You’ll Soon Be Able To Earn Delta Elite Miles On WestJet

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Delta and WestJet recently announced their intentions to form a transborder joint venture. Assuming the joint venture is approved, Delta and WestJet will be able to coordinate schedules, fix fares, etc., on transborder flights. This will certainly make Delta more competitive in Canada, given that Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, partners with United.

When joint ventures are introduced it typically translates to more benefits for frequent flyers. This is something Delta is especially good at as part of their global domination strategy, as they introduce reciprocal upgrades and benefits whenever possible, when traveling on their joint venture partners. The catch is that joint ventures also typically lead to higher fares, as they’re the equivalent of eliminating a competitor.

While the joint venture hasn’t yet been approved, Delta will begin awarding elite qualifying miles for travel on WestJet as of January 1, 2018. While the two airlines already partner, their cooperation isn’t currently that comprehensive — you can only earn redeemable miles for travel on WestJet, and award redemptions on WestJet were only introduced earlier this year.

Here’s the current SkyMiles earnings chart for travel on WestJet:

Here’s the new earnings chart for travel on WestJet:

On the plus side, you’ll be able to earn Delta MQMs and MQDs for WestJet flights, which wasn’t possible before. You won’t be able to earn your Medallion elite mileage bonus, but I suspect that will be introduced once the joint venture is approved.

However, there’s also some bad news. Delta is significantly decreasing the number of redeemable miles you earn for traveling on WestJet in many fare classes. The cheapest economy fares go from earning 50% miles to earn 25% miles, and even the most expensive fares go from earning 125% miles to earning 100% miles.

It looks to me like these changes were actually made a while ago (the same time that Delta announced other mileage earning changes for partners as of January 1, 2018) but I didn’t pick up on it at the time. However, I think this is interesting enough that it warrants its own post.

In cases these changes result in a loss of redeemable miles compared to the old chart, you can request the mileage difference as long as you booked prior to October 26, 2017, using the mileage request form.

Ultimately this is a positive development for Delta elite members who value miles towards elite qualification, while for most travelers it will result in a decrease of the redeemable miles earned.

Delta’s most surprising partner mileage earning situation continues to be that flights on Korean Air don’t earn any sort of MQMs or MQDs with Delta SkyMiles, even though they have a pending joint venture. Hopefully that changes once the joint venture is fully approved, but in the meantime I’m surprised they haven’t at least made some minor positive changes there.

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  1. Plus seats? lol I highly doubt it! WestJet is the epitome of hypocrisy. WestJet is a LCC with Economy only seating. Crappy connections too. (once tried to fnd a flight from PHX-YLW, less than 3 hours direct, WestJet was happy to get me home in 2+ days) Completely “a la carte”, ridiculous pricing, liars, exactly what they loathed when the started using the Southwest model when they took to the air on February 29th, 1996.

    I can imagine Delta Elites will appreciate flying across Canada or to/from the United States in cramped economy. At least they will get Sky Miles while they enjoy their non-complimentary drink and snacks. Flying to Europe should be a blast on a 737 or if you are really lucky maybe you can get onto one of their 25 year-old 767’s plagued with mechanical issues and you are so lucky to be stranded for days while they source the parts. You will still have to pay for your meal too, even in Plus, but Plus does have the added benefit of being able to order your meal (still a cost) before departure.

    Can’t imagine a LCC starting an ULCC. (Swoop) How could they possibly make it any worse? At the same time they are buying 10 Boeing 787’s to reach into the South American & Asian markets. Can’t wait to see that offerng.

  2. @James: only 2 days? lol I had YOW to YYZ and they cancelled the flight and said they can get me in YYZ in 2 days because they were “full” unless I was willing to pay almost $1000. I got them to finally get me a Via Rail ticket. A friend was on one of those 767s coming back from London. They were delayed a day and did NOTHING to help anyone with hotels or food or even a high five!

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