Does Emirates Offer The Coolest Chauffeur Service Ever?

I always love when airlines include chauffeur service with first and business class tickets. But in looking at Emirates’ chauffeur-drive website, I think they deserve an award for taking this a step further with their Venice “chauffeur” service:


A motorboat chauffeur service? That’s it, my next Emirates trip will have to be to Venice!

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  1. @ LarryInNYC — Well right, but I don’t think it would be unreasonable for them to just not offer it given the special circumstances.

  2. @ Charlie

    WY, VS, EY, EK, DJ offer robust all situation Chauffeur to and from airport. Generally all F and J pax are covered (if prebooked, with certain on arrival booking allowed)

    AB, LY, and 9W, HM offer a “certain conditions apply chauffeur service”

    LH and QR offer Airport to Plane Transfers

  3. Probably goes without saying, but just in case…

    Vaporetti are less expensive than 1st class tickets. This is awesome for an award itinerary, but I wouldn’t suggest paying for first class to get this.

  4. DL offers in Dubai for Biz tix if you arrange through local DL ticket office (regardless of where booked). Believe SA does in Dubai as well.

    Last time in Dubai it was a brand new Audi A6 run through Europcar — nicer than the EK service.

  5. Yes, I always get a Range Rover xDXB – even in Y, cos I’m an IO. SYD is always a Mercedes S-Class or an Audi A6. Haven’t had the chance to experience an EK organised motor boat though…

  6. You are forgetting a first class ticket on EK runs ~$20k, that is US Dollars! How much is a motorboat ride gonna cost them? BTW, it’s Venice, a motorboat is just like a limo in other cities!

  7. @Travelista, when we were there last November I recall the price was 120 euros from our hotel to the airport.

    Definitely the way to travel if you’re leaving/arriving either early in the morning/later at night. Otherwise the vaporetto water bus does the job at a franction of the price.

  8. Actually to go to some places in Venice a boat is the only way to reach them šŸ™‚

    I hope you come visit Venice. The Hilton Mulino Stucky is wonderfull (I like it better than the Intercontinental Park Lane London, just saying ;))

    PS: If you need some help with Venice, drop me a line, I live in the area

  9. I took a private chauffered transfer from St Marks to the airport the other week. We had a great time as you are picked up in a nice speed boat. Our driver was great, he took us through the inner canals and when he came out on the other side we hit 40 mph in the big lagoon on our way to the airport. Standing on the back of the boat as we hit 40mph was a thrill as we were passing other boats and splashing the drivers.

  10. Is Emirates offer the chauffeur service for award tickets (First & Business) also?
    like the award tickets redeem from Alaska airline? Thanks so much!

  11. @ Flyer — Yep, absolutely is valid for award tickets as well, including those booked through partner airlines.

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