Enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight!

I’ve been looking forward to this Saturday night (or if you want to get technical, Sunday morning) for a long time, since daylight saving time is ending, which means an extra hour of sleep. Ah, nothing sounds better.

I made the rash decision of booking a mileage run for this weekend on Wednesday (such a great deal), so I’m traveling. On the plus side I’ll be on a PS redeye in business class tonight, which means I can get some decent sleep (and get to try out the new bedding!), but at the same time the hour time change means I’ll be sitting at JFK for an extra hour tomorrow morning, which doesn’t sound like fun.

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  1. Lucky,

    It’s neither plural, nor possessive — leave of the last ‘s’ for saving. Daylight SAVING Time!
    (Then again, we don’t save anything, we just move it around a bit…)



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