CNN: A flier strikes back

I realize I’m over a week late on this story, but I saw the first mention of it today. This is the kind of story I love to read:

(Fortune Magazine) — On Feb. 21, 2008, Mitchell Berns heard every flier’s two least favorite words: weather related. Citing snow, Delta Airlines was canceling his flight from Las Vegas to New York City and rescheduling him for a redeye connecting in Boston. With 47% of all delays so far in 2008 caused by weather (up 5% from last year), most fliers can relate. And they know that normally this story ends with a bleary-eyed tale recounted the next day at the water cooler. Not this time. It ends in court, with our traveler $838 richer.

The conclusion is what I really love:

When a legal analyst from the airline called him two weeks later to negotiate a payment, he declined an offer of frequent-flier miles (“Confederate currency,” in his words) and made a counteroffer: If you pay me within two weeks, I’ll knock $100 off. Delta agreed but asked for a confidentiality agreement. Berns said they couldn’t have both, and Delta took the discount. (A Delta spokesperson did not respond to repeated requests for comment.)

I’m sure Delta’s regretting that decision pretty badly! Seriously, what were they expecting the guy to do when he didn’t agree to the confidentiality agreement?  Is Delta that desperate for $100? STOO-PID!

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