EPA Head Enlists Staff In Frantic Search For… Ritz-Carlton Toiletries?

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(Cue the Russian trollbots in the comments section!)

Scott Pruitt, the embattled Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has no shortage of scandals involving misuse of government funds and staff, abuse of power and petty grift (this is not even to mention that his singular goal with the EPA is to effectively dismantle it). He’s spent $105,000 on first-class commercial flights and even booked tickets on Delta in order to maintain his Diamond Medallion status, despite the government having a contract with another airline.

His latest scandal is… bizarre but does touch on a subject close to my heart (and Ben’s, and Tiffany’s). He, too, appears to be a hotel toiletry aficionado.

Yesterday the Washington Post reported that Pruitt ordered his taxpayer-funded 24-hour security detail to drive him to multiple Ritz-Carlton hotels in search of a moisturizing lotion he wanted:

While EPA security agents are required to protect Pruitt at all times — while he is working and during his off hours — the two individuals said the administrator had asked members of the detail to perform tasks that go beyond their primary function. In one instance, they said, he directed agents to drive him to multiple locations in search of a particular lotion on offer at Ritz-Carlton hotels.

While bizarre on all levels (as a friend noted, “This is so peak Trump — like, whose idea of luxury is that?”), it’s worth noting that the moisturizer is… not bad. Ritz-Carlton uses Asprey Purple Water amenities in their bathrooms.

But you can buy the lotion online through the Ritz-Carlton website. Apparently he wanted instant gratification.  Hey, dry hands can be rough like that.

And while there are certain hotel amenities I enjoy (like Ben, I hoard Parker Palm Springs amenities like a squirrel gathers acorns), I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d stroll into a hotel with no intention of booking a room and ask for some toiletries from the housekeeping cart. Much less multiple hotels (giving me the impression his request was denied at least one of them). I can only imagine his security detail zipping between Tysons Corner, Pentagon City, Georgetown and the West End of D.C., in frantic search of some Purple Water to appease their boss.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner (courtesy Ritz-Carlton)

And again, I repeat, it’s available online and in a full-sized canister.

But if not a taxpayer-funded security detail, who would be able to drive around the Washington metropolitan area in search of a very specific moisturizer?

Postmates, that’s who:

Brilliant on Postmates’ part, less so on Scott Pruitt’s…

  1. The Hay Adams hotel in downtown DC (literally across the street from the White House) is also a Ritz property that stocks that lotion.

  2. @Nawaid Ladak- the Hay Adams is NOT a Ritz Carlton property. It is privately owned and not part of the chain.

  3. Not a ‘Russian Troll bot’… but this isn’t travel related info/news. Commenting on political issues (while fun), especially when skewing to an obvious political view point has no place on this website. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but we come here to read airline, hotel, travel updates not to get our daily dose of biased media (whichever bias you may hold). I hope you all can stray away from this in the future and keep the blog focused on things we all love!

  4. Hey all- I love this blog, and I realize that there can be a wide berth for what is a travel enhancing post. And although I am absolutely no fan of the currently elected “king” and his imbecilic appointees, I think this post is really off course. Just my $.02.

  5. This is exactly what draining the swamp looks like, can’t lock up the coastal elite without an ample supply of Ritz Carlton amenities, the forgotten Americans of middle America understand that.

  6. Gist Shop? Amazon? Carlton website? That cost money. Not sure how the person can just walk into a hotel and start taking room amenities.
    other note; I don’t mind anti Trump notes and comments even I don’t agree most of them. just keep it civilized. “This is so peak Trump — like, whose idea of luxury is that?” not sure what Pruitt’s collecting “free” stuff using security detail has to do with Trump.

  7. Love how we highlight idiocy like that. Who cares if it’s travel or political..no harm throwing in some news like this once in awhile

  8. This isn’t nearly as weird as having his staffer try to buy a used mattress from the Trump hotel. No, really, that was a thing that happened too.

  9. Please Enough.

    As good Americans just do as you are told. The people in power, especially the southern whites have your best interest in mind. They might even quote some verses from that black book of gods word, the bible. Pruitt apparently is one of those. /s

    Only two kinds off Christians, the naive and dumb or charlatans and hypocrites.

  10. The fact that people have to preface their criticism with “I’m no fan of Trump”…kind of suggests the opposite. If you don’t like this article, then skip it. Travel toiletries have been written about extensively here.

    As a taxpayer I’d rather pay for him to buy Le Labo.

