EVA Air Is Shifting Hello Kitty Flights From Houston To Chicago

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I’ve written extensively about EVA Air’s Hello Kitty flights, which are one-of-a-kind. I took a Hello Kitty flight just a few days ago from Taipei to Singapore, and prior to that I took Hello Kitty flights from Tokyo to Taipei and Taipei to Los Angeles a few years ago.

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For those of you not familiar, EVA Air has a partnership with Hello Kitty, and they have a handful of planes that are Hello Kitty themed. Everything about the experience incorporates Hello Kitty, from check-in, to the gate, to the plane’s livery, to the onboard experience. It’s sort of crazy and amazing. Actually, scratch that, it’s just amazing.

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EVA Air operates Hello Kitty flights to several airports, including both short-haul and longhaul destinations.


Well if you’re anything like me and love this concept, it’s worth noting that EVA Air is changing their U.S. Hello Kitty schedule. For a bit of background:

Culturally that seems like somewhat of an odd fit to me. I get they were probably operating the Hello Kitty plane to Houston to generate even more buzz, but Texas doesn’t really seem like the prime market for Hello Kitty enthusiasts.

Well, it has just recently been announced that EVA Air will be changing up their U.S. service. As of May 31, 2017, EVA Air will no longer operate Hello Kitty flights to Houston, but will instead operate them to Chicago.


To Houston based flyers, I’m sorry for your loss. To my friends in Chicago, this is probably the most exciting development since the opening of the United Polaris Lounge.


How do you feel about EVA Air’s U.S. Hello Kitty swap?

  1. just flew back from houston to tpe, round trip this new year, none of my inbound/outbound were hello kitties , no biggie as long the route is there for the need.

  2. haha one person’s kitty is another’s tiger. the perception is personal among adults and certainly among adults and kids.

  3. I experienced a Hello Kitty flight from HND to TSA several years ago. When we made the arrangements we didn’t realize it was a Hello Kitty flight until it came time to check in! ORD is often more convenient to get to than IAH for me, so the move makes it more likely I can finally experience it again.

  4. The English website doesn’t mention only Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday flights will be a Hello Kitty flight. Other flights will remain the same.

  5. I think the only people who would like a Hello Kitty plane are little girls up to age 8, Lucky, Ford and many of sycophants that read this blog. Even my 10 year old daughter thinks it’s lame. What a joke. How embarrassed the flight deck crew must be to fly a Kitty Plane.

  6. Kitty planes are for men who are sure enough of their masculinity that wouldn’t even be bothered by driving a pink car. Not everyone is there yet. 😉
    Gotta give it a try sometime soon.

  7. Lucky, Houston (Texas) actually makes total sense. They have one of the largest Taiwanese populations in the US along with California. With that said, as a NYC based person ORD is definitely doable to get on that plane with my daughters.

  8. Originally booked on UA+AC CMH-ORD-YYZ-PVG in early May with my AV miles. Just found out that my ORD-YYZ leg was cancelled so I called AV and let them reroute me to CMH-IAH-TPE-PVG. And my date of travel just happened to be operated by hello kitty so I guess I’m pretty lucky. Looking forward to that flight!

  9. Hello

    May I ask how do you book the hello kitty flight.

    I search the eva air hello kitty website and somehow it doesn’t indicate on the booking that it is hello kitty theme. I know they mention the routes on the website but when i buy the air tickets, it doesn’t say if its hello kitty theme.


  10. I’m flying ORD-TPE at the end of September, so decent chance I might be on one of these! I’m fairly ambivalent towards Hello Kitty, but this flight seems pretty fun and for sure a unique experience. Kind of wishing I had sprung for business class now instead of my super-cheap economy fare…

  11. To the ignorant rednecks, Hello Kitty is a branded lifestyle, the same way the Batman and Superman characters are. If there was a Batman plane, grown men would flock to book a ticket, saying “Well it’s my kid that wants to fly not me” – I think it’s fantastic the way it’s branded. Can’t wait to fly!

  12. Melinda – You neither need to be ignorant nor a redneck to think a “Hello Kitty lifestyle” is for little girls.

    Your comparison to batman is absurd given its a hugely popular brand enjoyed by both adults and children (I’m not a particularly big fan but I’d happily state the idea of a batman themed flight is intriguing). Hello Kitty, in the West at least, is generally considered suitable only for little girls. That being said, if you share interests with toddlers you certainly should be free to enjoy them without harassment.

  13. Sweet! Maybe I’ll try again – had a last minute equipment swap in November and got robbed of my Hello Kitty experience 🙁

  14. God there sure is a bunch of uptight kill joys reading this blog. Get your noses out of the sky and have a little fun already!

  15. @Callum – to be fair you make a valid point regarding the US market. In Asia, HK is HUGE, for all female ages, up to grown women. In Japan women are not taught to be sexy, they are raised to be cute. The product range is massive, from beach towels, toasters, plastic cups, pens… I could go on! I mean, there’s even planes! (you gotta admit, fantastic marketing even if it’s just for the Asian market).

    I grew up in Aisa and it’s a niche lifestyle for sure. The US market might consist of young girls, which is fine if it doesn’t appeal past that. But when people make a blanket statement that no-one past young girls is suitable, it’s ridiculous, as that’s not true for everyone, especially in Asia.

    I do wonder what the flight demographic consists off, remember the flight goes both ways. How often has someone in the US been targeted an EVA air HK flight? My $$ is on the Asian market.

    @lucky, was your flight mainly Asian travelers, a mix of adults, kids etc? It would be interesting to know.

    As a young girl that grew up with Sanrio products like Hello Kitty etc, I am excited to fly HK Eva air someday with some school friends. It will be a fun one-off trip.

    I’m glad Lucky covered this!

  16. Awesome, I was thinking of going to Taiwan next winter since there’s nonstop service from my local airport ORD. Now I’m definitely going to cash in some UA miles for Royal Laurel Hello Kitty!

    The EVA pajamas seem a bit drab to wear on the flight, but it seems like finding men’s Sanrio pajamas will be a tough task. Maybe they sell them in Taiwan? I’ll have to check when I see a SOGO.) Oh well, I can always wear my TARDIS onesie…

  17. Omg- I stumbled on this dream-come-true KH flight via a friend’s husband whose company booked him on the flight without him knowing. He thought it was a “cute idea” andchuckled as he experienced the check-in etc but then promptly fell asleep and did not steal a single thing off that flight! I could have killed him for leaving behind the barf bag! That being said, I imagine that the plane is usually “stripped clean” after every flight. 😉 I will certainly be carrying one of those “expandable” bags on to the flight. Luckily, I have family in Taiwan that I can visit…just have to route my way from NY through Chicago apparently. Btw, it’s insulting all these posters claiming HK is for kids, immature women, etc.
    HK can be a lifestyle, a passion, a long-lost love from childhood. I have friends from Central America and Europe who have a secret passion for all things Hello Kitty. Since sharing the news of this HK flight, Iam already fielding requests for various flight items or even companionship to visit my Taiwanese family!

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