Mondays’ and Tuesdays’ New York – Taipei flights, boosting service on the route from five times a week to daily. It will use the second as BR11 on Taipei – Los Angeles service, flying Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, adding three flights/week to the 17 it now operates. It will also raise both Toronto and Vancouver frequency from three flights a week to four.

There are a couple of things that are especially awesome about these new planes, including that they’re equipped with wifi:

EVA’s new Boeing 777-300ERs are the first in the world to be equipped with Panasonic’s latest generation eX3 inflight entertainment system and Global Communication Suite (GCS). With this system, EVA now offers passengers SMS roaming service to send and receive short messages on their own mobile phones. The airline also now provides Sky Wi-Fi access. At an altitude of 20,000 feet or higher, passengers can send and receive e-mails, use instant messaging APPs and check in on social media.

EVA Air is also updating some aspects of their Royal Laurel service:

As it places its new 777-300ERs in service, EVA is also updating Royal Laurel Class service items. It is outfitting cabins with new noise-cancelling headsets that have better sound quality and enhanced noise-reduction performance. It has begun serving Fiji Water, a popular premium bottled product from the Fiji Islands. And it is stepping up efforts to make passengers comfortable and feel at home onboard its flights by offering pajamas.

EVA is also introducing two new colors for its sought-after and collectible Rimowa overnight kits, Crystal Green for inbound flights and Prosecco outbound.

EVA Air current Royal Laurel amenity kit

So in addition to the current services, they’ll be offering Royal Laurel passengers:

  • Pajamas
  • New colors of Rimowa amenity kits (if you’re like me and collect Rimowa amenity kits, this is super awesome)
  • Fiji water
  • New noise canceling headphones

So that’s awesome, and makes an already awesome and readily accessible business class product even awesomer.

But that’s not the best part…

The best part of all this are the videos they put out about the new aircraft and their features.

First, there’s a legitimate one just recapping what’s interesting about the plane (it’s pretty cool that EVA Air’s chairman is a 777 pilot):

Then there’s this one about the first commercial service of the plane on May 29, 2014:

Of course it’s absolutely vital for a flight attendant to walk through the cabin with a “wifi” sign, or else passengers might not know about it.


And just in case that doesn’t do the trick, you might as well have the singing tooth fairy walk through the cabin to reinforce the concept. 😉


But quite possibly the best of all is this 20 minute video, of which I can’t understand a word… but that doesn’t make it any less awesome:

They’re naming their campaign around the new 777-300ER “Amazingly Great,” which just about makes them the second best entity in the world at describing things, other than me (you’ve gotta give me credit, my use of the word “phenomenal” when describing food in trip reports is… phenomenal).


Then the Taiwanese Glee Club makes an appearance.


The dance routine continues to get better…


And better…


Then there’s a Royal Laurel Class product demonstration. The only words in English (or more accurately, French) are “Dom Perignon,” which seems to have some sort of “50 Shades of Grey” effect on her, as she begins to moan.


Then the crew brings her a laptop, which she pretends to type on while looking away (because obviously this is how you demonstrate that an airplane has wifi)…


Then they bring her a bottle of Fiji water, which impresses her almost as much as the Dom Perignon…


And immediately transports her to somewhere tropical…


Then the “fiercest” Spider-Man I’ve seen in my life makes an appearance…


Then she gets robbed on stage…


And that’s not even the first half of the video…

ATTENTION ALL OTHER AIRLINES: THIS IS HOW YOU LAUNCH NEW PRODUCT OFFERINGS!!! If there’s not a tooth fairy, flash mob, tropical beach, Glee Club, or live action movie, how damn good can your new product really be?!

If you haven’t seen it, you really need to. Even if you don’t understand a word they’re saying.

(Tip of the hat to Victor)

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  1. Yeah that’s Elsa singing “Let It Go” (and no I don’t have kids) 😉 I was wondering where the tooth fairy was. Have you seen the movie Frozen yet, Lucky? If not, try to watch it some time. I saw it on a flight back in February.

  2. Just completed a TPE-YYZ with their Royal Laurel service and found it outstanding. Attentive and friendly, happy service, tons of food and drink, great seat. It’s amazing they want to improve on that. Good job

  3. Also forgot to mention a very important point: they’re the only airline to serve Dom Perignon in Business class.

    Eva no doubt has the best overall business class product – I feel as though they could step up catering a bit more.