  11. @ Endre
    Your comments were well taken EXCEPT for you last sentence:

    “not sure what Pruitt’s collecting ‘free’ stuff using security detail has to do with Trump.”

    It has EVERYTHING to do with Trump. What gets some many peoples’ undies in a bundle is Trump’s unwillingness to hold his employees accountable for acceptable, decent behavior. If I had an employee doing what the EPA head is doing, he’d/she’d have lost their job a long time ago. Leadership is about setting the right example. Don’t get me wrong, although I’m not a Trump supporter, I do recognize a handful of things I feel he as done well. But the “we are in power and we will abuse the system” is not something this administration should be proud of.

    Scott Pruitt should be forced to ride in the overhead bin of a United flight along with the other dogs. See how I looped this back to the topic of travel?

  12. What’s the big deal, can’t drain the swamp without an ample supply of Ritz Carlton toiletries, I think the forgotten Americans of the heartland totally understand that.

  13. Totally agree with @JP. Reporting of this story by liberal media has been very biased. How can anyone question Pruit’s intentions? Have you considered, in his capacity as EPA head he may have been collecting samples to determine if they are the source of climate change?

  14. @debit

    “Only two kinds off Christians, the naive and dumb or charlatans and hypocrites.”

    One of the funniest things I’ve read today. Couldn’t agree more.

  15. But did he get the lotion? And as Pete mentioned, maybe someone should have directed him to the Park Hyatt to try the Le Labo lotion there. Although I heard that Obama once took Michelle to the restaurant there for their anniversary, so it’s probably off limits for the Trump cabinet.

  16. I love all the concern trolls in this comment thread full of consternation that news that is critical about a politician must be inherently biased. I’m sure they were full of the same sense of righteous indignation when the other party controlled the executive branch.

    For just a second, drop all the tribal loyalties and consider just how ridiculous this story is. Then consider that millions of taxpayer dollars are going towards funding this clown’s security detail/errand boys.

  17. Honestly if Eric Holder sent a security detail out for Le Labo, that would make for a sarcastic OMAAT post too. This isn’t partisan. Just because a story is humiliating doesn’t make it based because it humiliated a republican.

  18. I would not be shocked to hear that some idiot has made threats toward Scott Pruitt. That said, as a member of the United States of America presidential cabinet, he is entitled to a security detail. I’d rather have him out looking for lotion than young interns and a whole bunch of other things.
    I don’t see where this is an abuse at all. It seems to be politically charged. Not what I want to read on this blog. Either way.

  19. This is one of the BEST POSTS on this site in quite some time. The level of corruption in the current administration, and the willingness for the Teabaggers to look the other way all in their craven quest to create policies that enrich the rich and further impoverish the poor is sickening. Scott Pruitt is only the most visible example. That said, it will be a beautiful day indeed when wee see photos of Trump and his brood ACTUALLLLY LOCKED UP!!!!!!

  20. I guess he would not be in favor of Ritz Carlton putting the lotion in dispensers attached to the walls to help cut down on plastic waste.

  21. Hey Endre. You look like a Trump supporter. An older, selfish soulless bigot. Oops… did I say that out loud?

    Luckily for the owner and future of mankind, the new generation of intelligent normal compassionate people will be along to replace you and make the world a better place (not me by the way…I’m prob closer to your age… just have a semblance of a soul/ integrity)

    How’s that for civilized?

  22. I definitely wouldn’t drive around for that. The Purple Water amenities are some of my least favorites. The Etro bath salts from Boscolo though? I’m in for those.

  23. Between Ole Gunnar and Nevsky, these are true examples of humor at it’s best, bravo!
    Mark, if you are ever going to make it as a comedian, you are going to need hours of practice!
    “….I do recognize a few things he has done well.” Must be an inside joke?

  24. Here is the shit about manafort:

    h ttps://amp-reddit-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/8pm5jt/megathread_mueller_files_new_charges_against_paul/?amp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQECAEoAQ%3D%3D

    Both him and roger stone were close to Trump. Put this in context with trump ‘S actions.
    And these are the same republicans that are the party of national security.

    Next time you meet a republican talking about security or fiscal prudence punch them in the face. They are either too dumb to talk to or to deceitful to matter even if you tried. Break their nose.

  25. This story is cute, but let’s keep the politics out of travel advice. I can go other places for that. I come here to read about travel and will stop doing so if this is the type of garbage you are going to cover.

