Etihad Is Now Selling First Class Pajamas In Economy

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Etihad has made changes recently to improve their financial performance, by trying to lower costs while increasing revenue. This has included canceling flights (like those from Abu Dhabi to Dallas and San Francisco), cutting amenities (like chauffeur drive and pajamas in business class), and testing out new concepts (like hand baggage only fares).

Well, Etihad has just announced their latest initiative, and it’s an interesting one. In addition to their range of duty free items, Etihad is introducing a buy on board selection on many longhaul flights. Don’t worry, Etihad isn’t going the direction of British Airways and eliminating complimentary food & drinks, but rather their new offerings are in addition to what they already offer.

Items for sale include champagne, cold brew coffee, and pajamas. Here are the details:

Paris, London and all Australian sectors in Economy Class:

Cold brewed coffee from Coffee Planet: USD 4 / AED 15 a glass

All long haul and ultra-long haul (except US) sectors in Economy Class:

Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut NV champagne: USD 8 / AED 30 per glass

All ULH sectors (except US routes) in all cabins:

Christian Lacroix male and female branded amenity kits with Omorovicza products: USD 22 / AED 80
Christian Lacroix branded sleepwear: USD 35 / AED 130

It’s sort of funny to see Etihad now selling pajamas and amenity kits in economy, when they cut pajamas from business class as of a few months ago. I wonder if business class passengers will be eligible to purchase pajamas now? 😉

Furthermore, in January 2018, Etihad will introduce a snack box for sale.

Here’s what Etihad’s VP of guest experience has to say about this new offering:

“Etihad Airways is always looking at new ways to give our guests more power and control over their experience, through options to customise and personalise their journey.

In addition to providing extra comfort and choice in the air, some of the items are great gift ideas, particularly in the run up to the holiday season. We will monitor guest satisfaction and aim to expand the range of items for sale in the future.”

Bottom line

On the plus side, Etihad is adding more options for passengers without taking anything away… for now. After all, basic economy was introduced under the guise of “giving guests more power and control over their experience.” Also, at some point you’re taking away the exclusivity of a premium cabin when you sell every little aspect of the experience to economy passengers as well. Then again, a more “a la carte” experience seems to be the name of the game in the airline industry nowadays.

However, all of these things are really up my alley, from the champagne to the cold brew to the pajamas to the amenity kit. Hell, if I were flying Etihad economy I might buy all four of them. While the pajamas make a cute gift, are you actually supposed to wear them in economy, or…?

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  1. What would be the point of selling PJs in economy? You’re supposed to change into them? Given the condition of the floor in the economy lavs? And this change will help you sleep in an economy seat?

    I guess it’ll be mostly people who will buy them as souvenirs.

  2. Not being annoying or anything, but I just redeemed miles for first class on Etihad AUH-JFK and I feel kinda of annoyed by this for people in economy can buy something from First. I feel like first should at least have a different amenity kit for I wanted to travel to Etihad Apartments to get a “Rare” amenity kit now I’m getting one that anyone can have.

  3. Why would anyone pay for airline PJs…? They’re made from low quality synthetics and largely made to be disposable.

  4. I think this is a great idea honestly. It provides a new revenue stream to the airline whilst allowing passengers to marginally improve their experience at a modest price. I don’t see how this would take away from the value of First since no one flies First for the sake of the PJs.

    Good work Etihad.

  5. What are the chances that they’ll come in my size? A good North American 4XL is hard to come by. [Insert fat joke here]

  6. The items for sale will sell well. Many economy travellers will buy them, wanting their friends and colleagues to believe they actually flew in first class.

  7. “It’s sort of funny to see Etihad now selling pajamas and amenity kits in economy, when they cut pajamas from business class as of a few months ago. I wonder if business class passengers will be eligible to purchase pajamas now? ”

    In the case of the pyjamas and amenity kits they explicitly say “in all cabins” so business class passengers can buy them – as can first. Seems they are a different model to the existing ones.

  8. Well they followed NZ and let you now bid for up to 3 extra empty seats (when space permits), so this way you can create a real “poor man’s flatbed” experience.

    (Or you can simply shotgun yourself a row of 4 ofcourse 😉 )

  9. I like the concept of tailoring your experience to your personal needs, although pajamas and amenity kits are on top of my list. And I don’t want to see the lines in front of the Econ bathroom when people try to change into jammies, so they can fully enjoy all 2in of recline…
    I think people will buy these as souvenirs and to show off to friends – in an age when people post photoshopped photos of them in places around the world, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  10. $22 for the amenity kit seems a bit ambitious, especially since Ethiad doesn’t pay anything close to retail (possibly not anything at all) for the contents. $35 for the pajamas might be a good deal, depending on the quality. But if you’re flying in Economy, why not just wear nice, soft sweatpants and bring a hoodie?

  11. Never realized that EY pjs were lacroix branded. The kit yes, but the pjs just seem very generic black cotton and the label says made for etihad. Are they changing pjs?

  12. If pyjamas and champagne were the only value adds to travel in premium cabins then buying biz and first class tickets would have to be out of their minds! I think it’s progrssive- all Travelers should have the opportunity to personalise their travel experience and to do this airlines need to get out of their English public school one size fits all mindset. I would be all for premium cabin meals to be available in economy as well. I just wish there was some unbundling in business class. I Guess that’s the next frontier.

  13. Not sure why the comparison with BA is there given BA haven’t taken away food and drink on long-haul flights. Really just seems like pointless bias.

  14. I agree with Tommy, your article is about how Etihad are allowing economy passengers on selected long-haul flights to buy on board selected items yet your comparison is to BA and their short haul buy on board. Their long haul economy product remains unchanged.

  15. “While the pajamas make a cute gift, are you actually supposed to wear them in economy, or…?”

    Or… will you change into your pyjamas then head up to First to hang out for the duration of the flight?! Could be confusing for staff…

  16. It never stops to amaze me how airlines try to find arguments in relation to quality, comfort, convenience, or to passenger service and flight experience when they start charging for something. Its totally hypocritical, as it does not need a rocket scientist to figure that they are desperately trying to find new revenue channels, given their financial turmoils.

  17. I’m not a BA apologist but again with the pointless BA comparison. Etihad is cheapening their brand if nothing else. Lets see some proper critique please.

  18. Cheap move. And belittling to people who fly business and first (why bother?).
    Another reason not to fly with them.

  19. They lost me when they dropped chauffeur drive. On my last 4 A380 flights with them the IFE was useless and full of aged content, the food was stale, service was fleeting if anything, and they’d chopped out all the extras they brought on when they were trying to compete with EK and QR. The only half decent thing with Etihad is the bathrooms… But given thats a whole 3 minutes of a 7 hour flight I’m not particularly bothered. Even the business class lounge at AUH had reduced food offering and non-existent service.

  20. @ CraigTPA – $35 Might be a good deal ? You probably had never had an airline PJ before. No matter what brand does it say on the PJ, Givenchy, Ferragamo, etc, they are all manufacture from the same company that made the amenity kits, just like the infamous Rimowa amenity kit, you really think they are made by Rimowa ? Get real ! Airlines can submit the design of the PJ and amenity kits, but in the end it is all about sewing the whatever logo and brand name onto some low quality cloth and bags. The material of Givenchy PJ you get from SQ F is nothing compare to clothes you can buy from a Givenchy retail store, no difference than EY or any airlines.

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