Expedia Partnering With Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal

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Chase Ultimate Rewards is one of my favorite points currencies. There are two ways you can best redeem these points. My personal favorite way is to convert Ultimate Rewards points into airline or hotel points with one of their roughly dozen partners.

Aer Lingus Aer ClubIHG Rewards Club
Air France/KLM Flying BlueMarriott Bonvoy
British Airways Executive ClubWorld Of Hyatt
Emirates Skywards
Iberia Plus
JetBlue TrueBlue
Singapore KrisFlyer
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
United MileagePlus
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Alternatively, you can efficiently redeem Ultimate Rewards points as cash towards the cost of a travel purchase. This needs to be done through the Chase Ultimate Rewards online travel portal, and the value you get per point varies based on the most premium Ultimate Rewards card you have:

In general I’ve found the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal to be fairly decent, though it was announced today that Chase is making some changes to this.

CNBC reports that Chase is partnering with Expedia to run their online travel portal going forward. As part of this, the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal will have access to more than double as much inventory as before, including 272,000 hotels and 250 airlines.

The website will also be revamped, making it easier to choose between flight and seat options, and providing a better breakdown of the fees on tickets, according to the story.

Apparently the new interface will be added to Chase Freedom cards starting today, and then will be expanded to premium cards over the coming weeks. The catch for now is that there’s not much value for this with the Freedom, since you can redeem points with that card for one cent towards anything (including a statement credit), so there’s no reason to spend it on travel.

So while I’ll have to see what the new interface looks like before drawing too many conclusions, in general access to more airlines and hotels does sound like a positive development.

What do you make of Chase partnering with Expedia to power their travel portal?

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  1. The standalone portal never really made sense to me. With so many OTAs who would all be happy to white label their website for Chase why was Chase running their own private OTA?

  2. Hey Ben. I’m definitely looking forward to having more options. We’ll just have to see if there are any future repercussions with this. Also, I think you have a typo/ missed characteron the value of the redemption bonus on the Ink and Sapphire Preferred.

  3. I like it! I just wish we could do the travel packages (hotel and airline) through the Chase/Expedia portal. I have gotten some really great deals when booking those travel packages through Expedia. Maybe we will be able to?

  4. Didn’t Chase partner with Booking.com/Priceline? When I booked via their portal I was greeted at the hotel with
    “Thanks for using Priceline to book your room” welcome (which really means “hey book through us directly next time you idiot”)

  5. Made a booking two weeks ago. Checked in last night and the clerk mentioned “sign here to agree to your Expedia rate.” Thought it was weird…until now.

    Also, can we now eliminate the stupid 24 hr rule?

  6. Anyone remember Thank You rewards from many years ago?
    Expedia ran the booking of airline travel when redeeming their points
    and raised the costs of the tickets significantly higher than booking through the airlines own websites
    Devaluing the redemption value not to mention the 1 to 2 hour waits hold time to transact
    Hopefully they have cleaned up their act!

  7. If I redeem my Chase points for two nights at a Marriott through the portal – will I not get credited with smtwo nights stayed at Marriott and earn points (in my Marriott account) for those nights paid for by Chase points? They are supposed to be same as cash when redeemed.

  8. same question as above! Does this mean booking via Chase portal now counts as third-party booking because it’s through Expedia..??

  9. It’s already in effect. Had 2 hotel bookings I used UR for, 2 nights in Canmore Canada, 1 night 2 rooms in Marriott Niagara Falls View. Both reported as being booked through expedia at check in. I used Chase Sapphire Reserve to make the bookings.

    For what it’s worth, Marriott Niagara did extend gold benefits on expedia booking.

  10. Too bad this site is turning more and more into a domestic only site with all this stuff on local offers.

    Would be nice to get so fresh flight reviews soon.

  11. I don’t think this is a positive. Especially compared to Amex who at least are still their own travel agency and can get perks for being such. If it means I get to deal with Expedia CSR when shit hits the fan all the more reason to be upset with the change.

    I’ll hold my breath to see what this does to hotel bookings and benefits and how airline fares rack up.

  12. While Amex may be their own travel agency, many of their standard hotel bookings occur through Orbitz, which is owned and run by, wait for it…Expedia! Unfortunately, I learned of this checking into a hotel and they were looking over the reservation and said, “And we see you booked this through Orbitz, so you’re all set.” Was even more awesome when fraudulent charges started hitting my card and I learned months later that my card had been one of those exposed to a nearly two year long data breach.

  13. I get that the user interface will take some time to be re-tooled. But I wonder if the additional options will be available with a manual booking, such as calling the Chase Travel center to book an LCC like RyanAir or Scoot.

  14. Connexions was already booking through the Expedia engine. All three of my hotel bookings in the last two years were in the hotel’s system as Expedia. I just reviewed my options on a couple of upcoming trips and there certainly are many more lodging options on the freedom UR site than tha reserve UR site, so this might be a good thing.

  15. I don’t know. It might be a good thing on cruise bookings or flights. Hotels sound less positives

  16. @Kevin Previously, Chase partnered with Connexions Loyalty, a B2B travel provider. Connexions re-sold inventory from a variety of other partners including Priceline, Expedia and number of other wholesalers. Even if you booked a hotel via the Connexions-provided Chase portal, and that hotel was booked through a wholesaler, it could have been from source from Priceline’s inventory originally (it happens all the time), which is why the hotel saw you as a Priceline customer. The hotel industry is very convoluted. 🙂

  17. @Dwondermeant Citi Thank You rewards currently go through Connexions Loyalty–the provider Chase just moved away from.

  18. @Prabuddha Chase was not running their own private OTA. They used a B2B travel loyalty provider called Connexions Loyalty to provide that for them. They have now switched from Connexions to Expedia.

  19. @Naomi @Farnorthtrader That’s not because the booking engine was Expedia, but rather because Expedia’s hotel inventory was re-sold through multiple 3rd party wholesalers that Connexions Loyalty had access to.

  20. So in short, any bookings that go through Chase are not going to count for status or hotel reward points, plus the privilege of not owning your own reservation. Sounds like a non-starter to me. Seems it would be a much better value to transfer the points directly to the hotel rewards program and redeem directly through them.

  21. The search results are weird. One day I can find the itinerary I was looking for the next day it was gone. The following day it’s there again. Wonder if this is because of expedia. Also, I used the portal 5 years ago and was able to find a great deal. This time, prices seem to be much more expensive than what I can find on google. I’m pretty annoyed since this makes buying tickets through the portal useless.

  22. I confirm. It sucks. A few examples: Norwegian cheapest airfares available via Google Flights for 179 USD in April 2019 on LAX-MAD, for example, shown at 243 USD on Chase/Expedia portal. I have noted the same types of discrepancies on LAX-LIM notably on LATAM. If there were differences in fares, they should only play in favor of Chase customers. Don’t you think?

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