You Can Now Redeem Delta SkyMiles On WestJet

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For a few years now, Delta and WestJet have had a partnership, allowing you to earn Delta SkyMiles for travel on WestJet.


WestJet is a “Group 4” SkyMiles partner, which means that you can’t earn Medallion Qualifying Miles or Medallion Qualifying Dollars for travel on WestJet, though you can earn redeemable miles, which is better than nothing.


Well, Delta and WestJet have expanded their partnership, as it’s now possible to redeem Delta SkyMiles for travel on WestJet. Per the SkyMiles News & Updates page:

For travel beginning March 28, 2017 and beyond, SkyMiles Members can now redeem miles on WestJet-operated flights across WestJet’s network. All SkyMiles Award Tickets will be booked into WestJet’s Economy class, and Members may purchase upgrades into WestJet’s Plus (premium economy) class at check-in.

SkyMiles Members can continue to earn miles on WestJet-operated flights. Learn more about earning with WestJet.

WestJet offers scheduled service to more than 100 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. The airline has hubs in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. Delta and WestJet have been codeshare partners since 2012.

WestJet award tickets are bookable directly on Delta’s website, and availability seems to be quite good.

The best part is that you can include Delta and WestJet on a single award ticket, which opens up a lot of destinations in Canada that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible using SkyMiles. For example, I’ve been wanting to fly into Gander, which WestJet offers the best service to. Now I could book a single award ticket that includes a Delta flight to Toronto, as well as a WestJet connection in Toronto.

WestJet’s fleet consists primarily of 737s, and they don’t have a business class cabin on those flights. Think of WestJet as being Canada’s Southwest — they’re generally well regarded, known for having good service, but also aren’t really “full service.”

Bottom line

While I’d rather see Delta SkyMiles add Etihad as a partner and allow redemptions in The Residence, this is still a cool development. Delta is pretty weak in Canada (Air Canada is in Star Alliance, while Delta is in SkyTeam), and the only partnership they’ve had up there has been with WestJet. It’s great to now be able to redeem miles on WestJet, in particular to be able to mix award tickets for travel on both Delta and WestJet.

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  1. Westjet is a solid airline for non-premium, infrequent travelers. They’re upfront and consistent about the product, but offer essentially no benefits that compare to a traditional frequent flyer program. Personally I avoid them, but I can see why they have a loyal following among the holiday crowd.

  2. As a Canadian, I would say Westjet is closer to Jetblue than Southwest. I know Jetblue is trying to get into the premium market but very similar otherwise.

  3. This is solid news, thank you for the write up. I too have been looking to visit Newfoundland and jump off for a quick visit to Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Availability looks pretty solid between Delta and West Jet to make that happen with low level miles.

  4. What booking code is a WS award?
    I see shows it as Y, even on a saver 12.5k award but something doesn’t seem right. Any other way besides to check award space?

  5. Since most Canadians likely get their SkyMiles via Amex MR redemption at a rate of 1,000 MR to 750 SkyMiles, the 12,500 o/w cost translates to 16666.67 MR points. Meh.

    As much as I don’t care for Aeroplan, I likely would only consider Delta/WestJet for trips I couldn’t otherwise book on Aeroplan due to lack of seat or a specific flight.

  6. I was looking for WS flights to FLL next feb on the delta site and none of the WS flights popped up – even though there are economy seats on the WS site – how is this working because that is not a good sign

    But saw openings to London on WS – on $54cdn in fees – much better than aeroplan!

  7. seems like if you search a non-stop WS route from USA-CAN it won’t show availability, but if you search an extra leg then you find it, for example:
    If you search JFK-YYZ you’ll find nothing available on the non-stop, but if you search ATL-YYZ, you’ll see an option via JFK, with the second leg being the WS flight.

    Also, further to my last comment about the booking code, it seems like when a combined DL and WS itinerary is shown, it shows Y for WS but when you search a single domestic Canadian WS segment, you find it in T class, so I assume T class is their redemption class

  8. I flew WJ back in 2007 from Victoria, BC to Edmonton to PHX. Really fun and friendly service attitude from the FA’s….enjoyed the flights. I recall them telling jokes as part of the safety briefing. I also recall them telling me it was an employee-owned airline. While I always prefer to fly on airlines with full alliance benefits, if that was not available then I wouldn’t hesitate to choose WJ.

  9. I disagree with the comment that it is not a good use for Membership Rewards points for Canadians (who only get a 1:0.75 ratio for transfers to Delta vs. 1:1 for AC and BA). You also have to factor in the fees associated with award tickets. For example, I looked at a YOW-YYC roundtrip. Fees with Delta on Westjet were C$73.60. Fees with Aeroplan on AC were C$197.26. So for a 25,000 mile award it would cost 8,333 more MR points but save C$123.66, which really isn’t too bad (although I agree there are higher-value uses). This might actually get me to use the MR points I’ve accumulated because I don’t have much use for Aeroplan as I have tons of UA miles (and 1K status) for my Star Alliance needs.

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