Etihad’s New Fashion Focused Safety Video Is A Missed Opportunity

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I’ve always thought that Etihad has among the best branding of any airline. It’s one of their strong points for sure. While the airline has been cost cutting like crazy when it comes to the passenger experience, up until now they’ve still been spending a lot of money on sponsorships.

Etihad has long been sponsoring fashion events, and they recently launched “Runway to Runway,” which they describe as their “new loyalty programme designed by Etihad Guest specifically for the fashion industry.” So Etihad decided to have fashion be the focal point of their newest safety video:

On the plus side, Etihad’s old safety video was never terribly exciting, so it’s not like it’s replacing something great. However, I can’t help but think this is such a missed opportunity. A vast majority of passengers won’t get why the safety video is so fashion focused, and for that matter, I don’t even fully understand how the “Runway to Runway” program works.

The reason I view this as such a missed opportunity is because:

For example, check out this captivating video about Abu Dhabi:

If you didn’t know anything about Abu Dhabi, wouldn’t that instantly make you want to visit? Imagine if they could give the safety video a similar theme.

Etihad has also had some stunning ads that subtly feature their onboard products (especially the Residence), like this one:

Imagine if they could similarly integrate that into a safety video.

Bottom line

I guess the new video is better than the old video, which had no pizzaz. At the same time, I can’t help but feel like the new video is a lost opportunity. Rather than marketing their onboard products and city (which they’ve done an amazing job of in the past), they make it fashion focused, and many people won’t get the connection.

What do you make of Etihad’s new safety video?

(Tip of the hat to @jdeliens)

  1. Totally in disagreement, great commercial, very captivating and most important clear communication of the security measures. I am confused on where is the lost opportunity here. Anyhow keep up with the good work.
    Ciao Mirco

  2. I wonder if any of the participants live in Abu Dhabi…
    Couldn’t they find more diverse models/actors which reflects their country?

  3. Disagreee.
    Not a big fan of Etihad at all, but the video is pretty cool.
    In my mind the worst thing they could have done is have another desert-camels-tall building-shopping mall video. Yawn.
    Thinking out of the box is good.

  4. @Mike

    I agree, I dislike Etihad for various reasons, the main being that they’re shafting their customers, so it doesn’t really matter how swanky or clever their adverts are.

    Moreover, whilst I don’t claim to be an expert, aren’t they diluting their message in the first advert somewhat by advertising BMW, IWC, etc too? For a brand advert surely that’s a bit daft?

  5. I personally don’t like Etihad, thinking its customer service is the least friendly. Although I have flown mostly business class with them, I judge them by how they treat their economy class customers. Their coach class is one of the most congested and least spacious in the skies. Emirates is the same way. In comparison, Qatar has a better economy class product. Lucky, you need to consider the economy class experience before you review an airline. You are too much focused on business & first class.

  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this safety video. And I’m not the least bit interested in high fashion, either. But it certainly got my attention from start to finish with its slightly irreverent tone. EY sponsors high fashion events around the world and I totally ‘get’ why they would tie in at least one part of their overall product (i.e. the safety video) to highlight this fact; even most pax are not necessarily interested in the fashion world, per se. I agree its much better than previous safety videos; but I must disagree with your conclusion that its a ‘wasted opportunity’. A real waste would be sponsoring something and then NOT leveraging that sponsorship opportunity.

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