  4. I was impressed with my YYZ-TPE flight a month ago even after having done more than 10 longhaul F sectors the month before. It’s great to see that they’re making an already excellent product even better. Great to see them bucking the trend on racing to the bottom.

  5. will the customers get to keep the pajamas ? or give them back like the ANA system?

    hows it look for BR16 in early Oct?

  6. Come on Lucky I thought you’d know that was Elsa from Frozen! I’m a 24 year old guy without kids and I was jammin to it lol (good movie to btw)

  7. @ Rob — Yep, they’re getting the 777-300ER soon, and presumably would also get the same amenities.

  8. @ Mike — I would guess they can keep them. Even ANA doesn’t make you return them nowadays.

  9. Recently was on BR flight – a few days ago actually – though it was regional, but on a long-haul configured 777.

    Anyway, @MEOW, according to their in flight magazine, pajamas thing has already started.

    @Lucky, I do agree that they are close, but all these reverse herringbone seats have slight differences. My main problem was the complete lack of useable storage space (other than the side table and a very poorly designed side shelf). The CX seat is also only slightly better with a cupboard and a shoe locker. The QR seat is, so far, the best I’ve seen, with a storage space under the arm rest as well. Your thoughts?

  10. Any word on whether Seattle will get 777 service again. As far as I can tell, even the part-weekly service it had goes back to 747 service in December 2014.

  11. Funniest post to date. Can’t stop laughing watching the YouTube clip partly because I understand a bit of Mandarin. You are really hilarious but EVA is funnier than you. Lol.

  12. @lucky. Yeah, I saw your post back when you originally posted it. But if you look at the flights on UA, it goes back to 747 around Dec. 12 for both directions. Just wondering if there’s any chance they’ll actually maintain the 777 service beyond early Dec.

  13. @Mike I just flew NRT-ORD last week on ANA J class. They did not ask the pajamas back. But again, nothing fancy, it’s just a so so pajamas though.

  14. @ turgutbey — I would guess there’s a good chance, and that they just haven’t gotten around to updating their winter schedule yet.

  15. Okay, okay. I’m sold. This is now in contention for my “aspirational trip.” I know I need to make a choice and focus. If this is the one, (a) who are EVA’s partners (so I know who to focus on)? and (b) where does one stay in Taipei (so I know which hotel card to work on)? Thanks! I love traveling vicariously through you. (Though traveling directly would be a little more fun.)

  16. What do you do with the Rimowa kits? do you re-purpose them to hold your camera or anything else?

  17. @ mbh — As far as where to stay in Taipei goes, I absolutely loved the W and Le Meridien:

    As far as points go, there are lots of options. You can efficiently book using United miles, US Airways miles (for another month or so), Aeroplan miles, or LifeMiles. So collecting Membership Rewards or Ultimate Rewards points should both do the trick.

  18. @ Mike — Most kits I empty and just use the pouches. But for the Rimowa kits I actually literally just keep them in “mind condition” as is.

  19. @Marid

    same for out BR16 flight in oct.

    I wonder if BR858 will have any new perks by then?

  20. Wha- twice as many flights from SF compared to NYC, but they put one of the WiFi-enabled planes out of NY?! You gotta be kidding me. Which metro area do they think are going to have more harried software engineers, huh?

  21. @ mike — I don’t believe the shorthaul flight to Hong Kong would have Rimowas or pajamas. It might have the Fiji water, though.

  22. Lucky

    thats fine with me, its the br16 I am looking forward to, I’ve not been on EVA for several years, it looks like they are really putting out a competitive product now.

  23. @ Lucky – The tagline for your blog should be Phenomenally Spectacular! 😀

    Also, I think you embedded a wrong video: for me it shows an aerial video instead of the delivery video (watched it on their YouTube channel directly).

    This makes me super-excited about their reported plans to start IAH-TPE nonstop in 2015. Perhaps that’s one inaugural flight I can do!

    Anyhow, the video was hilarious even without English subtitles; if you read Lucky’s post, you could kind of follow along with what they were pitching. The SD/HD Spiderman was the highlight for 🙂

    P.S. A complete lack of Hello Kitty is totally inexcusable, lol

  24. Maybe it’s just me, but Fiji water tastes slimy.

    Based on this blog, I really want to fly Eva..,

  25. I hope the master tapes of Frozen burn and a computer virus attacks satellite and cable boxes and sends that movie to oblivion. I. Just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore.

  26. @ Ginny — Really any window seat is just about equally good, in my opinion. I quite like the mini cabin, as it’s a bit quieter.

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