  26. Just checked. A Travel set is on sale at $35.00 each at Ritz Carlton website. Even cheaper at $10.00 on eBay!
    Guess there is a thriving under ground business for these toiletries..

  27. Where was your outrage during the last admin when Loretta Lynch was flying around in a private jet, meeting ex presidents whose wives were subject of a DOJ investigation? Or massive intl junkets in the name of “climate”, or frequent separate AF1/2 trips to hawaii? Oh but domestic F and toiletries are suddenly a national tragedy? You are a partisan hack and a sad joke.

  28. So much bias coming into this site now. Are you coming off the rails? Was this story vetted? Is it even true? You should stick to travel related things which you do so well.

  29. So WR2, if your only defense of this, let’s say totally weird behavior by a Cabinet Secretary, is “other side did it, too.” (1) you have already lost the argument, (2) you have no principle, (3) you are morally empty. Have a nice day.

  30. I have no problem with some off topic stuff but the only time Nick posts it’s extremely political I don’t mind some light jabs, but this isn’t a politics blog and it’s not Nick’s blog. This is liberal buzzfeed article no more, Nick if you want to make contributions make them meaningful.

  31. You’re exactly right, Jack. Seems like many bloggers want to be considered as real journalists, but simply can’t resist infusing their own snarky political views (and thus alienating large swaths of the blog’s readership).

  32. If you can’t tolerate bloggers covering factual events that make you uncomfortable, then the problem is with you, not them. We live in a free country, and these people are free to write about whatever they please. Even travel bloggers are American citizens, and entitled to discuss their government and its foibles. We also have a freely-elected government that is absolutely not exempt from coverage or criticism. You have no right to demand objectivity or censored stories just because you happen not to like what the stories tell.

    And you’re not really a paying customer. Just one pair of eyeballs among hundreds of thousands that come here each month. Your presence is not essential to Lucky’s operation, and you look ridiculous making demands as if he owes you something. If you don’t like what Lucky’s team writes, feel free to go somewhere else. And if you don’t want to read about Pruitt’s latest gross abuse of office, don’t click on this link when you come to OMAAT. No one forced you to read this article. If you want a bubble, go back to Fox News. The rest of us adults can handle news headlines that annoy us.

    I hope Lucky and the team stay strong and keep writing their hearts out.

  33. @James W,
    Well said, sir. The people wringing their delicate hands over this post and threatening never to come back just continue to tune in to the Fox News propaganda and let the brainwash continue.

  34. I am surprised that you rated Le Labo as your Number One choice in toiletries. When staying at the Fairmont at Lake Louise and Fairmont Chateau in downtown Banff, they offered Le Labo Rose, and I have to say it was THE WORST SCENT I have ever smelled. It was so offensive, I simple could not be near it without breaking out into a huge sneeze attack; all in our party agreed. I had to go and buy all new toiletries in the downtown Banff area. I actually wrote a letter to Fairmont Hotels when I returned home to NJ I was that annoyed. We paid a very large sum of money for the rooms at the Chateau part of the resort, and could not believe the overwhelming rose scent they choose for the hotel. Think of all people who are sensitive to obnoxious odors and scents… there are a huge amount of people that fall into this catagory… and after spending thousands to stay at that resort… there is no other unscented option that Guest services has on hand. Bad Customer Service and Bad choice of Toiletries.

  35. A comment left by ” Debit” is offensive to other site readers.

    It needs to be removed – within 24 hours.

  36. The sooner the miniatures are replaced with large, in-shower dispensers, the better. There is no serious attempt at recycling them, as far as I know , and I’ll bet 95% end up in landfill.

  37. How many times do we need to see the same article over and over again?

    Anyway – still far cheaper escorting this dude around in a car than it was flying insane Nancy Pelosi, her staff, and her brood around in military aircraft or flying the obamas to Hawaii in separate 747’s.

    But I do have to laugh at all the haters suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome )!!


  38. Your mad at this? Were you mad that Queen Michelle O had 24 servants her first year in office compared to Milania T’s 4. Were you mad when the Clinton’s traveled around the world handing out million dollar checks to punk dictators and their friends? Were you mad Pelosi used the Air force as her personal airline cracking thousand dollar bottles of wine paid for by the taxpayer? Probably not. Stick to travel. Politically your a dunce.

  39. The difference Chris is that you are woke, and mature enough not to be manipulated.

    This should be the only post I’ve ever disliked in my years as a loyal reader of OMAAT.

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