Cathay Pacific Adds Mattress Pads & Business Class Slippers

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While Cathay Pacific is generally a well regarded airline, I don’t find their business class product to be amazing. While their reverse herringbone seats in long haul business class were innovative when first introduced, they’ve become the industry standard at this point.

Cathay Pacific A350 Business ClassCathay Pacific’s A350 business class

On the plus side, Cathay Pacific is in the process of installing Gogo 2Ku throughout their fleet, which will be a great addition. The entire fleet should have Wi-Fi by 2020.

Other than that they’ve been testing out various concepts, but haven’t committed to offering pajamas, mattress pads, etc., in business class. Furthermore, while they’ve revamped their business class meal service, it hasn’t gotten rave reviews from customers.

Well, it looks like some improvements will be made to Cathay Pacific’s business class product as of this fall. Danny Lee at the South China Morning Post reports that Cathay Pacific will be introducing mattress pads and slippers in business class as of October 2019.

According to a source:

  • Business class passengers will get a thin mattress topper and slippers, in addition to the existing duvet and pillow
  • First class passengers will get a thicker mattress pad, which will be an upgrade over the existing mattress pad
  • Refreshed amenity kits will roll out

Cathay Pacific A350 Business ClassCathay Pacific A350

In 2017 Cathay Pacific tested out offering mattress pads in business class for a limited time, though that was dropped after several weeks.

It seems that in a better financial situation, but also with increased competition, the airline is now investing in their product a bit more. Frankly I’ve always found it shocking that Cathay Pacific hasn’t offered slippers in long haul business class. This is something that a majority of premium airlines in Asia offer, and that you’d get in business class even on a domestic flight within Japan, for example.

Unfortunately it sounds like we shouldn’t get too excited about the mattress pad, as it’s more of a mattress sheet than anything. In my experience these mattress sheets only really serve the purpose of letting you sleep on a cleaner surface, while they don’t actually add that much comfort.

I’ll look forward to the official announcement from Cathay Pacific regarding exactly when it will be implemented, and also which routes will feature these additions.

Are you looking forward to Cathay Pacific introducing mattress pads and slippers in business class?

  1. Nothing to be excited about. It’s more style over substance, and passengers wouldn’t mind too much.

  2. Better than nothing? NH’s thin mattress pads in business class are pretty nice. So if it’s anything along those lines it would be good

  3. If I’m not mistaken, they used to offer PJs in J: I have a few pairs still, years after I’ve flown with Cathay. They are Shanghai Tang ( and comparable in quality to the Givenchy offered in SQ F). Perhaps they are from F, I don’t quite recall.

  4. It’s about time J is going to get slippers. The lack of slippers was my only gripe about CX business. For an a highly rated asian airline not to have slippers is like serving noodles without chopsticks.

  5. I find Cathay’s J seat to be perfectly comfortable anyway, and welcome slippers and a sheet. I just hope they have slippers that can fit my large-ish feet, since airlines and hotels never seem to.

  6. About time but they also need pyjamas. I really don’t like sleeping in my clothes. The business class product is below par compared to other airlines in the region. The seats are quite hard to sleep on – the mattress will certainly help to get a better sleep

  7. I’m expecting custom -fitted silk robes, fully tailored in-fight.
    I’m not going in the bathroom with anything that flimsy on my feet.

  8. If there is one bedding item I want CX to improve it’s going to be the pillow. CX’s pillow in business is too small to provide adequate neck support especially for side sleepers.

  9. I have several pairs of CX F slippers which travel everywhere I travel. Likewise, fully prepared with PJ’s of my choice; not CX though with fiddly button-up top. A mattress/sheet to provide a clean sleeping surface will be very welcome. Always thought the lack of this cheapened the J experience.

  10. CX have a decent seat in Business and good lounges but everything else about their business class is average. Their food is especially disappointing. I would not be any more excited about flying CX in business, than I would in flying American Airlines (both have the same decent seat). Maybe the service is a little better on CX.

  11. Investing in their product. Seriously what will a million pairs of these mass produced slippers actually cost……???

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