My $250 Citi Prestige Airline Credit Posted For 2016

Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

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While the Citi Prestige® Card has a $450 annual fee, it also offers a $250 annual airline credit which greatly helps offset it. Based on my personal account of that perk, it more than cuts the “out of pocket” on the annual fee in half, which is incredible given all the other benefits of the card.


The Citi Prestige airline credit which can be applied towards virtually any airline purchase. Per the terms, the $250 credit can be applied towards the following:

Airline Fees are defined as purchases made with airlines including Air fares, baggage fees, lounge access and some in-flight purchases

So even purchasing an airline ticket or paying the taxes on an award ticket would qualify towards the $250 credit. Credits don’t get much more “good as cash” than that!

Paying the taxes for a Singapore Airlines Suites Class award ticket can be reimbursed

The Citi Prestige airline credit is on an annual basis, though it’s not strictly based on calendar years. Instead you get one airline credit between your December billing cycle through the following December. Here’s how that’s defined in the terms:

This statement credit is an annual benefit available for purchases appearing on your billing statements from December through the following December. Pending transactions that do not post in your December billing cycle will count towards the next year’s Air Travel Credit.

My billing cycle closes on the 19th of each month. I had used my 2015 airline credit around the middle of last year, so my airline credit for 2016 reset on December 19, 2015. I purchased an airline ticket using the card on December 20, 2015. My statement finally closed a couple of days ago, and as expected my $250 airline credit posted:


As was my experience last year, the $250 airline credit seems to post on the date that your billing cycle closes where you make the eligible purchase.

Like I said, this is only one of the many reasons to consider the Citi Prestige Card. The card has a $450 annual fee, and by my accounting, this $250 credit basically lowers my “out of pocket” to $200 per year. For that I get so many great benefits, including:

Bottom line

The annual airline credit offered on the Citi Prestige Card is the most generous such benefit offered by any card, in my opinion. Being able to use the credit towards virtually any airline purchase is tough to beat. If you haven’t yet used your 2016 airline credit, be sure to take advantage of it soon, as you might as well get that cash back in your pocket.

Have you used your 2016 Citi Prestige Card airline credit yet?

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  1. You may have already addressed this, but will the $250 credit cover airline giftcards purchased directly on airline websites?

  2. Love this benefit and had a similar experience to you. Booked a ticket on December 30th and when my statement closed, the $250 credit had posted. I have now received $500 in airfare credits for one $450 annual fee (not to mention the Admirals Club access and two upcoming reservations with the fourth night free benefit).

    It’s worth pointing out that the individual purchases don’t have to be at least $250. I had two separate charges for $216.20 and got the full $250.

  3. My credit posted as well! It is awesome because the benefit repeats. I’ve had some trouble getting the statement credit for the fourth night free in the past so it is nice that this credit posted on time! It is a great card overall. I wonder if they will add the additional card holder AA lounge access like on the AA Executive Card? Have you heard anything about that?

  4. Question:

    I just received two targetted AmEx business Gold offers in the mail for two business entities I own. I’ve already received an AmEx business Gold sign-up bonus but through another entity. Does anyone know if I can still get the signup bonus? I know AmEx personal is once in a lifetime per person but not sure about AmEx business with different EIN’s. Thanks

  5. @Ben – got my credit back in 2015 and just got my 250$ back in Jan 2016 at the end of my Jan statement. so that 500$ back before the annual statement comes due .. and as you said, not to mention the global entry refund of $100, which I used to for my wife + access to the Admirals club.. not a big fan of the 4th night free.. but overall this card is priceless

  6. @ Ali,

    Read the fine print of the offer. It will tell you any restrictions. I’ve had two Bus Golds in the last 3 years @75k MR each.

  7. Only complain I have is the build quality..After several months of light use, all the texts on the front are gone..:(

  8. Worth repeating that if you already have Global Entry, you can use the card to pay the $100 application fee for someone else and then receive full credit for it. I treated my neighbor.

  9. It states in terms that to get the 4th night free you must book on Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Anyone have experience with them and how good they are to use? I have always done my own bookings so wonder if doing myself might result in the same bottom line has using Carlson Wagonlit Travel for the 4 night reservation?

  10. Please note that you are not getting the $250 benefit twice for one annual fee, unless you do not renew the card but manage to squeeze the 2nd charge in on the last statement.

  11. I currently have the Citi Executive card, if I switch to this, will I still get the 50,000 thank you points? Also does it also have no foreign transaction fees? I primarily live abroad and that’s a huge benefit. It seems like this card has way more benefits than my executive, so I probably should switch before it renews. My only worry is that since i’m already a Citi user that I won’t get the thank you points for signing up

  12. Yes, I received the 50k points although I have the other CITI cards, and the Prestige card has no foreign exchange fees.

  13. There is a rarely mentioned side benefit that I did not know about when I applied for the card – and even without it, it’s a great card. With it – well, read!

    Each cardholder gets three free rounds of golf at TPC course in the US and a lot of courses around the world. We are going to Portugal in May and the travel agent had set up two rounds of golf at high-level courses – one at the Ritz affiliate in Sintra and one in the Algarve. Guess what – they are on the list and I was able to cancel and rebook for free. This is something I was willing and ready to pay for that is now included in my annual fee. The value of those two rounds is almost $400 and I still have one more round I can play in the US. Add that to the airline credit and it’s a no-brainer!

  14. Have any body renewed the card and get some extra bonus miles or goodies for renewing the card ? Thanks for sharing your experience !

  15. current retention offer is $50 credit per month for 7 months with $1500 monthly spend requirement. to get credit for that month.

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