Eastern Airlines Launching New York To Cabo Flights

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Eastern Airlines will soon be launching its first scheduled flight between the US and Mexico, and it’s a route that I think could do quite well.

What is Eastern Airlines?

Eastern Airlines is a US airline that operates a fleet of Boeing 767s, and now even has a 777 in its fleet. The airline has a long and rather confusing history:

  • Many may be familiar with the original Eastern, which was a major US airline from 1926 to 1991
  • In 2015, rights to the name of the airline were purchased, and Eastern started flying 737s to the Caribbean, including Cuba; less than two years later the airline went out of business
  • In 2017, charter airline Swift Air acquired Eastern
  • In 2018, Dynamic International Airways acquired the Eastern name upon exiting from bankruptcy, and rebranded as such

So yeah, super simple history, eh? 😉

Eastern’s New York to Cabo San Lucas flight

Eastern Airlines is expected to launch 2x weekly flights between New York and Cabo San Lucas as of August 29, 2020. The flight is expected to operate on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the following schedule:

Eastern 240 New York to Cabo San Lucas departing 9:20AM arriving 1:30PM
Eastern 241 Cabo San Lucas to New York departing 3:30PM arriving 11:40PM

The flight covers a distance of 2,408 miles in each direction, and is blocked at 6hr10min westbound and 5hr10min eastbound.

Eastern Airlines will use a Boeing 767-300 for the route. These planes have business class, and since most of them used to fly for Qantas, they still have the same business class seats they had at the time. Expect them to be similar to what you’d usually find in domestic first class.

How expensive are fares?

These flights are now bookable on Eastern Airlines’ website, though as of now reservations only seem to be open for travel starting in November. Fares are all over the place, and start at ~$200 roundtrip, which is a phenomenal deal.

However, that’s just introductory pricing, and in December I see fares starting at $650+ roundtrip.

This route seems like it has potential

Eastern Airlines is quirky. The airline primarily operates flights from Miami and New York to the Caribbean and South America, and the airline also operates charter flights.

However, the carrier’s expansion goals beyond that have been unconventional, to put it mildly:

By comparison, New York to Cabo San Lucas seems like an incredibly logical route, and I’ve always been confused by how little service there is in the market:

  • Yes, Cabo San Lucas is a bit further from New York than the Caribbean or Cancun
  • At the same time, if you ask me, Cabo San Lucas is way cooler than Cancun
  • There are lots of seasonal/weekend premium leisure routes out of New York that do pretty well

Anyway, it seems to me like this route could work quite well. The only other airline operating a similar route is United, which flies 737s between Newark and Cabo seasonally with limited frequencies.

I do think Eastern may struggle compared to United, given the bigger planes and lack of name recognition.

Bottom line

Eastern Airlines will start flying twice weekly between New York and Cabo San Lucas, making it the first airline to operate in the market. This will be Eastern Airlines’ first scheduled flight between the US and Mexico.

Given Eastern’s history, I guess we’ll have to see if this route actually launches, and if it does, how long it lasts.

Meanwhile I’m still looking forward to seeing what Eastern does with its 777…

What do you make of Eastern’s New York to Cabo San Lucas route?

(Featured image courtesy to SymphonicPoet)

  1. The main drag on Cabo when compared to the Caribbean is the rough water and not really any nice beaches (when compared to Caribbean). I think One&Only has one of the only “swimmable” beaches in the entire area. Coming from NYC, if I want a short beach vacation, Cabo is always an after thought. This is not to diminish Cabo – I’ve had a great time every time I’ve gone.

  2. I agree with @Peter. The one or two public beaches are far from road, no facilities for food or drinks, you have to drag your stuff a good distance. On the Atlantic side you aren’t allowed to go into water due to strong undercurrent. There are signs everywhere of high penalty if you touch the atlantic water. The town is cool, but there are very cool towns that are much closer to NYC

  3. for some weird reason, this airline sounds like Global Ghana Airlines (although Eastern is a legitimate airline)

  4. Does this mean that there is no restrictions on vacationing in Cabo/Cancun/Cozumel for us in USA? I was looking at Dept. State website and it was saying that non-essential travel Mexico is prohibited. Do I miss something? I wouldn’t mind to spend an extended weekend in Mexico.

  5. @Alex_77W – AFAIK, Mexico was never closed for travel, at least by air. All resorts are now open for tourism and apparently it’s a great time to go with smaller crowds.

  6. @Alex_77W, Mexico has no COVID related restrictions/requirements on US citizens entering.

    And the US State department’s “Do not travel to Mexico due to COVID-19.” is only an advisory, not a prohibition.

  7. Reading this from the Montage Los Cabos. Swimmable beach here, and also very swimmable at the new Four Seasons on the other side of the peninsula. Aman will open a resort at the same complex as the FS within next couple years. By the way, One&Only Palmilla sold, it will not reopen as a One&Only. Lots of things happening here at the moment. Nonetheless, feels very safe and similar to Bens experience in Bodrum

  8. I stayed at the Sheraton Grand in Cabo and recall a very nice sand beach (unless I am confused but doubt it). Anyway, it was a great trip: Nice downtown, nice art, good food and good diving: Not Cozumel but good. Also, the hotel took good care of us.

    If I still lived in NJ, I’d love to take the Eastern flight….Just for the memories of the original EA. I got my Infinite Elite status mainly from EA and but also CO which has morphed into Lifetime 1K.

  9. Hilton also has a swimable beach, but agree that they are rare in Cabo. Surprised to hear of so many others. I didn’t think the Sheraton had one, but I haven’t stayed at the Sheraton in a few years.

    I’m a big fan of Cabo, but my travel there has always been in conjunction with a visit to family in California or a destination wedding. From NYC its a bit of a stretch when the Caribbean is so much closer.

    @Endre, do you mean Pacific side? No Atlantic Ocean near Cabo.

  10. @Sam the Montage is on my bucketlist, seems AMAZING & ofc the beach looks beautiful. what are your thoughts so far? ive heard only great things, and I know many celebs have stayed there.

  11. @Sam where are you getting your update on One&Only Palmilla selling? I work very closely with them and have not heard or seen anything about that. Furthermore, I just received an update on their Mandarina (Riviera Nayarit) property, where they address it as O&O’s second Mexico property.

  12. Many New Yorkers are so happy to hear of a direct flight to SJD from JFK. It will make the trip very doable. It is a beautiful area and we go from Long Island every year for 2 weeks!!!!

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