Emirates Is Introducing Free First Class Helicopter Transfers To Monaco

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Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the A380, with a total of 140+ of these planes on order. So while other airlines operating the A380 are super selective about the routes on which they deploy the plane, Emirates can afford to send them just about anywhere.

Emirates is adding A380 service to Nice, France

Emirates has announced that they’ll be introducing daily A380 service between Dubai and Nice as of July 1, 2017. This is just in time for the busy summer season, and makes Nice the second A380 destination Emirates will serve in France, after Paris.


The route is currently flown by a Boeing 777-300ER, so the A380 represents a 44% increase in capacity on the route.

The flight will continue to operate with the following schedule:

EK77 Dubai to Nice departing 8:45AM arriving 1:40PM
EK78 Nice to Dubai departing 3:40PM arriving 12:10AM (+1 day)

Emirates will include helicopter transfers for first class passengers

Emirates is known for offering complimentary chauffeur service for first and business class passengers at both their origin and destination.


In Venice Emirates they even offer a complimentary motor boat transfer.


Well, Emirates is taking it a step further in Nice. Nice Airport is popular with those going to Monaco, and one popular way to get from Nice Airport to Monaco is by helicopter. Monacair is the major operator in the market, and they offer six minute helicopter rides between Nice Airport and Monaco.


Going forward, Emirates is working with Monacair to offer helicopter transfers between Nice Airport and Monaco, in addition to a limousine service from Monaco’s heliport to their final destination. This service:

  • Is complimentary for first class passengers
  • Costs 79EUR for business class passengers
  • Costs 109EUR for economy class passengers

It’s not clear whether award passengers receive the service for free. Emirates’ normal chauffeur service is limited to passengers who have tickets issued by Emirates or Qantas, so I’m not sure the degree to which this is linked. It could be that you just have to show your boarding pass with Monacair, or it could be that they actually look at the details of your booking somehow.

As a point of comparison, it looks like Monacair’s normal fare is 160EUR per person, so the above represent significant savings over those prices, even for business and economy passengers.

Kudos to Emirates on this cool new offering, and on flying an A380 to Nice.

  1. When you say Qantas, so that include Qantas award bookings and but not Alaska award bookings?

  2. You just start adding video ads that autoplay? Please reconsider, they will seriously deter me from viewing site. I have Bloomberg TV on while browsing and opening up multiple blogposts just blewup my headset.

  3. @ Evan — We didn’t, and they’re supposed to be blocked. Did you happen to notice what advertiser so we can address it?

  4. The helicopter segment is likely issued via an interline ticket, so that would make it unlikely to be included with a reward ticket.

  5. How many helicopters do they have? During silly season (Formula 1 time) will they be able to cope? €109 for economy class fares is a bargain!

  6. Having used this service several times before, I can confidently say that there is no better way to arrive in Monaco on a bright and sunny day. It is a gorgeous and short flight along the cote d’azur.

  7. @Tiffany

    No I didnt. It sounded like Martha Stewart was narrating, I didn’t look at the video itself for long though (and its not currently on my browser)

  8. Some tour operators have an agreement with the Monaco tourism authority to offer the helicopter transfers (both ways in winter and one way in summer) and museum entry for free with flight and hotel packages of 2+ nights known as the “Passport to Monte Carlo”. Emirates is one of them, might be worth a look if travelling in Economy or business?

    British Airways holidays used to be a partner as we went in January 2016, club europe flights and 3 nights in a 4* hotel for £300 each in their sale INCLUDING the return helicopter transfers. Bargain!

    Seems BA are no longer a partner though 🙁

  9. Oh and in terms of baggage, when we went we had to collect our luggage and recheck at the helicopter desks in Arrivals. We were then escorted back through another hand luggage screening before being driven to the helicopters in a Mercedes van. Each helicopter seated 6 passengers, with passengers nominally distributed by weight – although we deliberately dawdled to ensure we were last on to get the best views out the side. Quick passport check at the little police booth at Monaco heliport then there was another Mercedes van in Monaco to drop you at your hotel.

    The landing into Monaco is amazing, it’s unbelievable you think you’ll never fit onto that little ledge jutting out into the sea!

    One thing to note will be luggage allowance as the helicopters don’t have as much capacity as an A380… Be interested to see how they are handling that?! I think we were limited to 1x 23kg bag each even though we arrived in Business with a much higher limit with BA. Didn’t impact us as we were only there 3 days.

  10. Does anyone know if the helicopter service will be available only after the A380 starts or can I use it before also?

  11. Fantastic news about the A380 service into Nice. I am going there in July but flying into Barcelona on the Emirates A380 as I avoid the Emirates B777 as it has a far inferior business class product. The helicopter service sounds great even at Euro 79 extra for business. Another great thing is that from the beachfront in Nice and the beach areas east and west you get a fantastic view of the arriving and departing planes usually Air France or EasyJet but the sight of an A380 coming in low over the Med will be a nice view, have to make sure I am on the beach one day between 1 and 4. Have seen a 747 at Nice but am surprised an A380 can land there and wonder if the airport has been upgraded to allow upper level boarding?

  12. Monacair is NOT the main operator in the Nice-Monaco market; Air Heli Monaco is as they are Monaco’s flag carrier and control 90%+ of this market.

  13. I’m getting denials from Emirates about this; first agent said it’s paid only. Second said it is comp, but only until Dec31, 2017.

    And no one wants to provide an eddress to verify.

    I notice too no mention of Monaco to Nice… only Nice to Monaco?

    Can anyone with recent experience comment?

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