Daily Getaways Is Returning In 2018

Daily Getaways is a promotion, sponsored by the US Travel Association, which has been offered annually since 2011 to encourage US tourism. The promotion has consisted of all kinds of travel packages, including offers on car rentals, hotel stays, loyalty program points, and theme park admission. Here’s an example of some of the 2017 travel packages.

It was a great promotion when it was first offered several years back, though over the years the deals have gotten worse and the competition for the best travel packages has increased exponentially. Nowadays it’s almost like a lottery to pick up one of the better packages, and that’s not even accounting for the deals getting worse.

It has just been confirmed that Daily Getaways will be returning in 2018, and we now know the basic details:

  • A preview of Daily Getaways packages will be available on April 2, 2018
  • The live sale of Daily Getaways packages will begin on April 9, 2018

As of now we don’t yet know what the 2018 packages will look like, though based on what we’ve seen in past years I would possibly expect to see discounts on purchased World of Hyatt points, Starwood Preferred Guest points, discounted Marriott gift cards, Las Vegas hotel packages, and more.

Bottom line

Once the preview is made available in several weeks I’ll be sure to post again, though in the meantime it’s good to know that Daily Getaways will be returning in 2018. However, I don’t have especially high hopes. Many of the packages just aren’t worthwhile, and those that are worthwhile sell out within moments. I’m guessing the best offer will be from Hyatt, since they usually sell points at an attractive cost through Daily Getaways.

(Tip of the hat to Loyalty Traveler)


  1. The miles and points game is a moving target. Daily Getaways was amazing initially but the travel industry was in decline due to the economy. The opportunities associated with the promo are not amazing but the opportunities are easy pickings. Some of the offerings are for miles or points seldom offered elsewhere such as the car rental companies.

  2. I’ll get some Marriott gift cards if I can.. got some resort fees to pay on a June trip booked with Marriott points.

  3. I was lucky enough to get a $1,000 Orbitz promo code for $650, I think it was, which is a good savings on a hotel stay. You have to be pretty fast (and lucky) on the computer but there are some good deals in Daily Getaways.

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