INSANE Emirates A380 Crosswind Landing Video

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It amazes me how safe flying is. Not because I don’t trust the technology or people involved, but rather because of the sheer number of planes that fly every day, and because of all the conditions that flights deal with.

So I’m not meaning to suggest that a crosswind landing is dangerous, but rather that watching crosswind landing videos reminds me just how safe flying is, and how much responsibility pilots have. I’ve shared many crosswind landing videos in the past, like this crazy crosswind landing at Prague Airport that caused a go around:

Or these turboprops just being thrown around on approach at Birmingham Airport:

Well, a new video has emerged of an Emirates A380 landing at Dusseldorf Airport, which shows some of the craziest side-to-side movement that I’ve seen of a heavy jet after landing. When the plane is on approach it looks like a pretty standard crosswind landing that’s fully under control, but the real craziness comes after the plane lands. Check it out:

Apparently the video is from yesterday’s Emirates flight from Dubai to Dusseldorf, which landed while storm Xavier was passing through Germany. I can’t get over how much the plane moves side-to-side after landing, and can’t imagine what it must have been like to be a passenger on the flight.

Kudos to the pilots for an incredible landing!

  1. I’m no aviation expert, but I wonder if you could get one to weigh in on whether that is in fact a safe landing or not. Seems like it probably is, but I’m not sure.

  2. To me, what’s even crazier is the variation in side-to-side movement between the front of the plane and the rear. Folks in the back rows, both top and bottom decks, were getting THROWN around while the front stayed comparatively stable.

  3. It looks like there was some additional and sudden wind shear right after the main gear touches down, and while the plane was still flared. At that point, with the gear down, the spoilers coming up, etc., a go-around isn’t really an option, I would think. Good job on the pilots for dealing with it.

  4. It looks the right #3 engine almost hits the runway – way too close for an “incredible” landing, more like a near catastrophe. Thankfully everything worked out.

  5. I hate flying during the period of season change that cause more hurricanes and bad weather. I had a few experiences when the plane kept circling in the sky and can’t land, then give up and have to fly to somewhere else to land. It’s nerve wrecking when your one of the passengers inside the lane.

  6. Kudos to the pilots? This is a result of over-correcting. Several times. Most pilots would do better. Just smoother corrections. (yes I am a pilot, flying Boeing)

  7. Well… i would not congratulate them for the correctionS… but well, most important everybody is safe but “Kudos to the pilots?” >> certainly note.

  8. to whom it may concern
    I believe someone commented this just happened yesterday in Duseldorf A/p
    With this carrier. ODDLY I saw the same footage. With the same .many many
    Months ago. Are u sure unless this has occurred with the same carrier two
    Times in a row it’s not insane its the Airline world. there is more to aviation
    Then just flying in so called FC these days. BITTE

  9. Mark called it. Watch the video and pay particular attention to the rudder as the pilot flares the landing. Hard left rudder and he keeps it hard left through the touchdown. He’s supposed to straighten it out once the plane aligns with the runway.

  10. Well, unlike many of the other posters I’m not really shocked by the DUS A380 landing. I am about the PRG B737 one, though.

    The final approach of the A380 was reasonably stable. After touching down. the pilot kicked the side rudder (it’s controlled by pedals), as he has probably done a thousand times before. At this very moment, the cross wind component was less, so the plane sort of over reacted. Well, the pilot what he’s supposed to do, he kicked the rudder the other direction … and repeated this until the plane was aligned. At the same time he (or the computer) did not forget to apply the thrust reverse. So yes, it was at limits, but perfectly fine from my point of view.

    The PRG 737, in contrast, was at risk of crashing the wing ..

  11. “Kudos to the pilots for an incredible landing!”

    Really? You’re praising pilots who put people at risk by overcontrolling the aircraft in such a violent way?


  12. Keep positive that everyone’s safe and fine. Instead of technology and human skill, we can learn there’s always unpredictable things beyond our control.

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