The Craziest Landing Video I’ve Ever Seen

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Over the years I’ve posted lots of crazy airplane landing videos, though this has to be the craziest one yet. For the past couple of days Storm Friederike has been passing through Europe with some very high winds, and it caused chaos for many forms of transportation.

I was flying last night from Zurich to Geneva, and while that wasn’t the direct path of the storm, it was the bumpiest flight I’ve had in years. So I can only imagine how bad this was for those directly impacted by the storm.

Dusseldorf Airport seems to have its fair share of crazy landings, and I’ve seen dozens of landing videos from there over the years. From A380s to small props, no planes are immune from Dusseldorf’s winds. For example, in the past I’ve shared this video of an Emirates A380 landing at Dusseldorf Airport:

However, that pales in comparison to some of the footage that was posted from yesterday. Check out this video of a Eurowings Dash 8 landing at Dusseldorf Airport yesterday:

Wow, wow, wow. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like in that cabin. The video suggests there may have been winds of up to 110 kilometers per hour. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, and I imagine if the winds were actually that strong, they must have been closely aligned with the runway, or else it would have exceeded the plane’s limits.

Regardless, those pilots know what they’re doing, that’s for sure.

If you want to see more from the same YouTuber from yesterday, see this video:

(Tip of the hat to Brian)

  1. Love it. Nice job by the pilots! @lucky have you seen Lukla airport in Nepal? You should fly there purely for the experience.

  2. Nope! No thanks. There are not enough little white bags near me for that kind of a landing.
    Amazing job by the pilots.

  3. Thanks for The interesting video…
    I recall flying the Ponte Aero from Sao Paolo
    to Rio from a runway that was built on a plateau
    With the tail of the Electra, where I was sitting
    positioned over the cliff…
    On landing in Rio in heavy winds, the runway ‘apron’
    extended into the bay,,,
    We gave the young German appearing pilot, a
    Round of applause…

  4. I agree with Jennifer, that “landing” was not ok. It was not done by a great pilot but rather a pilot who should have known better. There are minimum meteorlogical conditions under which an airplane should execute a go-around or seek an alternate airport to land at. Safeguarding his/her passengers at all times was the job of this pilot or any pilot. Gambling with their lives is not part of the the job description. This is beyond what German pilots like to call “sporty”, it was dangeous, needlessly so.

  5. Question is should the pilots risk it? I’m glad they made it safely but there’s always what if… I wonder if that landing was a reasonable risk to take.

  6. Accident looking for a place to happen ! The airplane is all over the sky and doesn’t have the final approach path nailed down ——- should have gone around or better yet proceed to the alternate ! That said !
    Reckless pilot & poor judgment ! In the back of his head his thought — “. If the other guys
    ahead of me did it , I can also do it ….” !
    I’ve seen my share of accidents —— sadly also fatal ones springing off from this type of thinking !

  7. Yeah absolutely was reckless to push on with this landing. As you can see, the aircraft is at the mercy of nature getting pushed around the sky.

    If he wasn’t so lucky, a gust could have chucked him off the runway and he’d be powerless to stop it – Just as he was during most of the approach.

    The difference is, in the air, you have time to correct it.

  8. Just another day at Wellington, NZ in a decent northerly. Dash 8s are notorious for undercarriage collapses – perhaps this is why. The purple one looked like FlyBE – they get plenty of practice at landings like this coming into Birmingham.

  9. Dash 8: Go around? You think it would’ve gotten any better? I doubt it and maybe he already HAD gone around. Also, maybe the alternate had worse weather? Sometimes you do what you gotta do and it is what it is. A perfect stabilized approach would be impossible with those gusts. I’m a pilot and can tell you that pilot did a GREAT job.

  10. @Bob – I’m glad I don’t know you in real life, and I’m assuming that you’re not an ATP, so I’ll never fly with you.

    Yours is a cowboy approach that gets people in airplanes killed. Fundamentally, that wasn’t a stabilized approach and every major air carrier in the world says that you go around if you’re not stabilized. Take a look at other videos by the same youtuber on the same day – there were dozens of GA’s.

    That pilot flew in from Bologna – the winds shouldn’t have been a surprise. If the pilot flew their way into a situation where they had no alternates with appropriate winds and was forced to land in those winds, than that’s nothing but poor airmanship – whether they managed to land it or not. They’re paid not to paint themselves into corners like that.

    Take a look at this presentations explaining in a few dozen slides precisely why you’re wrong.

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