EgyptAir’s New 787 Business Class Seat Revealed

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In late 2017, EgyptAir placed an order for six Boeing 787-9s. This represented an exciting development for the airline, given that they didn’t otherwise have many new planes on order. Currently the airline uses A330s and 777s for their longhaul routes, which feature not-great business class seats.

EgyptAir 777-300ER

For example, their current best product is on the 777-300ER, where they have slightly angled business class seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. I had a pleasant flight with EgyptAir from Toronto to Cairo a couple of years ago, though it’s definitely not a cutting edge product.

EgyptAir’s 777-300ER business class

EgyptAir is expected to take delivery of their very first 787-9 this spring, and many of us expected they’d introduce a new business class. In January they started selling their first route to be operated by the 787, and the seatmap revealed that they would indeed offer a new business class product.

We knew that EgyptAir’s new 787-9s will feature 30 business class seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Before the end of the year, EgyptAir will be flying the 787-9 on all routes to North America, which includes their flights to New York JFK and Toronto, and their new flight to Washington Dulles, launching this summer.

Anyway, while EgyptAir hasn’t released renderings of the new seats yet, it looks like we now know exactly what they’ll offer. In a press release about EgyptAir’s new route to Washington Dulles, the following is noted, which is the first official mention of EgyptAir’s new business class seat:

EgyptAir is adding up to 45 new aircraft, including the Boeing 787-9, catering to both the needs of business and leisure travelers with 30 Super Diamond® fully flat business class seats, giving more privacy to our customers, in addition to a world class entertainment system, providing customers a more relaxed way to travel.

So as I expected, EgyptAir will offer B/E Aerospace Super Diamond reverse herringbone business class seats on their 787-9s. These are the most popular reverse herringbone seats out there, and so many airlines nowadays are selecting this as their new business class seat.

Super Diamond seat on American

Super Diamond seat on Virgin Australia

Super Diamond seats on Air Canada

This is a seat that’s pretty standardized across airlines, so the only thing that’s left to be seen is what kind of finishes EgyptAir will choose.

I look forward to trying EgyptAir’s new business class!

What do you make of EgyptAir’s choice to go with reverse herringbone seats on the 787?

(Tip of the hat to @JamesScott2)

  1. I have avoided them until now but with this and my work in East and North Africa they might become more attractive, especially if I can work in a couple days layover in Cairo after a work trip! Hopefully their soft product and safety will be of high standard and consistent too. I look forward to reading about the new service and planes once they are in service to see how they implement things.

  2. Now this is interesting and could be a game changer. Let’s see how the service goes. I am sure your already penciling in this one !!

    Let us know

  3. Herringbone seating configuration is my preferred one. Last time I few with such configuration on an AA 777 from Heathrow to Dallas the business class was simply amazing and so comfortable. I would only fly with such configuration if possible.

  4. I’m booked JFK-CAI-JNB this December 23rd, on an Aeroplan award. I think that this will make Egyptair a go-to for MENA, as their award availability is consistently very good (three seats during peak dates, and wide-open year round). I haven’t done a reverse-herringbone seat yet, so i’m very excited for this!

  5. Personally I’m still too concerned about their safety record to fly them, but it looks like a significant upgrade to their hard product

  6. I disagree with the level of praise this seat seems to receive. I flew in one on an AA 777 and found the small footwell to be far too restrictive. (And, on the whole, I think the seat was more cramped than some of the “older” seats I’ve tried.)

  7. Just completed a round trip from IAD to Cairo flying on Egypt air new 787-9 business class. It was great. The plane was very clean and new and very comfortable. Service was decent (4/5). They try hard to in business class but it is not Emirates or Qatar airways. However, I’ll fly it again with no hesitation whatsoever. I highly recommend if you like to fly business and save some money. There were 5 of us and we saved about $600 EACH compared to the next lowest business class fare on other airlines.

  8. Mr. Nader Abueteen,
    Thanks for your comments.
    I am going to fly in Business next month with Egypt Air. Were the seats full-flat-bed? How do you compare just the seats with other major airlines [I have been flying Business with British Air, Lufthansa & KLM]?

  9. Next month I’m going to fly to Cairo from Madrid (and back to MAD) on Egypt air’s new 787-9 business class. I’ll hope to have a great time, on these news boeings! I thank Lucky for his reviews (they always help me a lot) and you all for your comments. Btw, photos of the seats (Super Diamond) on MS, anyone?

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